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Below you can find a series of main chapters from the curriculum of the Abheda Yoga & Adya Tantra courses.
This is not the complete Abheda curriculum, but we can get a general idea of the types of courses that will follow.

  • Yoga in the middle of life - the specifics of Abheda
  • Exercises to amplify existing qualities and obtain qualities that we do not have natively
  • Methods of ampliation of male or female qualities
  • Methods of harmonizing the female and male energy and harmonising relationships.
  • Kundalini Yoga - methods of awakening and controlling the mysterious Kundalini energy
  • The Abheda method of amplifying leadership qualities
  • Initiatory art & Sundari method of amplifying artistic skills
  • The Abheda method of conflict resolution and the special technique of forgiveness
  • Ayusya - yogic methods, exercises, nutrition and detoxification for health and long life
  • Meditations & secret meditative techniques:

- fundamental meditation Anuttara
- Atma Vichara
- with the present moment
- Vipassana
- Isihast meditation and the Prayer of the Heart
- the mental meditation of the Creator
- trataka with yantra, with the flame of the candle
- ucchara with seed mantras
- with the inner smile

  • Meditation in Action Devotional Yoga - for understanding and amplifying the connection with the Infinite (Divinity)
  • Royal yoga - comprising verified yogic techniques (asanas, pranayama, trataka, kriya...)
  • Yoga of knowledge - to be able to use the mind as an effective tool of personal evolution
  • Yoga of action or yoga of doing good (volunteering) - to help others
  • Yoga of the dream state (of conscious sleep)
  • Yoga of interaction with money
  • Adya Tantra, arohana sexual continence
  • Method of psychic heat - Tummo
  • Yoga of the definitive abandonment of the physical body (when it occurs naturally)
  • Yoga of vision IKSHA Yoga - for preserving or improving vision

*The ABHEDA curriculum is composed & structured by Leo Rădutz, yoga teacher & founder of the Abheda system.
It contains methods and techniques practiced by him (over the course of over 30 years), being chosen to be taught further due to their effectiveness.

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