Anuttara stika – Spiritual achievement in 8 stanzas

anuttara stika

Anuttara Stika is a hymn, written by the yogi master of Shivaism of Kashmir, Abhinavagupta.

His own birth fits with the claims that he was actually an incarnation of the god Bhairava, conceived through extraordinary circumstances in which his mother and father engaged in ritual sexual union.

In Kashmir it is considered that a descendant of parents with very high spiritual pursuits and achievements (“established in the supreme essence of Bhairava”) results in being a being with special spiritual endowments.

According to Kashmiri tradition, around 1025 C.E., he entered a cave while reciting Bhairavastava along with 1200 disciples and they were never seen again.

They supposedly meditated until they translated into another dimension.

Abhinavagupta composed a number of devotional poems (many translated into French), including “Anuttarāṣṭikā -” The 8 verses about Anuttara “

Abhinavagupta describes in the following 8 verses, perhaps, the highest path of spontaneous spiritual realization.

shiva mahadev statue
Shiva Mahadev – Master of the Universe


Anuttara Stika

Here the process of evolution is no longer necessary
Nor imaginative contemplation,
Neither inspired speech nor debate,
Neither meditation nor concentration,
Not even the striving of prayer.
Tell me, what is this Supreme Divine Conscious and Absolute Reality? Listen to the answer:  

Don't give up on anything and don't keep anything,
Take part in the joy of everything and be as you are!
anuttara stika
Don’t give up on anything and don’t keep anything,
Take part in the joy of everything and be as you are!
In reality the world of transient phenomena (samsara) does not even exist,
How, then, can the idea of any chaining arise?
If the eternally free Self can never be chained,
What else would they strive to free themselves from?
All this is nothing but the hoax of the shadow of a ghost,
Or the rope mistakenly regarded as a snake, thus producing a meaningless fear.

Don't give up on anything and don't keep anything,
Rejoice, settled in your Self, exactly as you are!

How it could be distinguished in the Supreme Divine
Between the worshiper, the adored one, and the worship itself?
How could you talk about that?
For whom there would be any progress, would it be like this
And who would step on an upward path?
Even though this illusion appears to be different,
It is not, however, separate from the Supreme Divine Consciousness.
Oh, everything is nothing but the pure nature of self-knowledge  
Don't worry about unnecessary worries anymore!

anuttara stika
Oh, everything is nothing but the pure nature of self-knowledge
Don’t worry about unnecessary worries anymore!
This bliss is not comparable to the joy brought by wealth
Either by a drunkenness with wine or by the lovemaking with the lover.
The appearance of this Light is by no means comparable
With the ignition of a lamp, nor with the brightness of the Moon or the Sun.
The peace that arises through liberation from all the differentiation inherent in existence in duality
It is like the relief felt after a heavy burden has been left to the ground.
The rising of this light is like retrieving a lost treasure:
The treasure of the realm of universal non duality.

Love and hate, joy and suffering, creation and resorption
Self-confidence and deep despair,
They're all states that appear in the world as separate.
But they were not, in reality, different.
Whenever you are incarcerated by any individual form of these states,
Be aware of the identity between your state and the Supreme Divine Being.
Fulfilled by this contemplation, will you not enjoy with all your soul?

What before did not exist suddenly becomes active;
So are the states of the flesh in this world.
How can they actually exist
How long is there a wandering
Caused by the change in the "middle state"?
Where could you find the truth in unreality and fickleness,
In the multitude of forms manifested in the illusion of a dream, or
In the beautiful deception?
Overcome your inadequacy to which fear and doubt are bound
And wake up!

  It is not the primordial One
 ( Paramashive )
   that is the creator of the conditioned states of consciousness,

It is your mind that creates them.
They do not possess a real consciousness,
Catching a (apparent) shape just by a momentary hoax.
The illusory beauty of the universe appears in the power of your imagination,
It has no other origin.
For this reason you shine through your own brilliance -
You have both the nature of the Divine One and a multiple manifestation.

The real and the unreal, the Unique and the multiple,
That which is stained by illusion or the pure Self -
All this shines in the clear mirror of enlightened consciousness.
If you will recognize all these things as having the form of Uncreated Light,
If you will recognize in everything and in all the overwhelming brightness of your Divine Self (Atman)
And your brilliance will always be firmly rooted in your own experience,

  Then you will take full part in the omnipotence of the Lord God
 ( Paramashive )
anuttara stika


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