INERTONS – particles of the unified field

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Since the elaboration of the general theory of relativity, which also includes the manifestation of the gravitational field, Einstein and his successors have focused their efforts on the mathematical foundation and physical highlighting of a fundamental force field, which would unify all four types of physical fields (represented by the types of strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational forces) and support, at the same time, the manifestation of these fields as its particular forms.

Einstein’s discoveries still remain obscured, although he seems to have found the basic formula to express the mathematical form of this fundamental force field, or, as it is generically recognized, the “fifth force”. Since then, given the failure of all physicists to highlight this fundamental field, their scientific interests have been attracted mainly to other, more approachable fields.

Fortunately, there have been some scientists who, applying the maxim: “if something doesn’t work, maybe you’re not looking in the right direction!”, have come to some remarkable discoveries. The answers to their questions, even if unexpected, allow us a substantial reconfiguration of the original picture of the unifying force field.

Vladimir Krasnoholovets is the author of the actual discovery of the presence of inertons, particles associated with a force field that exhibit characteristics very close to those of the fundamental field. However, in order to understand the importance of their discovery, we need to review some aspects of the theory of general relativity. Within it, gravitational waves (the expression of the gravitational attraction field) represent the carriers of the gravific interaction. These waves are thought to occur between ANY two bodies in the universe with non-zero resting mass. The fundamental particles associated with these waves have been called gravitons (although highlighting them is quite controversial). These are particles devoid of rest mass.

It is also known that between the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, which studies the dynamics of matter and energy at subatomic dimensions, there are conceptual disagreements that are difficult to reconcile. The theory of gravity does not correctly consider, in a coherent view, the existence of carrier waves of subatomic fields. On the other hand, quantization of the infinitely small world cannot be applied to the scale of the macroscopic world. If we consider, on logical analysis, the material world, it is obvious that any macroscopic object consists of atoms and subatomic particles. The force fields and waves emanating from each of them overlap, compose themselves specifically, forming the field that accompanies that object – and which manifests itself as a field of gravitational attraction!

Professor Krasnoholovets studied the motion of a particle in a vacuum, considered as an elastic cellular space. Thus, this space consisted of “cell units” – called superparticles, in a so-called “degenerate state”, whose order of magnitude is 10 to the power minus 28 centimeters (the order of magnitude of all kinds of interactions, according to unified field theory). Krasnoholovets and Bychov believed that any moving particle would interact with superparticles of the space lattice, and as a consequence, certain excitation waves resulting from this interaction would be emitted. The latter were referred to as inertons. These waves are virtual because each emitted inerton is immediately reabsorbed by the particle that emitted it. So every particle is constantly surrounded by a cloud of oscillating inertons, and this oscillatory nature of motion also applies to the generating particle. This type of motion can be quantized by obtaining mathematically the frequency and amplitude of the particle’s spatial oscillations.

The inerton is to be understood as a “quasi-particle”, that is, an excitation of physical space, which carries a fragment of the local, volumetric deformation of space. Inertons have the ability to transmit the property called “mass”, therefore they are actually the particles responsible for the inertial and gravitational properties of objects.
The inerton field represents a new type of physical field, to which corresponds a quantum formalism of its own, on the scale of dimensions comparable to the Planck wavelength (ten to the power minus 28 centimeters). Inerton field dynamics can also explain gravitational phenomena observed at the level of macroscopic objects. Therefore, inertons are the expression of the unifying field, so sought after by physicists of the XIX-XX centuries.

The authors of the discovery of inertons demonstrated that clouds of inertons encompassing and accompanying electrons appear in several experiments. The nature of inertons is not directly associated with electromagnetism or gravity. They seem to be rather an expression of the nature of matter, of the space lattice (approaching the physical model of the aether, so popular in Einstein’s time). One can advance the assertion that these elementary excitations of space can substitute for the hypothetical gravitons in general relativity (especially since the presence of gravitons was theoretically postulated, but has never been virtually proven beyond doubt).
Krasnoholovets and Bychov studied the impact of inertons on the collective behavior of atoms of a solid body, both theoretically and experimentally.

A dense environment, such as a planet like Earth, could be considered a source of inertons. Moreover, we could speak of two types of stationary inertons: those associated with the revolution movement around the Sun, and those associated with the rotation of the planet. The motion of atoms of the Earth, considered as an ideal sphere moving as one, does not differ in appearance from the motion of a free particle. Structural bonds between atoms ensure the coherence of macroscopic body movement. Corresponding to the excited state of the inertons, considered here as waves, acoustic waves will also be generated that will accompany them, having a maximum intensity along the West-East direction. The propagation speed of the generated inertone wave can be equal to (or even higher!) than the speed of light.

If inertone waves really exist, they can amplify their intensity in a resonator system and then be recorded experimentally. Or, this sui-generis resonator may be the Earth itself! As previously established, we can consider two types of inertone waves that propagate at the level of the terrestrial globe: radial waves, which propagate along the diameter (parallel or antiparallel to the orbital velocity vector) and tangential inertone waves, which propagate on the Earth’s surface along the equatorial line in the West-East direction (parallel or antiparallel to the vector of Earth’s rotational speed, at the equator). The calculations demonstrate that an object with certain dimensions, correlated with the wavelength ratio of the two types of waves, and placed horizontally in the West-East direction, can play the role of a resonator for inertone waves, if the shape of the object is similar to that of the terrestrial globe.

The discovery, at least theoretically, of inertons resolves the age-old controversy and incompatibility between the theory of gravity and quantum mechanics, since inertons satisfy quantum formalism.
The two researchers demonstrated the existence of inertons in the studied system. Furthermore, inertons should be present in any system that consists of a large number of bound particles. These waves are excited and propagate in space, influencing material objects.
In particular, the Earth’s inerton field can be considered as an alternative to the aether that physicists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries talked about.
Surprisingly, humanity knows effects of the influence of terrestrial inertone waves, manifested over a longer period of time. The Egyptian pyramids are an outstanding example of this. It is known that the pyramids, by their shape, dimensions and spatial orientation, exhibit certain unusual phenomena generically called “pyramid effect”: mummification of the body of a deceased animal, placed exactly in the center of gravity of the pyramid; Germination of moistened seeds; sharpening a razor blade placed in the center of gravity of the pyramid, parallel to Earth’s magnetic field lines, etc.
According to the calculations of Krasnoholovets and Bychov, these phenomena are an undoubted expression of the presence of inerton waves generated by the Earth in its motion.

The researchers further assumed that stars and planets, in their motion, emit continuously, along with electromagnetic waves and certain inertone waves. This inerton field can be highlighted, with certain high-performance optical instruments, like an extremely etheric halo that accompanies the object, like a “ghost”.

The existence of inertons opens up vast, as yet unsuspected perspectives on the states of matter, its real structure. In fact, all the discoveries of modern physics, especially quantum mechanics, only confirm the ancient assertions of Eastern spirituality that the universe is, in its essence, energy, and condensed, objectual matter is only a particular case of this fundamental energy field. From this easily follow the following conclusions, confirmed today by physicists:

1. We are all interconnected, and not just us, the people of this planet, but all beings and objects in the universe! The substrate of this deep connection, which Eastern mystics call Atman, is similar to the inerton field.
2. Soon, we will no longer be able to speak of man as a “flesh and blood” being, but as a genuine conscious energy field with its own dynamics. It makes the transition to the energy medicine of the future, and provides explanations to a whole host of phenomena still considered “paranormal”: telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

NOTE : Professor Vladimir Krasnoholovets is a PhD in theoretical physics and senior researcher at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences in Kiev, Ukraine. His work on inertons is available in the literature.

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