Betrayal of teachers

Betrayal of teachers
About the latest teachers’ strike…
It is true that Romanian education has declined a lot, but not because people do not want to…
Most of those who become teachers, whether they are teachers or teachers, have something… They have a joy in teaching children better.
It is a greater, lesser joy, they are more persevering or less persevering, but they have this joy.
Education is the key to developing a community.
If we think about a family, then we realize that every parent is looking for the best schools for his child, the best solutions for him to learn well.
He sacrifices, he takes from his mouth, only so that this child of his may have a better knowledge, a more precious transformation.
To have more luck in life, to have an easier and more beautiful life.
If we look around, there are many families who make great efforts: they send the child to tutoring, then pay the expenses of a university abroad, just so that this child has a more beautiful destiny.
What’s happening is strange:
The family makes great efforts, even admits to consume less or even very little.
He admits to living on an austerity budget, just so he can get this kid to get to good schools, get knowledge, be okay in the end.
It’s not hard to understand, it’s quite natural, it doesn’t require much explanation to be something understandable.
But we are told, in Romania, that there is no money, that our country has other urgent needs, and little is offered for education and culture.
Although there is a law that says education must be financed with 6% of GDP, it has never exceeded 4%, and this continues from year to year.
But even so, this is not the biggest cancer eroding education in Romania.
The greatest evil is the misconception and embarrassment that we do not need to learn,
that these subjects that give us a lot of information, some of it that we will never use, are useless and that school is pointless – it is nonsense!
So we better not learn, we do sports, we learn to dance kizomba, we dress nicely, we learn to do make-up, we drink more and we do drugs with who knows what…
This is because, indeed, the curriculum is not adapted in any way: neither to the needs of society nor to the needs of the individual.
It’s a frozen curriculum.
But even so, many teachers make efforts themselves, regardless of the curriculum, to offer something authentic, substantial, meaningful, precious to students.
In order to counteract and prevent this from happening, evil intelligences have always arranged for education to be Romania’s Cinderella.
In the interwar period, education was financed with 12% of GDP, and now below 4%, although our country is in great need of good people.
The greatest value of a country is its people, and the greatest value of its people is the desire to do good, or benevolence.
If we have the desire to do good, we will seek to do good for ourselves and for others.
The school can fingerprint something and give something, if allowed.
But lo and behold, he is no longer allowed. How?
– on the one hand, on the basis of low salaries, but teachers tutor, manage and teach children;
Another phenomenon occurs: the fact that there is no method of coercion to encourage the child to learn.
He is told that this is not necessary and the child is allowed to do what he wants.
Guide the child or draw him through very interesting lessons, and this is the “way”.
But this is a false story of putting children to sleep… Children even “fall asleep” this way.
There is NO learning process without difficulties
There’s no learning process where you don’t back down at some point. You can’t rely on the student’s aspiration, because…
It is very difficult for the student to want something that he does not even know what it looks like, something from his future.
Your child will always want something that corresponds to his current desires:
  • if she is in kindergarten, she will want sand and shovel;
  • If he’s in middle school, he’ll want to play football, or go for a walk, who knows what else…

But he doesn’t want to become a violin virtuoso or a very good mathematician!
He doesn’t want to deeply understand history, or geography, or physics, nature at its core, or even spirituality.

It is an aberration, it is miserably fooled by the principle that it is possible for a child to efficiently go through the path of his becoming, without being stimulated.
Plus there is pride, ego, malice and contempt for his teachers.
For example: if a child isn’t paying attention, or an entire class isn’t paying attention, those kids aren’t letting the teacher teach.
The teacher has nothing to do: there is no form of coercion!
Students even get to vote on what the teacher should do in front of him and impose it on him; Or they end up abusing the teacher.
There are a lot of real stories of abuse and indecent attacks on teachers (touched in the genital area or even raped), with teachers that students mock, or even humiliate.
In the usual situation, apart from these serious things, there is no tool by which a child can be disciplined.
Or understand that discipline is an essential thing of his life: by disciplining himself internally, he will be able to be strong, not weak as they say.
This is the official ideology: to be disciplined is to be weak. What a gross lie!
We see in American films that if a child is unserious in class, the school has the following “tools”:
– either sends him to the detention room, where he is not allowed to speak, and either sits or learns something
– or is expelled if he does not want to attend that school anymore
This is not wanted in Romania!
There is absolutely no form of student stimulation, apart from grades, which can only be given to students if there is a subject taught.
But there are classes where students prevent teachers from teaching, so he has no subject to grade.
On the other hand, there is a lot of pressure on teachers to pass students on, no matter what.
Romania invented the BAC for fools,
because students were unable to take the BAC exam. So they made a BAC for the smart and another for the less smart, so that they too could have the BAC. Reason? A fake, pointless BAC – naivety.
In reality, the school should objectify the student as much as possible, so that he can figure out where he is and also realize when he has progressed.
The student could thus have feedback and move on.
All this is missing, and teachers strike for money.
But teachers don’t talk anything about:
  • the degringolada of Romanian education, about what they are asked to do,
  • the fact that, instead of teaching children, they have to do a lot of useless paperwork that doesn’t matter to anyone, but is an obligation of theirs
  • the fact that, instead of these papers, the natural perspective in which the process of transmitting a teaching should be respected, so that the teacher or teacher studies at home, makes efforts to improve the quality of the transmission of learning, as in fact, only theoretically, the Romanian education formally proposes.
Formally, a teacher or teacher is paid double his or her classes.
That is, at a taught class, it is thought that there would be an hour of preparation.
In reality, this hour of preparation is never meant to exist.
Thus, teachers use a lot of their free time to correct works and most of them are forced to take the path of tutoring.
This is not a good road, because it makes it not matter the quality of teaching at school, but the quality of teaching at home, for tutoring. This humiliates the teacher, takes away their dignity and nobody bothers about it, but they really insist that it be so…
Lest they change education in Romania, let there be means to stimulate students!
Don’t bother students to start learning, because that would be dangerous…
Don’t let teachers insist on teaching children seriously.
In reality, education is the golden melting pot of a community. That’s where the biggest and boldest dreams are made, born, and then manifested… We would say it is the gold of today and tomorrow.
Teachers have disappointments: they only asked for money!
Money is good, but…
from the height of Romania’s intelligentsia that they represent, teachers should have been an example of spiritual, social heroism, to insist on authentic education, which is not difficult to do.
In a first phase, the transition to authentic education takes a month or two.
After that, perfection or refinement is required, which takes a long time.
But there are so many aberrations that they can be solved in a month or two, but it is not allowed!
The profession of teacher or teacher was once extraordinarily respected!
In Japan, there is no profession more respected, more valued in society, than that of teacher or teacher.
It doesn’t even have to be like in Japan, but:
– We need to give the teacher tools for him to do his job well.
– We need to populate programs with things absolutely necessary for the individual and society.
Not as it is now: often, the curriculum contains aspects that are not necessary either to the individual or to society, that is, obviously in mockery.
It’s not hard to realize that the most important value of a community is children.
They no longer know how to love their parents, the place where they were born.
Many children are educated not even to think about supporting the community they come from, the country, the city.
Instead, they are educated to selfishly seek fulfillment wherever they are, with comfort as their only religion.
And most of the time, with money as its only reward.
At least you want teachers to be put in their rightful place in our hearts!
To give them conditions, tools, to do what they know best and what they really want:
Help children make the transition from ignorance to knowledge.
Teachers were betrayed by those who imposed decadence and degringolade on Romanian education! Yes, they betrayed us too!
Nothing but money, Romania’s most advanced intelligentsia, was unable to ask.
This intelligentsia has not been able to draw attention to serious problems related to the education of children!
He was unable to draw attention to the law of separation of the child from the family.
That is, on abolishing the right of parents to decide for their children’s future, to decide what to learn and not to learn, what treatments to receive and what treatments not to receive, what food to eat and what not!
This is very important, because it is true that these children are the biological children of their parents, but they are the intellectual or spiritual children of teachers.
The teachers did not take any attitude towards what was really very important at the level of education!
They have practically betrayed, in turn, the community they serve!
They have betrayed the dharma of their profession that demands that they be authentic, uphold the truth, draw attention to the real problems in education.

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