How you can change your life with the raw vegan diet

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Dirk Riske is a real example for all people who have the feeling that only allopathic medicine can save them, and how a diet based only on the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits, that is, raw vegan, can cure tumors in the body.

Also known as “Durian“, the former German-born bodybuilder has been raw vegan for more than 25 years and never regrets his decision. When he was 17, Dirk was very passionate about bodybuilding and would have done anything to increase his muscle mass, so he took huge amounts of steroids, extremely harmful to his health. Yes, he fulfilled his goal, won the most important bodybuilding competitions, but at the cost of his health.

At the age of 24, he already had tumors in his liver, with doctors warning him of the severity of the situation.

At the time, Dirk Riske was flirting with the butcher’s job, so it is superfluous to mention that he was eating a lot of meat at the time. In combination with steroids, his health deteriorated rapidly, so he was faced with a borderline situation: that of following allopathic treatments or trying to cure himself using alternative methods of medicine. He chose the second option and did well. He healed completely, gave up meat, and today he is raw vegan!

Below you can read an interview offered by Dirk Riske for the German publication

” Reporter: Tell us how it all started.

Dirk: It’s been almost 25 years since I’ve lived like this. They are 100% raw vegan, so I only eat
raw foods of plant origin
. Of course, it also happens that I do not always find the food I want, especially when attending various events. I try not to compromise on my rules.

The changes were obvious, I managed to get rid of my tumors in the liver. Of course, in the beginning, when I started my career as a bodybuilder, I followed the rules, eating only healthy foods and doing
. But I got lost on the way. I started taking steroids and overworking myself, I had become able to run enormous distances in one day. Of course, at first I did not have a solid muscle mass, so I began to run less, so as not to lose a lot of calories. I also started to work intensely various muscle groups, so I began to be fit for competitions.

After I got sick I started to appreciate the juices I drank regularly. When I gave up meat, I realized that it wasn’t exactly to my liking, affecting me in ways I didn’t understand at the time. I realized that that life no longer resonated with me, which is why I was “pushed” to
, which changed my life completely. So I noticed how my old way of life was slowly, slowly dissolving, turning into a new person.

After that, I decided to live in the south of Bavaria, right next to the Alps, and gave up my old job.

Since I didn’t have a role model to follow, when I became
, I decided to follow the animal way of life. I looked at creation from the point of view of the Bible and realized that everyone has his own way and should follow it. In the world there are so many foods of plant origin that we can consume, being very glad to see this. Of course, at one point I “caught” the role of teacher, although I did not have much experience. I wanted to show others how to live healthy, and at first this scared me. How could I be a role model myself? Of course, the ego tries to make you feel more important than you are…

That’s how it happens to everyone. But when they see the results, they find that it is well worth adopting this simple way of life. Most manage to lose weight easily, reach the ideal weight. It also looks 10-20 years younger.

As the years go by, I gain more and more experience and realize how important all these changes have been. I notice how important it is to have a healthy and balanced life. It is very important to have time for yourself and to relax in the sun, for example. I look at my family and my children and find that I have made the right decision.

I love to eat healthy and spend time with my loved ones. There are many things that I honestly enjoy, such as: hiking, climbing the mountain, photography, culture, etc.

Reporter: Do your kids also eat only raw food?

Dirk: Right now, yes, kids have a raw vegan diet. But I realize that this can change at any time, I don’t want to force them to do anything.

Reporter: How did you deal with the food, which is how did you design the menu of a day? What do you do if one day the children ask you for a cooked food?

Dirk: My kids don’t ask for cooked food, because they’re not familiar with this concept, they’re way too young anyway. If they ate only raw food day by day, they can’t wait to get their portion of vitamins. We have no plan, we let ourselves be inspired by the present moment. Anyway, my little boy Joel is still breastfed by his mother, so there is no question of a diet.

Reporter: What do you do when you have to go to a place where raw vegan food is not served, a regular restaurant, for example?

Dirk: I don’t really have such invitations. I am surrounded by raw vegan friends, otherwise I prefer to retire and go to a place where my culinary habits are accepted.

Reporter: Do you have any advice for people who want to take this path?

Yes, I have tips for them, especially now that you can find so many raw foods, you really have a choice. Go your way! You’ll quickly realize what’s good for you and what doesn’t suit you. Each of us is unique, so there is no universal recipe. Test and see what suits you best.

Reporter: That’s right, you’re absolutely right, thank you for your time!”

Dirk Riske is a true example of life, as it proves that whenever you can start all over again, you just have to have courage. The rest comes by itself…




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