The ego contains in it the seed of self-destruction

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In fact, identification with the ego also contains the seed of self-destruction.

It is important to know that when we do yoga, due to the elevation of our inner state and due to the access of more and more refined bodies on the way to spiritual awakening and the state of presence.

The exacerbation of selfishness and hubris, usually in the case of mediocre yogic learners, causes an extremely bizarre state to appear and then install, which is suggestively called “spiritual blindness”.

Spiritual blindness appears and is also supported by luciferian impurity, which causes man to refuse spiritual rules and truths because they are supported by a master or a spiritual master. This is because in the phenomenon of spiritual blindness that occurs due to luciferic impurity, the person in question obstinately seeks support not in his Self or soul, but only around his ephemeral personlaity – ahamkara – or the ego also using reason, but yes when it suits him.

In fact, the awakening of the soul is the opposite of spiritual blindness, but it is important to note that it is possible to go through the same level of awakening but it matters whether we were in the process of awakening or in the process of “blindness”.

Because in the first variant we have a process that is more and more present and in the second variant the causes that led to the spiritual blindness contained to act.

In general, people end up in a state of spiritual blindness after falling one by one to some spiritual tests that for those people are major. Sometimes there are some trifles, but because the “little stump can overturn the big chariot” then those trifles are no longer trifles but the major cause is the fall, due to the consequences.

We could say that in the state of spiritual blindness, due to the serious mistakes made, the conscience of that person “darkens” – as a well-deserved karma consequence of the wickedness, blindness and selfishness of that person.

The man in this state decreases his discernment, that is, he loses the real landmarks about what is right and what is bad.

Thus, in the vision of the respective person distorted by the identification with the ego (ahamkara) and by various even demoniac aspects, the good appears to be evil and the evil seems to him to be the good.

Accustomed to justifying all his selfish desires and personal interests with pseudo-spiritual arguments, he has come to be convinced of his own justifications, so he can no longer judge clearly even in situations that do not, in fact, raise any moral dilemmas.

Most often, people end up in this state of spiritual blindness because, among other serious mistakes they have made, they have become accustomed to no longer following the elementary rules of a correct spiritual life.

Having reached this state, it seems that it is almost impossible for them to reconsider their perspective on the spiritual practice and to integrate it correctly. As a result of the spiritual fall, he loses even the last smattering of common sense and is completely confused in terms of value landmarks.

Why is such a state called “spiritual blindness”? Because he who is in this state no longer perceives—and no longer understands—even the most elementary aspects of a spiritual nature. Just as a blind person does not see anything of the light, colors, objects or beings around him, the student who is “spiritually blind” does not notice at all the refined subtle energies (he often imagines that some coarse emotions would be elevated spiritual states). Spiritual blindness also implies the inability to appreciate that which is good, beautiful, uplifting, spiritually valuable.

The one who is spiritually blinded is incapable of sensing and accepting the point of view of others: only his opinion and opinion interests him, in no matter what direction.

Especially regarding spiritual teachings, metaphysical ideas or elevated states of consciousness, the one who is in spiritual blindness is convinced that he knows very well what it is about (unlike the others) or even that he owns the absolute truth.

The student in a state of spiritual blindness often makes serious mistakes with a shocking unselfishness and has no inner thrill, not even when warned of those mistakes.

Even if a part of those around him or even all of them are shaken and seek to explain to him that he is making serious mistakes, he unconsciously imagines that he is not doing anything wrong, that he will have no problem and will not have to suffer the consequences of those deeds.

Such a man may have forgotten the elementary rules of a correct spiritual practice, but it is equally possible for him to remember them very well, but to be convinced, because of spiritual blindness, that he personally does not need to apply them. He may have forgotten the rules of yogic ethics (the yama and niyama stages), but it is also possible that he remembers them very well—the important thing is that he does not respect them at all and is convinced that he has no problem and will not have any problem for this reason.

He is able to nonchalantly assert, after making immense baloney, that he had good intentions and can even be 100% convinced that he will not suffer any adverse consequences of that serious mistake—though, obviously, the law of karma will work implacably in his case as well, and he will face the fateful consequences of his mistakes, as it deserves.

In short, the student in a state of spiritual blindness begins to manifest more and more flaws, and in terms of spiritual practice he usually becomes a hypocrite full of ifose.

Spiritual blindness goes hand in hand with lack and aversion to spiritual practice and shows that the being in question is in a sometimes accelerated process of spiritual regression (or even spiritual collapse).

The lack and aversion to spiritual practice begins to appear shortly after a human being who is engaged on a spiritual path faces some spiritual tests, with some spiritual tests that he fails to pass as it was necessary.

Then sometimes a strange phenomenon is triggered that makes the respective human being manifest a fierce and incessant state of hatred and malice exactly towards the spiritual aspects to which he no longer has openness and to everything that is related to all this.

Sometimes that person, having a shred of reason, takes refuge, in his fall, in energetic practices, which do not affect the perverted vision or perspective of his consciousness, but only make him stronger.

In particular, practices that amplify the aspect of consciousness are repudiated, avoided or even considered wrong because they could change the aberration into which the consciousness of the fallen sinks.

Other times they look for other spiritual schools, especially schools where there is no authentic transformation, where it is enough not to be aggressive and you are left in the likes, if you pay your course fee. Other times they are repudiated from several courses, because people had given themselves what was going on with them.

If they have somehow obtained an awakening of the Kundalini greater or lesser, they then believe themselves a source of knowledge and spiritual realization and come to believe that they no longer need any guidance because they themselves are the masters.

Paradoxically, you find out in exactly the situation that needs guidance more, exactly when they leave the connection with who could guide them.

Others break spiritual vows or promises if they have done so because, they say, in the new situation “they are no longer valid”.

Given the fact that spiritual blindness goes, so to speak, hand in hand with spiritual aversion, that is why such human beings are no longer able to realize in the least of everything that happens to them.

Sometimes they even allow themselves to be manipulated by various demons, such human beings make a tacit pact with the demoniac entities and then aberrantly consecrate their entire existence to splatter with mud, with the poisons in them the spiritual path they once found themselves on or the spiritual yoga school they were part of.

When a student or group of students have already reached a state of spiritual blindness, it is almost impossible (but not impossible, because there is always a chance) to make them realize the miserable state in which they find themselves.

They are not sensitive to logic, common sense, intelligent examples, or edifying comparisons.

In short, when we want to explain to them what is going on with them or to give them constructive suggestions to get out of this state, we run into the insurmountable wall of their exacerbated ego (ahamkara). Neither the closest beings, nor the classmates or friends, nor the yoga teacher have much chance to help them understand how much they have fallen, not only from a spiritual point of view, but also from a human point of view.

Their situation can sometimes be even more paradoxical and appalling:

they may not have too good health (they may even be seriously ill),

they are constantly dissatisfied, agitated,

tormented by all sorts of awkward states,

are overly critical,

have no close friends,

are closed spiritually

and yet they think they are great and, above all, they think they are better than everyone around them.

In short, they can be “woe to their heads” and have a tormented life, manifesting themselves awkwardly and experiencing miserable states. Without having remarkable achievements, without being creative and original, yet they are able to nonchalantly recount their supposed states of spiritual enlightenment.

They may even be very bad, sometimes even sadistic. And yet, they are convinced that they are extraordinary spiritual beings. Although they are of fierce selfishness and pursue only their own interest, they boldly assert their generosity and compassion.

Even when they complain that they are sick, they are still convinced that they are advanced yogis who have reached a supreme state of harmony. Sometimes, even if they are fatty or deformed on a bodily level, they consider themselves perfect yogis and are always ready to give lessons and advice to everyone about Hatha Yoga.

We may even be downright dismayed when we see that those who are in a state of spiritual blindness refuse to accept the evidence or are made to not understand some elementary ideas or do not want to understand what we explain to them.

It’s hard for us to accept that these people have actually fooled themselves for granted in some ways, and it’s not at all realistic to expect them to understand anything else of everything that’s really important. Then it’s like telling a blind man from birth to open his eyes and then we’re all amazed that he doesn’t see anything.

Likewise, those who are spiritually blind cannot suddenly show discernment just because we warn them. Simply all the important spiritual qualities seem to have been atrophied to the point of extinction. Effectively they no longer have the “organ” with which to distinguish right from wrong.

The only one who can shake these monsters of selfishness and pride from the fortress of their exacerbated ego is… the enormous suffering, even the collapse of the landmarks of their lives or the spiritual master, then eventually applying to them a “shock treatment” to help them unravel.

But let us not delude ourselves: it is not so easy to get out of these states.

If, once we have dissembled ourselves, we are willing to receive the help of the spiritual master, we then need to make a huge systematic effort to recover, under his guidance.

It is foolish to imagine that we could get out of the states of spiritual blindness just by snapping our fingers or just because we have been seriously warned about them.

In fact, extremely rarely a man in such a state asks for the help of the spiritual master, because, in fact, it has just happened:

the rupture with the living forces of the soul that could send him back on the path. That is, such a person will refuse himself exactly what could help him.

He will even affirm and apply an aberrant rule, meant to preserve his selfishness, even if he “poured” out of the gold of spiritual words.

He tells himself that he doesn’t have to talk to the master for even a second because he would manipulate him.

The fallen one imagines that “the master somehow does so that he may always be right, when in fact, only he, the “spiritual blind man” is right.”

Some leave the discussion with the honest statement “I don’t like this discussion”.

What can be done?

– abandonment in front of the guidance of the master or spiritual master

– maximum cultivation of humility

– practicing the processes of elevation of consciousness, Ananta, Anuttara and others.

Easy and divine success I wish you!


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