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    Buddha Drukpa Kunley was one of Tibet’s greatest saints, known as “the mad wise man” or “eccentric enlightenment”,due to his unconventional behavior and obsessive humor by which he succeeded in “freeing people from dogmatic and limiting religious thinking”.

    “What I do is not my way of being, but how I pass on my teaching.”

    “Carefree surrender, huge compassion, total lack of inhibition, intelligent use of shock therapy, tears and laughter are the specific characteristics of the Divine Madman.”

    His Masters

    Naljorpa Drupka Kunley comes from a high-ranking family with an ancient spiritual tradition.

    He was an extremely precocious child, perfectly remembering his previous lives. He mastered the practice of meditation very well, did breathing exercises and his only concern was yoga. It was received in order of the monks by JEKYENEr BARPA of ZRALU. The monk SONAM CHORPA taught tantra Esoterica and the secret knowledge of mantras, while from GYALWONG JE, he learned the complete doctrine of the DRUPKA tradition. He had several masters from whom he assimilated the secret treasure of initiation.

    By a synthesis of the meaning of all the oral teachings he received, he discovered the key to complete realization:

    “Be aware and master your mind!”

    Drucka Kunley achieved mastery on his spiritual path at the age of 25. He had a perfect ability to change shape, predict the future and easily materialize whatever he wanted.

    There are several works of miracles he has performed. Here is one of these, in which he is sought to pay a tribute, and here is how he behaves in a way that is characteristic of him:

    A messenger brought Kunley to the castle.

    “You’re the madman named Drupka Kunley, aren’t you?” the chief jubilant. “You, man from Ralung! Have you forgotten that each of us is used to paying YANDROK NANGKARTSE a yak and nine sheep as a fee, and that you also have to pay the one-sheep and wool tax to TSE CHEN? For you, there’s no evidence that you paid your tax. Instead of thanking me for leaving you alone until now, you killed and ate my deer at Galden Monastery, and you advise people only to evil. You’re going to have to pay me the meat from a hundred animals tomorrow as a fee.

    “You will be paid according to the reckoning of your virtues and vices by YAMA, the God of Death, which impartially reflects the karma of all beings in the six realms in its clear mirror,” Lama told him. “Anyway, if you say you want to have meat tomorrow, leave your doors open in the morning.”

    After he left, people were amazed at how he would be able to perform such a task. “He’s going to steal animals,” they said.

    “It doesn’t matter how he does it, as long as I get the meat,” the leader said. Leave the gates open in the morning.”

    When the sun appeared the next day from the mountains of the East, a large larma and swearing were heard approaching from the direction of the Gyangtse Valley, and the Lama was seen holding before him a hundred and ten deer from Galden. “Here’s your meat tax!” the Lama shouted to the chief. “Take it if you want. I won’t be able to give it to you tomorrow, but today you can have as many animals as there are in Tibet. If you don’t want them, I’ll send them to Paradise. This is the order of the God of Death.” “Drupka Kunley, you fool! You’re either an incarnate devil, or you’re the emanation of an BUDDHA. Gathering deer in the herd like sheep is indeed a miracle, but I don’t get the meat tax in live animals anyway. I need their bodies,” the boss told him.

    “That’s not a problem,” Lama said, and began cutting off deer heads. After he killed them, he started skinning them, stacking the bloody cadraves into a pile.

    The leader was frightened. “Enough! That’s enough!” he shouted. “Crazy Drupka Kunley, I made a big mistake! in the future neither you nor the descendants of the Drupka clan will have to pay the TSANG meat tax. Take the meat out of here and sell it in the market and release the spirits of these animals!

    “Yesterday you told us you needed the meat tax, so I drove these animals here. Now you’re telling me you don’t want them. in this case, the animals may return to Galden’. He snapped his fingers and shouted, “Go home!” Bodies rose, each found a skin and a head, although some small animals took large heads, and some large animals took small heads and ran back to Galden. Even today, strange species of deer with mismatched heads can still be seen around Galden.

    His leader, officers and servants were covered in a deep devotion and their faces bathed in tears. They knelt before Lama, palms united in prayer. The leader said:

    “Kunga Lgpa, the unique refuge of beings!

    Southern clouds high in midsummer

    They are ignorant of the sunrise and sunset;

    We worship at the feet of Drupka Kunley, Lord of All Beings.”

    He followed the tantric path of masters with exceptional achievements: Milarepa, Marpa, Naropa, Tilopa.

    Although his master, Milarepa, was a celibate, Drukpa Kunley revealed through poetry, song, dance, humor and love that the true nature of the manifested world- Samsara, is essentially the same with transcendence- Nirvana.

    He chose not to renounce or deny life, but on the contrary, he saw life itself as a spiritual path, using desire, emotion and sexuality to awaken spiritually and to reach the ultimate realization.

    His life was impregnated by the sacred, by the authentic, being free of any limitation, as a result of which he did not exhibit a rigid behavior, influenced by social conventions. That’s why people can see him as eccentric or lunatic.

    It is a living example of freedom, truth and love, reminding at every moment that man is a divine being. Such a being is also known as AVADHUTA, which means:

    A- Immutable- Akshara

    Will- Excellent- Varenya

    Dhu- the one who shakes the world’s handcuffs

    Huta- “You’re there”-TAT TWAM ASI

    An accomplished being feels life as a Divine Creation or Divine Game (LILA).

    As described as the “mad wise man” in SIDDHA-SIDDHANTA-PADDHATI , one of the earliest hatha-yoghin texts:

    “He who permanently rotates completely right in its center

    And who looks at the world calmly unflinchingly

    He’s called an AVADHUTA.

    “He who is firmly established in his own Light,

    What is the Lustre of the Shining Nature, the One who rejoices

    in the world through the game – he is called an AVADHUTA”

    “He who sometimes rejoices, and sometimes gives up,

    sometimes it’s empty or like a demon, sometimes it’s king

    and sometimes has chosen behaviors

    He is called an AVADHUTA.”

    He was known as “the saint of 5,000 women” or “the holy fertility.”

    Drukpa Kunley pointed out that celibacy was not necessary to be enlightened.

    He had a profound understanding of existence, by referring to the being of the opposite sex as a divine being and by the miracle of experiencing amorous interaction as a grace, through which we can know true spiritual freedom.


    Legend linked to the cult of fertility and the symbol of lingam

    In this legend it is told about how Drukpa Kunley defeated a demon and made him a follower.

    Legend has it that a demon named Loro Duem terrified the locals by controlling both sides of the mountains of Dochula Pass and no one managed to defeat him. So people asked Lama Drucka to help them escape the demon.

    It is said that in order to fight the demon, Lama Drucka turned into a grey dog and fled to the top of a mountain.

    He followed the demon he caught and merged with into a love affair, after which the demon acceded him as master and became his disciple. This is where the Chimi Lhakhang Temple is today, known for its power to confer fertility. After this event, the village of Punakha began to worship the motif of the penis as a divine protective symbol and began the practice of painting it on the walls of the temp.

    The path of “divine madman” or “divine wisdom”

    This path of “divine madman” or “divine wisdom” approaches unconventional methods to teach people to look at all things as sacred. It includes actions that may seem bizarre or “crazy”, but are, in fact, part of the practitioner’s openness to his own release, as well as to the release of others.

    It’s a hard way, but also the fastest way to spiritual realization. Therefore, it is essential that the disciple has an unwavering confidence in his Master, to be totally abandoned, to be willing to leave the comfort zone and to accept with detachment the confrontation with unforeseen and unusual situations.

    The philosophy of this path is revealed to us in “The Divine Madman”, the biography of the great master,one of the most important books to introduce the highest teaching of tantrism.

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