Being in my think one with you,
I adore you in my heart, a Bhairava, Supreme Master,
That accomplishes every thing moving or unmoving,
Who are the pure, the one and the one, the endless and the unstarted,
refuge and salvation of all those who have been abandoned.

Thanks to your endless compassion, oh, my God,
everything appears to me as one with you.
For, indeed, You are, in eternity, even my Self
and therefore the whole objective reality
is inextricably united with my Self.

In You, Oh, Lord, My True Self
What you penetrate the whole universal manifestation
disappears any fear in the face of this world of suffering and nightmare
even though there is still, for me, a lot of facts and trends
which could bring with them unbearable suffering, wandering and fear.

Oh, death, don’t point at me
your eyes full of anger and fear
for I am always abandoned in the service and meditation of Shiva,
and i’m beatificly united with the terrible and transcendent Bhairava
and with His Supreme Energy


Thus, o Lord, the deep darkness of illusion
was driven away by the white rays of Your Self,
for now You are so close to me!
I will never be afraid of death and destruction again.
nor the powers of demons!
Oh, my God, thank you!

For You are the essential and supreme reality of all things,
You are the indescribable glow of true knowledge that has been revealed to the world.
And I have gained full and ecstatic peace
in You, my true Self,
fulfilled by the divine nectar of all things.

Oh, my God, when the state of impurification,
bringers of great limitations and suffering,
wants to get into my thoughts,
I shudder at the same moment of the overwhelming glory of Your indestructible unity
which appears to me as the prepur and sublime nectar of bliss.

Oh, Shiva, even if it’s true
that fasting, religious rituals, subtle-purifying bath or asceticism
lead to the torment of existence,
the nectar of deep meditation on Your sacred writings
makes the river of deep and over-happy peace flow spontaneously into my heart.

Oh, Master Bhairava! My whole being dances,
singand is enjoyed deep
when he sees you, the Beloved,
and thus fulfills the mysterious sacrifice of the
what is otherwise so hard to accomplish.

Abhinanagupta, yoga master and Indian culture man

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