Electromagnetic field of the heart

Electromagnetic field of the heart

“The American HearthMath Institute has discovered that the heart emits an electromagnetic field five thousand times stronger than the field that the brain emits.” It is important to note this difference in power between the electromagnetic field of the heart and that of the head
We will thus be able to understand the importance of our feelings, of love, of gratitude, of appreciation and of any positive experience!
Everything we feel and live as a beautiful, positive, uplifting feeling (compassion, love, armour, kindness, joy) creates what specialists have called “coherence of the heart”.
Instead, negative feelings, as well as their corresponding thinking, create the “incoherence of the heart”, generating vibrational emissions in the electromagnetic field of our heart and brain.
These electromagnetic fields influence both our bodies and the realities we encounter in everyday life.

The same institute found that if we are angry for five minutes, the immune system needs six hours to recover the lost power.
Also, if we live five minutes of compassion and appreciation, immunity improves by 41 percent.
We have noted all this so that each of us understands the healing power of the gentle and loving heart, as well as the power of negative experiences to get sick.
Basically, we can understand in every moment of existence whether we are in the heart or have come out of it.

How many times:

  • we feel and think negatively
  • we get angry, we get angry, we hate
  • we disappreciate or judge aggressively (we can observe the immediate reality without judging it)

it is a sign that we are moving away from the heart. Whatever we think, we feel, we live as a negative state signals us that we have entered the realm of the Ego or the “judgment of the world”.

The human mind is conditioned by:

  • present or past reality
  • fear of the future
  • fear of loss or pain

Therefore, the mind will always generate negative emotions when faced with an unpleasant life event.
We can choose to self-observe this negativity and spontaneously choose to return to the truth of our heart.

It lifts us vibrationally little by little to where we will feel that we are again in harmony with our heart, the following:

  • a repeated prayer
  • a beautiful memory
  • appeal to good thoughts, of hope, of joy, of good for all that surrounds us

If we think about the highest good of all

we will create the state of “coherence between the heart and the mind”, of harmony between the heart and the mind, which will bring us an overwhelming surprise.
First, many of the ailments we have in the physical body will be cured.
But above all, we will feel healed in our souls.
We will no longer make efforts to think positively, to appreciate, to give, to feel loving or generous

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