About Love – Khalil Gibran


Love is “a divine flame which even the gods admire in mortals.”

One cannot walk the Way of the Heart and one cannot live spirituality in the midst of life without love.

Gibran’s voice shows us a marvel of wisdom in a field where people are often caught off guard.
And yet, in fact, it’s simple.
As St. Augustine said.

“Love and do what you want”

The enlightened poet Khalil Gibran gives us a wonderful summary of what is more important to understand, practically, about love.

About Love

Then Almitra said, “Tell us about Love.”

And he lifted his head looking at the crowd, and a deep silence descended upon them all. Then, in a big voice, they began:

“When love beckons you, follow its prompting,
Even if its roads are hard and precipitous,
And when their wings embrace you, submit to them,
Even if the sword hidden in the penaju could hurt you,
And if his voice speaks to you, believe it,
Even though his voice might shatter your dreams, like the north wind ravaging your gardens.

For just as love crowns you, it must also crucify you.
Just as it makes you grow, it must also cut your dryness.
As it rises to your height, caressing your most fragile branches that quiver in the sunlight,
In the same way, it will penetrate to the depths of your roots, shaking their clench with the earth.

Like wheat snobs, she reaps you.
You thress to peel off.
It winds you to clean yourself of the chaff.
It grinds you to the bleach.
They trouble you until you become very submissive,
That then he may grant you to his fire and that you may become the holy bread at the divine banquet.

All this love will give you, so that you may know the mysteries of your heart
and thus become a part of the heart of Life.
But if, possessed by fear, you seek only the ease and pleasure of love,
Then it’s better to cover your nakedness and get out of the threshing of love,
To return to the world without seasons, where you will laugh, but not with all your joy, and where you will weep, but not in all your tears.

Ilove gives only itself and takes only of itself.
Love does not rule and does not want to be mastered,
Because love is enough for love.
When you love, you must not say, “The Creator is in my heart,” but rather, “I am in the heart of the Creator.”

And don’t think you can make your own way of love,

fiindcă Iubirea, dacă o meritați, vă va arăta drumul ea însăși.

Love has no desire other than to fulfill itself.
But if you love and need to have desires, let them be:
To melt and become the fountain that sursur in the night sings;
To know the pain of too great tenderness;
To be hurt by the understanding of love;
To bleed willingly and rejoicing
To wake up at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of Love;
Rest at the hour of noon and ponder the ecstasy of love;
To return home peacefully at dusk;

And then sleep raising in your heart a prayer for your loved one, and a song of praise on your lips.”


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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