About guardian angels or guardians

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In the following we will present information of major importance, about the guardian angels or guards.

When we come into the world, regardless of the religion in which we were born, we spontaneously fall into the care of well-intentioned beings. These are called guardian angels or guardians or personal “protective deities” in Tibetan metaphysics.

We all have guardian angels, with no exception. They want to assist us throughout our lives, like “NGOs” from the invisible who understand and enjoy that doing good is a privilege.

Thus angels or protective entities are constantly with us. In absolutely any situation, fulfilling with much love and detachment their roles as protective angels or, or sometimes even as spiritual teachers.

Those who guide us on the spiritual path are also known as guardian angels.

They, the angels:

  • enjoy our authentic achievements,
  • they grieve when we lie or make decisions with malevolence
  • or it helps us to harden our dreams, if they are entangled and do not affect the universal order.

This order is actually a fascinating and very important notion that is actually the universal good.

From a nondualist perspective, good and evil exist. Namely, good means the presence of nondual state or reporting, and evil the absence of nondual state or reporting.

Or the couples knowledge – ignorance, non-rector – fleeting, truth – illusion.

The spiritual gifts that these angels offer us:

  • it helps us to orient our steps on the spiritual path that is most appropriate for us.
  • teaches us to recognize the Supreme Being as the source of life
  • and to see the divine spark that exists in each of our fellowmen.

The role of angels is to guide us and help us cope with immediate problems on the road of life. In the category of “guardian angels” can enter other angels who are part of the heavenly hierarchy such as:

  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim
  • Powers or Archangels,

In addition to the tasks they have corresponding to the heavenly degree, these higher entities sometimes also act as guardian angels or guardian angels. They help us to carry out some important missions that we have to fulfill in this life and that are especially related to the spiritual purpose.

Whatever we do, wherever we are, anytime, it’s good to remember our invisible friends we have received to help us, with absolutely everything we need in this life.

It is good to ask for their help and enjoy what we receive. They will never be disturbed, on the contrary, they will be very glad that they have something to do for us, anytime, with everything. Even when we want, for example, to buy ourselves something and we need totally disinterested advice.

Their help has no limits.

Therefore, let us not forget to enjoy these wonderful, miraculous and divine friends that we have as a gift that comes with the projection in this life.

How do we contact them?


Telepathically, relying not on our ability to broadcast telepathically but on their ability to better feel our message.

So – we utter the request-plea naturally, with respect and consideration for our spiritual brother from the subtle, in the mind or even out loud.

We can already ask for their help and allow miracles to enter our lives!

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