It is impossible to die

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Yoga Meditatie Tantra cu Leo Radutz

It is impossible to die – even if we wanted very intensely

Why did the Dacians think they were immortal?

It is said that the Dacians were very difficult to defeat because of their inner perspective that told them that they were immortal.

At first glance we would say that it was a fanaticism or… anyway, it seems silly, because the Dacians, however, were dying.

Well, what is shocking but valuable as information is that the Dacians were essentially right.

Yes, they were and truly are, on an essential level, immortal and all beings are, in fact, immortal.

The highest spiritual perspective is the nondualist one

It states, based on the testimonies of those returned from clinical death and the accounts of the spiritual masters who have acquired a spiritual realization, that… you can’t die.

And in the Gospels we receive clear information:

John, 10:34. Jesus answered them, “It is not written in your law that “I said, Gods are you?”
what it refers to

(Psalms – 81:6)
“I said, ‘You are gods, and all sons of the Most High.’

This refers to the true nature of our everlasting Self: that it is the divine spark of God the Father.

All beings, from all worlds, from all stages of evolution have this essential divine nature.
Even Satan — being like all beings, but stronger in certain directions, being the first angel created — has the same essential divine nature.
No matter how much he tries to deny, he will end up or really start by melting into the everlasting light of the Self.
It’s true that it will probably be among the last to achieve this (if you can say so).

In Oriental traditions, the ultimate essence of any being is the individual Supreme Self Atman, the essence of the soul, which is immutable, eternal, and part of the Universal Eternal Spirit, God or Brahman.

Thus, even if we insisted and committed suicide repeatedly, we would find that we cannot die.

but the way we choose to live (or not to live–in the physical world, that is, if we commit suicide) affects the circumstances in which we live, due to the universal divine law of Action and Reaction or the Universal Divine Law of Causality.

That is, we will “pay” for the aberrant deed of suicide by accessing a hellish world or a rebirth with painful (but also transformative) aspects.

Of course the physical body will disappear whenever someone commits suicide, along with the exceptional chance to evolve and transform quickly and effectively on Earth.

Out of the gods we would be descenders,
C-o death we still owe!
Totuna is if you died
Lad or conceited santa;
But it’s not the lion totuna to die
Or dog-stunned. “

Basically the word “to die” should not even be used

(but we do not have an equivalent as short and simple to utter), because it is only a (generally temporal) abandonment of the physical plane. The dictionary says that to die means “to be no longer alive.”
Out of ignorance, however, the most widespread meaning is “extinction“, the disappearance as a conscious entity.
In reality, the so-called death is just a pass, with nothing different from a dream.

Simple awareness
that what we feel we are does not disappear, makes aspects other than the struggle for survival matter significantly to man.
Courage, kindness, truth, love, compassion become much more important.

That’s why the Dacians were invincible.

Burebista wisely administered an enormous territory (up to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and for a long time the “bravest and most righteous of the Thracians” could not be defeated in battle.
It was only spiritual decay (they had begun to make human sacrifices) that caused them to lose some of that divine protection and inner strength.

Life takes on a different value… in fact only now it acquires value, when it is obvious that it does not have a limited nature of birth and death.

Only now do we understand that it is important to take care of how we live, how we love, how we act and react to different events.

They point us to our continuous evolutionary path to the Supreme realization, which is the miracle in which the “Creature” becomes one with the Creator.

And after this abandonment of the physical plane improperly called death, so many important events follow.
Sometimes, they are even fascinating for that being, so that the bitterness of the (temporary) separation from the loved ones disappears.
In Christianity, this is where the doomsday and appearance before God would follow, that is, by no means extinction or disappearance as a conscious entity.

But the beings, things and aspects (money, property, fame, power, drugs, games, activities) that we have loved or to which we have been attached will make their mark in our experiences even after the so-called death, or leaving the physical plane.

It matters, in fact, what we do and how we live (with detachment and love, with wisdom or with passion and attachment, or with malice and violence) during life on earth.

In other words, yes, “it’s not totuna – lion to die or chained dog!”


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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