Learning from your own mistakes

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To learn from your own mistakes... means wisdom

Of course it is best to learn from the mistakes of others.
But he who does not know how to learn from his own mistakes will not particularly appreciate the demonstration of another's mistake.
In addition, when you learn from another's mistake, in fact, you identify with him and his situation and you draw lessons.
As if, hypothetically, you were wrong and understood to learn from your mistake.

The basic lesson, then, is to learn from the mistakes of others and then from your own mistakes.
But if you can't, then
"to be able to learn from your own mistakes"
and then from the faults of others.

In fact, this is natural and sometimes all-present.

"He who does not work is not wrong."
"It is NOT stupid he who does not know, but he who knows, behaves as if he did not know."

Let's think about the situation of a sculptor who digs in stone the face of a beautiful woman (for example).
His chisel creates many times forms that do not correspond to what he understood he wanted to achieve, and the artist permanently adapts his action, "making mistakes" countless times and correcting the mistake as many times.

To learn from your own mistakes...

it means adaptation, flexibility and an almost permanent evaluation of the result compared to the self-propelled road.
Many people show blindness, fanaticism or rigidity, ignoring the situation, the mistake... and they do this sometimes even all their lives. Or more lives.

In contrast, the sculptor, if he did not learn and permanently correct his "mistakes" could not make even a single sculpture that represents what he wanted to convey.

It is natural to see and correct your mistakes.
It is unnatural not to draw a proper conclusion after you find that you have done wrong.â
And so it is obvious that life is a spiritual path that has a transformative effect.

An awake and attentive, flexible, unprejudiced man, who is not fanatical, hubris or egotistical, can go through life as a spiritual path, constantly learning from his mistakes and permanently improving his skills.

Thus he will get closer and closer to the Truth, to the true spiritual Awakening , which, at the same time, truly perfects him.


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