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The boomerang law has been known for a long time and is also called
the "cause-and-effect" law or the law of action and reaction.

This refers to the fact that over time people have noticed that what we emit through thoughts, emotions or deeds returns back to us. As they also say:

"Well done, well you find!


"Thou shalt not dig the grave of another, that thou mayest fall into it!


There are studies made in this regard and it has been observed that statistics indicate the existence of this phenomenon.
But scientists could not highlight its causes or mechanism.

So, it is important to pay attention to what we think, how we behave, what and how much we give to others.

Yoga can explain this phenomenon to us, however, by the fact that at the essential level we are one being

Therefore, when we hurt someone, we actually hurt ourselves.
People who have a very developed empathy can feel the pain or happiness of others as if it were theirs.
This is an example of the fact that we are interconnected and influence each other.
That is why it is important to be responsible and take care of what we think or feel because they do not lie hidden in our soul or head, but they have the power to influence others as well.
And then the reactions that they may have are only a consequence of what we have emitted. And not only that! Through our attitude, thoughts and actions we build our own universe in which we live and for which we are directly responsible.

Telepathy and empathy can manifest themselves when we connect to the infinity within us, that place through which we can connect to everything that exists, and therefore also to the people around us.

This may be an explanation of the boomerang law.

Through the practice of yoga we aim to become aware of this unity between us, the supreme being and the outside world.

When we reach this level of consciousness there is a radical change in our way of being, of thinking because we perceive others as if we were ourselves.
There is another very important aspect, and that is that we find God in everything that exists.

This philosophy is exemplified in the example given by Swami Trailanga, the saint of Benares to a skeptic who challenged him in a very inappropriate way.

About this saint, born in 1607, it is said that he lived 300 years, that he had impressive paranormal abilities, that he ate very little and that he performed many miracles.

Although his powers were obvious, this skeptic tried to prove that Trailanga was nothing more than a charlatan.

He brought Swami a bucket of lime and said:

"Master," said the materialist, mimicking respect, I brought you milk. Please drink it!

Without hesitation, Trailanga drank to the bottom the contents of the container. A little later, the skeptic pitched to the ground in pain.

"Help me, Swami, help me! My stomach caught fire! Forgive my mischievous trial!

The great yogi came out of his usual silence:

"You didn't understand," he replied, when you offered me poison, that my life and yours are one?

-If I had not known that GOD is present in my stomach, as in every atom of Creation, the cousin would have killed me.

-Now that you have understood the divine meaning of the boomerang, go and stop playing tricks on anyone!

Power is in our hands
It's up to us what attitude we choose to have.

The power is in our hands to make a change in ourselves and in what surrounds us. We have in us all the resources to be better.

We can take life into our own hands and decide in which direction to go and not to let ourselves be lived by life, in which direction the wind is blowing it.

"Everything you do comes back to you!"

This is a very well-known maxim. But in reality it's not quite so mathematically like
that, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,"
because the universe is conscious, and God doesn't want the sinner to perish, but to straighten him out.
Therefore, when the man has learned his lesson and made a change regarding him, it is no longer necessary to pay for everything he has done.

Another situation is the one in which man is blessed by the grace of God, through which he can make an important leap in his evolution or he can erase much karma without doing much.
And this is only because he received a gift from God, a support, a support, a helping hand to make it easier for him to evolve, to increase his confidence and aspiration.

It is said that when we take a step toward God, he takes ten steps toward us.




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