Instead of watching TV…

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Instead of watching TV… there are many useful things you can do!

Television is a problem . For everyone.

If on TV we see only interesting movies, frothy comedies, desebite dramas or other genres, but quality shows, attractive and comforting, even so would be a big problem because …
it would be too great and the inner fulfillment less significant compared to the time spent on the armchair watching TV.

In reality, the situation presents itself much worse, in the most authentic sense of the word “bad”.
The films are, most of them, with murders, detectives, spies, beatings, thieves, liars, crooks,, mobsters as good social stars to imitate, debauched and unloving sexuality, aiming to make us confuse love with sexuality…

Entertainment shows are, most of them, vulgar and in bad taste and the news follows an information scheme according to the wishes of television owners, being, in fact, disinformation shows.

Even if you search a lot, you will find that the schedule of programs is similar and, apparently, you have no way out of the “tight circle” of miserable life prefabricated by the masters of mass media.

Even if, by denying reality, things would not be so bad with television programs, watching TV for a long time generates in the press that looks at an amplification of a state of receptivity, of interior control increasingly reduced, so that people are peeling off more and more difficult in front of the TV, even in the situation in which they realize that the programs are miserable.

What to do?

Until the desires of the televisions are different, a first helpful action is to look as little as possible at the TV.

We can rent films that we can choose in this way, according to our preferences, and, in time, to own at home a real phylomania with films that we consider special and that we can review, when we consider that we need it.

Important aspect!
A film is, analogically, just like a second life, virtual, of course, in which the viewer identifies with a character, and then lives the events in the life of that character, as if they were his own.
One problem is that, in this situation, the viewer identified with this character has no way of influencing the events of this sui generis “incarnation” of his and will live what the director considered to be in that film.

Even in the situation in which the director has intuited our preferences and in that “incarnation” we live events that fulfill our inner fulfillment, the attachment to watching many films is no different from the attachment of most human beings to incarnation in the physical plane.
This attachment makes them ignore important spiritual aspects, which, in fact, would bring them a state of fulfillment and genuine happiness.

So what to do, besides avoiding the TV?
More than that we can have concerns about the spiritual nature, to read books with essential information (there are many, you know), or literature that helps us to be better, more loving, more sensitive or stronger and to use time for training and spiritual transformation, becoming stronger, more capable, more refined, with a power to love very great, a special spiritual virtue and wisdom to use the difficulties of life to grow spiritually…

And, hoping that the statement will not seem too “sweet”, it is certain thousands of times preferable to spend our time loving more or less well than watching the false and “stupid” life on television.

Instead of watching TV… here’s what you can do!

1. Take a nap! If you don’t have time to rest and regenerate, how come you have time to watch TV? Do not give up a few hours of sleep in favor of TV, especially if you do not have something interesting to see.

2. Talk to someone you love! Talk to your spouse and children. Call your mother, brother or sister. Ask them how they’re going, if they’re healthy. If you do not have a topic of discussion, talk about funny issues, about the vacation or the house you dream of.

3. Do yoga or sports! Why waste your time watching how good some stars look on TV, instead of trying to do something for yourself? Walk or ride your bike through the park, invite a friend to a tennis game, swim. Exercise!

4. Learn something new! Have you always wanted to learn to dance or play the guitar and you didn’t succeed? Gather the hours you’ve spent in front of the TV and you’ll realize that if you really wanted to, you’d have found a little bit of time for that as well.

5. Meet someone! Even with your friend, husband or wife. Spend a bit of time together and enjoy each other’s company. If you are single/called your friends and go out. That’s the only way you’ll meet new people.

6. Lend a helping hand to someone! Do you know someone who is in a difficult situation and needs help? If all your relatives and friends are well healthy, you can join a volunteer organization.

7. Find yourself a hobby. If, instead of watching TV, you choose to go to a course in painting, literature or spiritual transformation, you have everything to gain.

Instead of watching TV…

8. Read a book! When was the last time you read a book? Instead of pressing the remote control and not finding any program to your liking, you better take the time and read the book you bought a long time ago and you did not even get to open it. If you can’t decide what to read, ask a friend to recommend something to you.

9. Write something! … a letter, an email, something in your diary or on your own blog. If you have many ideas, you can even write the script of a movie that you would like to see.

And last but not least, Instead of watching TV…

10. Paint your room! Any change is welcome. Once you have finished painting the walls, you will want to make other changes around the house, so you will not have time to get bored.


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