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After the hit film “Nosso Lar”, brazilians screen another book written by the medium Chico Xavier and dictated by the spirit of Andre Luiz. “AND LIFE GOES ON” analyzes the entanglement of karmic connections, strong affective states and immoral deeds in which members of two families are caught. The main characters are Evelina and Ernesto, almost simultaneously killed by the same relentless disease. They find themselves in the spirit world, where they get acquainted with the new subtle realities, they reconsider their life spent in the human body and they understand the complexity of the karmic relationships between the relatives and friends left in the world of the living. The two spirits try to help their loved ones with benevolent advice and learn to overcome their inappropriate sentimental urges, taken from their terrestrial life, just ended. In the end, divine wisdom decides to close the karmic accounts, in a surprising way: murder and hatred are compensated by birth and love of babies.

An amendment to the spiritualist doctrine: once the spirit regains the memory of past lives, it will no longer identify exclusively with the character of the last life just ended, but will regain its universal personality. So the spirit is not even the same person as man!

The characters are inspired by reality. It is worth to meditate on the spiritual truths drawn from the film and to examine our thoughts and behaviors, in order to avoid the mistakes committed by the heroes of the film. The main idea is that life continues after death, full of enthusiasm, hopes, but also efforts, achievements, in all planes of cosmic life, following the Laws of God, the toughest of which is the Law of Karma (of cause and effect).


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