We could become the first country in the EU to grow non-genetically modified soybeans, if the Romanian MEPs did not campaign for… genetically modified soybeans!

A genetically modified organism is an organism that has been interfered with by genetic engineering and its genetic material has been modified. The techniques of modifying the genetic baggage, simplistically explained, consist in the isolation of the DNA of a living being (bacterium, virus, animal or human) and their introduction into the hereditary material of another. These genes are added to a virus with which the body is then contaminated, or they are introduced into the nucleus of the cell with a special syringe.

Greenpeace claims that “Some of the dangers of these crops to the environment are the increase in the use of toxic substances in agriculture, genetic contamination, soil contamination, loss of biodiversity, the development of resistances in insects and “bad grasses”, or undesirable effects in other organisms. The effects on ecosystems are irreversible and unpredictable.”

You can read the continuation here; www.vivanatura.ro

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