Is raw vegan eating the secret of eternal youth?

sesame 1Susan Reynolds, a young woman from Edinburgh, Scotland, is often mistaken for a 16-year-old teenager, although she is 13 years older. The young woman, aged 29, has not eaten cooked food for seven years , eating only raw vegetables and fruits. Because of this she looks much younger.

She has created a number of numerous raw recipes, including a cold soup made from spinach, aromatic herbs, and lettuce, to make her dishes as attractive as possible.

During her student days, Susan had a “normal” diet, she used to consume, among other things, Chinese food and products from McDonalds, not to mention the vodka shots from teenage pretrecerile.

sesame 3All this changed after Susan, at the age of 21, became interested in the practice of yoga, after a 6-month trip to India!

After returning home, Susan trained to become a yoga teacher, and in the meantime discovered raw vegan aliemntation.

As soon as she started the raw diet, Susan felt much better, and since then that is, for 7 years, she has completely given up on cooked food.

sesame 2Susan managed to combine her passion for raw food, in a business called Twist and Sporut, so she offers withdrawals with raw food, to all those who want it, in addition those who want it, learn how to introduce in their daily diet, as many raw vegetables and fruits as possible.

“I focus on a more liquid diet, made from green leaves, smoothies, soups and green “elixir”. I eat fruits and vegetables for energy, and more like nuts, seeds and coconut milk.” Confesses Susan.

Susan is so dedicated to her raw vegan lifestyle that she convinced even her parents and her boyfriend Louie to try this diet, so on Christmas last year, she prepared for them a festive meal made up only of raw products.


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