The poison in the bread – thermophilic yeasts -a weapon of mass destruction!

BreadIt seems that the people of this day they forgot the taste of real bread. Especially they do not remember that in the old days the bread was always baked by leavening. All fermentation components were exclusively of plant origin. The famous peasant dough (dough fermented with hops and raisins, honey or natural sugar, white and red malt) is prepared from rye flour, barley and wheat. It was precisely these ferments that enriched the body with vitamins, enzymes, biostimulents and, above all, fed it up with oxygen. Due to this fact, the human body became more energetic, more efficient, more resistant to colds and other diseases.

It all started in the mid-40s, right after the war when the substitution of hop fermentation with yeast fermenting occurred. Scientists have found that the main feature of yeast is fermentation. Yeast transmits this property through bread (in a cubic centimeter of dough are present 120 million yeast cells) in the blood, and begins the fermentation process. The active components that come from the digestion of yeast reach primarily the brain, disrupting its functions. Thus, memory is affected, which suddenly deteriorates, the ability to think logically, and creative thinking. Acting on a long-term basis at the cellular level, yeast leads to the formation of benign and cancerous tumors in the body. It produces an influence on the cells, depriving them of the possibility of multiplying, thus producing healthy cells.

It is not by chance that at the Second World Congress of Herbal Medicine in Prague in 1990, Professor Larbert spoke about the negative effects on human health of white, refined, yeast-based bread. The prolonged ingestion of this loaves of bread leads to a series of disturbances described by Larbert and called ghemogliaz. This disease is manifested by headaches, drowsiness, irritability, digestive problems, slowing down thinking, decreased sexual activity, increased blood viscosity.

Larbert believes that ghemogliaz is more widespread and dangerous than tuberculosis. The negative impact of yeast on the body is revealed by many scientists around the world. About this they wrote: Gianfranco Rosini (“The Presence of Killer Characteristics in Yeast”), H. Bussey and D. Sherman (” The Deadly Factor – Biochemistry, Biophysics, 1973, pp. 13-14), academicians F.Uglov, B. Iskacov, N. Dubinin (Works of the Plekhanov Institute), French professor Etienne Wolff and many others.

What to do? Let’s go back to baking bread from sour dough, which was used in antiquity and in the unseen past!

But for almost five decades bread is baked with thermophilic yeast, invented by man, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Her training technology is monstrous, anti-natural. The production of bakery yeast is based on its growth in nutritious liquid substances. Molasses is diluted with water, treated with lime chloride and acidified with sulfuric acid, etc.

Scientists around the world have sounded the alarm. The mechanisms of the negative impact of the thermophilic yeast on the body are discovered. Saccharomyces yeast (thermophilic yeast), the species of which are used in the alcohol, beer and bakery industries, in nature do not appear. Saccharomyces cells, unfortunately, are more resistant, than tissue cells. They are not destroyed, either during cooking or in saliva in the human body. Killer yeast cells kill human sensitive cells, less protected in the body, by emitting poisonous substances of low molecular weight.

Thermophilic fungi do not disappear, because they are able to withstand 500 degrees and when they reach the body, they multiply and attack the intestinal flora, destroying it.

Toxic proteins act on the plasma membrane, increasing its permeability to pathogens and viruses. Yeast cells get from the digestive tract, into the blood. Thermophilic yeasts multiply in the body in a geometric progression and allow pathogenic microflora to actively live and multiply, inhibiting the normal microflora, which exists in the intestines and which, with proper nutrition, can generate B vitamins, essential amino acids and acids. It violates thus, grossly the work of all digestive organs: of the stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and intestines.

The stomach inside is covered with a special, acid-resistant mucous membrane. However, if man abuses yeast products and acidic foods, the stomach cannot last long. Burning will lead to the formation of ulcers, headaches or gastritis.

The use of food products, prepared based on thermophilic yeast, favors the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder, constipation and the formation of tumors. In the intestine increase the processes of decay, and pathogenic microflora develops. It slows down the evacuation of toxic masses from the body, gas pockets are formed, in which fecal matter stagnates. Gradually, they grow into the mucous membranes and submucosal layers of the intestine. The digestive system loses its protective function and reduces its ability to digest.

Given this fact, it is beneficial to significantly reduce or even replace the bakery products obtained prepared with thermophilic yeast, with those that are already found in herbal shops such as yeast-free bread (unleavened bread) or those obtained from sour or leavened dough.


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