Why do meditations with Kali – testimony

Why I do meditations with Kali – testimony
about spiritual practice
– Doina, Abheda Yoga student, 3rd year

In March 2022 in the year 3A we were taught about the great divine power Kali and her yantra. Then I had to do a 7-day tapas that consisted of meditation with Kali’s yantra for 20 minutes.

Effects during or after the end of the assumed spiritual practice:

From the very first glance, after looking at Kali’s yantra, I felt like the yantra seemed to draw me towards it with force and a wave of energy poured over me.
The meditation still went very well (although it was past 10 p.m.) and I visualized the yantra very easily.
In the following days of tapas after each meditation with Kali’s yantra, I felt refreshed.

After the impregnation received from the Master with the Mantra of Kali I assumed for 7 days the spiritual practice.
This consisted of meditating with Kali’s mantra for 20 minutes.
The results I noticed in this practice assumed and then they, in short, are:
– very strong energization throughout the day
– performing several activities in a day (compared to the days when I was not meditating with Kali)
– a very good timing of all activities with their completion.


Other important details

After the end of the 7-day period, I was left with the belief that meditation with Kali or even just the ananta with Kali helps me to complete anything I set out to do.

I started meditating with Kali during the morning because I noticed that when I did it in the evening, I hardly fell asleep.

It gives me great pleasure to meditate with Kali, not necessarily within the framework of an assumed spiritual practice, but as a habit.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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