The Quantum Activist – documentary film

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In science there is a revolution taking place, a radical shift of paradigms. While “official” science remains materialistic, more and more scientists support and develop a paradigm based on the dominance of consciousness. Dr. Amit Goswami, a pioneer of this revolutionary perspective, shares with us his vision of the limitless potential of consciousness as the governing principle of all beings and how this revelation can show us how to live better.

This documentary, with the original title “The Quantum Activist”, tells the story of a man who challenges us to rethink our notions of existence and reality with an untouched force and scale since Einstein. This film unites the gulf between God and science. Goswami’s work reveals the unity between the worlds of great religions and mystical traditions.

He recounts how he moved away from the religious teaching he received as a child in order to search for his way in quantum physics and nuclear physics and how he got, through them, exactly the point from which he left, to the spiritual life. Goswami demonstrates how our own misconceptions of reality led us to today’s spiritual, social and economic crisis.

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