John’s Gospel of Peace


Nearly two thousand years have passed since the divine Son of Man lovingly showed humanity the way, the truth, and the life. He brought, through His miracles, health to the sick, wisdom to the ignorant, and divine happiness to those who suffered.

His words of kindness and wisdom are half-forgotten and in some instances were not collected until several generations after they were spoken. More than once they have been misunderstood, wrongly gathered, hundreds of times rewritten, and hundreds of times transformed, yet by God’s will they have been preserved for nearly two thousand years.

Although his words, as we have them today in the New Testament, represent only a small fraction of what Jesus spoke, they conquered half of humanity and almost all of Western civilization. This proves the eternal vitality of the Truth contained in His words and highlights their supreme and incomparable value.

We publish here the pure and gracious words spoken by Jesus, after being translated directly from the ancient Aramaic language, the language spoken by Jesus and his beloved disciple John, who wrote down with the utmost accuracy the secret personal teachings of his divine Master.

These words demonstrate that Jesus wanted above all to teach people how to live in full harmony with the divine laws of nature, so that they would become able to heal any disease naturally, through their own effort and with God’s help. Jesus used His divine power only to make people seek and obey the divine laws of nature and ultimately point them to the ultimate truth, to God the Father. All his miraculous healings were performed only if the one who, as a result of his mistakes, suffered, was sufficiently prepared to sin no more. That is why, not by chance, Jesus lovingly ended any healing with the words: “Go now and sin no more!”

This work comprises only a fragment – about one-eighth – of the complete manuscripts which exist in Aramaic and are kept secret in the Vatican Library, and which also exist in Old Slavonic, at the Royal Library of the Habsburgs (now owned by the Austrian state).

We owe the existence and perpetuation of these two versions to the Nestorian priests who, under the pressure of Genghis Khan’s advancing hordes, were forced to flee from East to West, carrying with them all ancient scriptures and icons.

The ancient Aramaic texts date from the first century A.D., while the Old Slavonic version is a literal translation of the first. Archaeology has so far been unable to reconstruct exactly how the texts traveled from Palestine to the interior of Asia, eventually ending up in the hands of Nestorian priests.

A critical edition, containing the full text, references and explanatory notes (archaeological, historical and exhortetic) of the Essenes, appeared under the name “The Gospel of the Essenes”. The part now published by us refers to the miraculous healings of Jesus.

Apart from the evidence of truth, there is nothing to add to this text. He speaks with tremendous force of himself. One who reads carefully and lovingly the pages that follow will feel the eternal and divine life and evidence of these profound truths, which humanity, in these moments of change, needs more than ever.

“And the truth shall testify of itself.”


And then many sick and crippled people came to Jesus, asking Him: “If You really know all things, tell us why we are suffering from all these terrible torments now? Why aren’t we just as healthy as other people? Divine teacher, heal us, help us, so that we too may now become strong and no longer have to remain in our misery, overcome by suffering and disease. We all know that it is in Your power to heal all kinds of diseases. Free us from Satan and all these great torments. Have mercy on us, Master.”

Jesus replied, “Blessed must you become those who hunger for truth. If you will listen to me and understand me, I will satisfy you with the bread of wisdom. Blessed must you who knock become, for if you understand me I will open the door of eternal life to you. Blessed must you become, who understanding will deny the power of Satan, for in this way I will lead you into the high kingdom of your Mother’s angels, where the power of Satan can never enter.”

And they, full of curiosity and wonder, asked Him:

“Who is our Mother, and who are Her angels? And where is Her kingdom really?”

“Your mother is always hidden in you and you are permanently enveloped in her. She bore you; She gave you life. She is the one who gave you the body, and you will eventually give it back to her one day. Happy will you be if you come to know her and her kingdom, if you obey Her laws, and especially if you receive the angels of the Mother to act in you. Truly, I say to you, he who will do all these things will never see sickness again, for the divine power of the Mother is above all evil. And She destroys Satan and his kingdom and rules eternally over all your bodies and all living things.

The blood circulating within you was born from the blood of the divine Mother Nature. Her blood falls from the clouds; springs from the belly of the earth, gurgles in the streams of the mountains, flows wide into the rivers of the plains; sleeps in lakes; roars loudly in stormy seas.

The air we breathe was born from the breath of our divine Mother Nature. Her breath is azure in the height of the heavens, rustles on mountain tops, whispers in the leaves of the forest, undulates over the plains, sleeps in the deep valleys, burns hot in the desert.

The strength of your bones was born from the strength of the bones of the divine Mother, who gave consistency to rocks and stones. They stand naked before the sky on mountaintops; They are like giants sleeping on mountain sides, like holy statues sitting in the desert and hidden in the depths of the earth.

The delicacy of our flesh was born from the flesh of our divine Mother Nature, whose flesh turns yellow and red in the fruits of trees and nourishes us in the furrows of the plains. Our entrails were born from the divine bowels of Mother Nature and are hidden from our eyes, like the unseen depths of the earth.

The light of our eyes, the hearing of our ears, both were born from the light and sounds of our divine Mother Nature, who surrounds us as the waves of the sea surround the fish, as the swirling air surrounds the bird.

Man is the son of divine Nature and from Her Man received his whole body, just as the body of a newborn baby is born from his mother’s body.

Truly, truly, I say to you, you are one with your divine Mother Nature; She is in you and you in Her. From Her you were born, in Her you live, and to Her you will return again. Therefore, keep Her laws holy, for He can never live long, nor be happy, except he who honors his divine Mother and humbly obeys Her laws. For your breath is her breath; your blood is her blood; your bones are her bones; your flesh is her flesh; your entrails are her entrails; your eyes and ears are Her eyes and ears (for always the part is in everything and everything).

If you fail to keep all these divine laws, if you harm yourself, even just one of the members of your body, you will lose yourself completely in your excruciating illness, and there will be only crying and gnashing of teeth. I tell you, until you follow the laws of your divine Mother, you will not be able to escape death in any way. He who attaches himself closely to the laws of his divine Mother, to him will also be closely attached his divine Mother; She will then heal all his wounds, and he will never be sick again; She will give him extra long life and at the same time protect him from all torments: from fire, water and the bite of venomous snakes, because the divine Mother Nature bore you, gave birth to you and it is She who holds life in you. She has given you Her body, and no one but She will be able to heal it for you. Blessed is he who loves his divine Mother and rests quietly on Her breast, because the divine Mother loves you even when you turn your face away from Her. And all the more She will love you if you return to Her again! Verily I say unto you, very great is Her love, greater than the greatest united ones, deeper than the deepest seas. And the divine Mother never leaves those who truly love her: just as a hen defends her cubs, as a lioness defends her lions, as a mother defends her newborn, so the divine Mother Nature protects the divine Son of Man from all dangers and evils.

Evils and dangers lie innumerable in anticipation of the ignorant Sons of Men. Beelzebub, the prince of all evil, the source of all evil, lies in wait in the body of all the Sons of Men who indulge in evil and error. He is death, the lord of all torment, and, taking on a pleasing appearance, he cunningly tempts and entices the perverse Sons of Men. He promises riches and power, splendid palaces, garments of gold and silver and a multitude of servants, fame and glory, adultery and lust, greed and lust, tumultuous lives, idleness, and lazy days. And he tempts everyone in every way by that evil thing to which his heart is most inclined. And on the day when the Sons of Men have already become slaves to all these perversities, vanities, and abominations, then, as payment, he snatches from the wicked Sons of Men all those things which the divine Mother Nature has so generously given them. He takes away their breath, blood, bones, flesh, entrails, eyes and ears. And the breath of the sinful Son of man becomes short and muffled, full of pain and malodorous, like the breath of unclean beasts. And his blood becomes thick and malodorous, like the water of swamps; It crumbles and blackens like the night of death. And his bones become hard and knotted; They melt inside and break into pieces like a stone falling off a cliff. And its flesh becomes fat and watery, it rots, covered with scabies and boils that are disgusting, and its entrails fill with dirt, with decaying drains, and then a lot of worms live there. And his eyes become misty until at last the dark night envelops them, and his hiles become deaf as the silence of the grave. And in the end, the foolish wandering Son of Man will lose his life, because he no longer obeyed and kept the laws of his divine Mother and gathered sin after sin within him. Therefore, all the gifts of his divine Mother Nature are taken from him: breath, blood, flesh, entrails, eyes and ears, and, apart from all these, the life with which the divine Mother Nature crowned his body.

But if the errant sinful Son of man is truly sorry for his sins and breaks away from them and returns again with love to his divine Mother, and if always afterwards he obeys Her divine laws, he will free himself from Satan’s clutches, firmly resisting temptations, then his divine Mother Nature again receives his wandering Son with love and sends Her angels, who again will be able to serve him. When the Son of man fiercely resists Satan who dwells in him and no longer does his will at all, at the same hour the angels of his divine Mother are already found there in him, so that they can serve him with all their might and completely deliver the now divine Son of Man from Satan’s terrible power.

For never can a man serve two masters equally. Because he either serves Beelzebub and his devils, or he serves his divine mother Nature and her angels. Either it serves death and evil, or it serves life and good. Truly, truly, I say to you, blessed are those who obey and respect the divine laws of life and do not wander in the terrible paths of death, because in them then the forces of life become great and powerful, and thus they easily escape the torments of death.”

Everyone around Him listened to His words with wonder, for His words were power, and He taught them quite differently than the priests and scribes. And although the sun had long since set, they did not go to their homes, but sat around Jesus and asked, “Master, tell us what are these divine laws of life? We beg you, stay with us for a while and teach us. We would like to listen to all Your divine teachings so that we can be healed and become virtuous and happy.”

And then Jesus stood down in their midst and said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, no one can be truly happy except the law-abisor.

And then the others answered with one voice: “We all obey the laws of Moses, who gave us the law.”

Jesus told them, “Do not take as fully true the old law as it was written in your scriptures, for the eternal divine law is harmonious life, whereas scripture is death. Moses did not receive his laws from God in writing, but through the living word. The divine law is the living word. The truly divine law is the living word of the living God, given to his living prophets, for living men. In all life, divine law is written there. You see it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of the air, in the fish of the sea; But seek it primarily within yourself. All that is alive is closer to God than scripture, which is lifeless. God thus made life and all things that are alive, so that they, through the eternally living word, might teach man the laws of the true God. God did not write his laws in book pages, but above all in your heart, mind, and spirit. They are always present in your breath, in your blood, in your bones, in your flesh, in your bowels, in your eyes and in your ears, and they are always written in every part of your body. They are in the air, in water, in the ground, in plants, in the sun’s rays, in depths and heights. They all speak to you, if you know how to listen to them, so that you may understand and respect the language and will of the living God. But you often, because of sin, close your eyes so you can’t see, and you close your ears so you can’t hear. Truly, truly, I say to you, scripture is the work of man, but life and all that houses it are always the work of God. Why don’t you listen to and respect God’s living words, which are obviously written in his works? And why do you so stubbornly study and cling to the dead scriptures, which are but the work of man’s clumsy hands?”

“How can we read God’s laws anywhere other than the scriptures? Where else are they written? Read them to us and show us where you see them, for we know nothing but the ancient scriptures we inherited from our ancestors. Tell us about the divine laws of which you speak, so that, hearing them, we may observe them and be corrected and healed.”

Jesus said, “You do not understand the words of life, for now through your sins you are in death. The darkness of mistakes covers your eyes, and your ears are covered with deafness. It is of no use to you to ponder the scriptures if, by all your works, you blaspheme the one who gave you the scriptures. God and His divine laws are not present at all in what you do. They are never present in greed or lust for drink, nor in your perverse and hectic lives, nor in lust, nor in seeking riches, nor in hatred of your enemies, for all these things, and many others that are evil, are far from the true God and His angels. For all these things come only from the kingdom of darkness and from the king of all evil! All these evil and sinful things you carry permanently within yourself; and so, because of this, the word of truth and the divine power of God do not enter into you at all, for only evils of every kind and all abominations have their dwelling place in your body, in your soul, and in your mind. If you truly want the word of the living God and His divine power to enter you, do not defile your body, your soul, and your mind! The body is the temple of the soul, and the soul is the temple of God’s immortal Spirit. Purify these temples, therefore, so that the eternal Lord of the temple may dwell there within and occupy a place worthy of Him. And from all the temptations of your body, soul, and mind that come from Satan, retreat forever under the shadow of God’s heaven.

Renew yourselves through the divine as soon as possible. Verily I say unto you, Satan and all his torments can only be banished by fasting, aspiration, and prayer. Go each of you into nature and fast alone, and do not show your fasting to any man. The living God will see you then, and great will be your reward. Fast, full of faith in God, until Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you and all the angels of the divine Mother of Nature come and serve you. And again, I tell you, unless you fast humbly, you will never be freed from Satan’s power and all the sicknesses that come from Satan. Fast and pray fervently, ceaselessly seeking the power of the living God for your healing. When you fast, avoid the sinful Sons of Men and seek to draw to you the angels of the divine Mother of Nature, for only he who seeks will eventually find. Look for the fresh air of the forest and plains, and there, in their midst, you will find the angel of the air. Take off your clothing entirely and allow the angel of air to embrace your whole naked body. Then breathe deeply and slowly so that the angel of air can be brought within you. The angel of air will quickly drive out of your body all the uncleanness that has defiled it both inside and out. And so all malodorous and unclean things will soon come out of you, just as smoke comes out of the fire and twists upwards to be lost in the sea of air. Because I tell you truly, holy is the angel of the air, who cleanses all that is unclean and who makes all things malodorous perfumed. No man can come before God unless the angel of the air has allowed him to pass. You must all be born again through air and truth so that your body may breathe the air of our divine Mother Nature and your mind may breathe in turn the truth of our Heavenly Father.

After the angel of air, now seek the angel of water. Take off all your clothing again and allow the angel of water to embrace your whole body. Throw yourself completely into his pure and comprehensive arms, and as often as you move the air with your breath, move the water now with your body. The angel of water will, in turn, quickly cast out of your body all the uncleanness that has defiled you both inside and out. And all unclean and malodorous things will quickly flow out of you, just as the uncleanness of dirty clothes, washed in water, flows and is lost in the stream of the river. Truly, truly, I say to you, holy and pure is the angel of water, who with duck all that is unclean and perfumes all things malodorous. No man will be able to come before God if the angel of water does not let him pass. You must all be born again of water and truth, so that your body may bathe in the river of earthly life and your mind may bathe in the river of eternal life. Because you actually receive your blood from your divine Mother, Nature and truth from your divine Heavenly Father.

Do not think that it is enough for the angel of water to embrace you only from the outside; for the uncleanness within, is often far greater than the uncleanness without. And he who cleanses himself only on the outside, but on the inside remains unclean, is like tombs which, on the outside, are beautifully painted, but on the inside are full of all kinds of horrible and disgusting impurity. That is why it is good to allow the angel of water to baptize you even from within, so that you can quickly free yourself from your past sins, so that you can quickly become as pure as the wonderful foam of the river in the sunlight.

Look for a large stem with a stem as long as a man’s height [ed. note: twig is a pumpkin-like plant]. Fill its interior with water from the river and after the sun has warmed it, then hang it on the branch of a tree and kneel on the ground before the angel of water and allow the end of the stem of the stream to enter your back parts so that water can flow through all your entrails and cleanse them. After this, kneel on earth before the angel of water and ask the living God to forgive you all your past sins and then humbly ask the angel of water to deliver your body from all sickness and impurity. Then let that water drain completely out of your body, so that it can drive out of you all the unclean and malodorous things of Satan; You will then see with your own eyes and smell with your nose all the abominations and all the impurity that have defiled the temple of your body. These were all sins that dwelt in your body, tormenting you with all kinds of pain. Inner baptism with this water quickly frees you from all this. Always renew your water baptism every day of your fasting, until the day you see that the water flowing out of you is as pure as the foam of the river. Take your body to the river and, there, leave yourself in the arms of the angel of water, humbly give thanks to the living God, who has delivered you from your sins. This holy baptism by the angel of water is your rebirth into new life. For through it your eyes will henceforth see the hidden and your ears will hear the mysterious. Do not sin at all afterwards, after your baptism, so that the angels of air and water may forever dwell in you and serve you more and more powerfully. And if, even after that, some of your past sins and impurity remain, seek the angel of sunlight. Take off all your clothing and allow the angel of light to embrace your whole naked body. Then breathe deeply and as slowly as possible, so that the angel of sunlight can also be brought within you. And the angel of sunlight will thus drive out of your body all the unclean and malodorous things that have defiled you both inside and out. And all unclean and malodorous things will then come out of you, just as the darkness of night melts and disappears before the wonderful brightness of the rising sun. Because I tell you truly, holy is the angel of sunlight, who cleanses all impurity and perfumes all things malodorous. No one can come before God if the angel of sunlight has not let him pass. You must all be born again of the sun and truth, so that your body may stand purified in the sunlight of the divine Mother Nature and your mind may stand in the sunlight of the truth of the Heavenly Father. The angels of air, water and sunlight are always twinned. They were given to the Son of man so that He might serve Him and that He might go from one to another forever when He needed it. Holy and purifying is their embrace. They are the inseparable children of the divine Mother. Therefore, you must not separate those whom Earth and Heaven have actually made One. Let these brother angels embrace you every day, and let them dwell in you above all during your fast.

Verily I say unto you, only in this way shall the power of devils, all sins and impurity, hastily depart from the body which is fully embraced by these three angels. Just as surprised thieves who quickly flee from a plundered house upon the return of the master of the house, one through the door, one through the window, and the third through the roof cover, each where he is and each where he can, so will all the demons of evil, all past sins, and all the impurity and sickness that have defiled the temple of your bodies and souls quickly flee from your bodies. When the angels of your divine Mother Nature enter your bodies, the true and divine masters of the temple come back into its dominion, and then all evil odors will hastily depart through your breath and your skin, the rotten vomit through your mouth, through your skin, through your hidden parts, and even through your back. And all these things you will see with your eyes and smell them with your nose and touch them with your hands. And when all sins and impurity have departed from your body, your blood shall become as pure as the blood of your divine Mother Nature, as the pure foam of the river in the sunlight, your breath shall become as pure as the fragrance of fragrant flowers, your flesh shall be as pure as the flesh of the fruit turning red at the time of scorching among the leaves of the trees, The light of your eyes will become as clear and bright as the glare of the sun in the blue sky. And then Mother Nature’s angels will serve you again, full of love. And your breath, your blood, your flesh will be one with the breath, blood and flesh of your divine Mother nature, so that your spirit may also become one with the Spirit of the Heavenly Father. For no one can reach the divine Heavenly Father except through the divine Mother Nature, just as no newborn can fully understand his father’s teachings until his mother has breastfed him, bathed him, fed him, and put him to sleep. When the child is still small, his place is with his mother and he must listen to her. When the child has grown up, his father takes him to work with him in the field, and the child comes back to his mother only when dinner time has arrived, and then after that his father teaches him what he needs to know, so that he may become skilled in all his father’s works. And when the father sees that his son has properly grasped the teaching and is doing his work very well, he only then gives him all his possessions, so that the son may now continue his father’s work. Happy is that son, who will accept his mother’s advice and walk this path. And a hundred times happier is that wise son, who also accepts and walks the path of his father’s advice. That is why you have been told, “Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be many on this earth.” But more than that, I say to you, Sons of Men: Honor your divine Mother Nature and obey all her laws, so that your days may be many on this earth, and honor also your divine Heavenly Father, so that eternal and happy life may be yours. For the Heavenly Father is innumerable times greater than all blood fathers, and your Mother Nature is greater than all blood mothers, and dearer is the Son of Man in the eyes of His divine Heavenly Father and his divine Mother Nature, than are children in the eyes of their blood fathers and blood mothers, for wiser are the words and laws of Heavenly Father, and those of Mother Nature, than the words and will of all fathers, and that of all mothers of blood. And of greater value, too, is the inheritance of the divine Heavenly Father and that of the divine Mother Nature, who open you to the eternal kingdom of divine heavenly and earthly life, than all the inheritances of your blood fathers and all the inheritances of your blood mothers.

Your true brethren must be only those who always do the will of the Heavenly Father and the will of the divine Mother of Nature, and not your blood brothers. Your true brethren, who respect the will of the divine Heavenly Father and the will of his divine Mother Nature, will always love you a thousand times more than your blood brothers. For since the days of Cain and Abel, when the blood brothers violated God’s divine will, there is no true blood brotherhood. And often brothers treat their brothers like strangers.




It is love through which the divine Heavenly Father, the divine Mother Nature and the divine Son of Man become One, because the spirit of the Son of man was created by the spirit of the Heavenly Father, and his body was created from the body of Mother of Nature. Therefore, each of you must become perfect, just as the spirit of Heavenly Father and the body of Mother Nature are perfect. And love your divine Heavenly Father, as He loves your spirit, and so love your divine Mother Nature as she loves your body. And so it is good to love your true brothers, just as your Heavenly Father and your Mother Nature love them. For only then will the divine Heavenly Father give you His holy spirit and the divine Mother Nature will give you Her holy body. Then the Sons of Men will give endless love to one another, as true brothers, the love they have received from their divine Heavenly Father and their divine Mother; And only then will they all become comforters for each other. And then, all evil and suffering will disappear from the earth, and there will be much love, happiness, and joy on earth. The earth will then be like the heavens, and the kingdom of God will only then come. Then will come the divine Son of Man in all His glory to inherit the kingdom of God. And the Sons of Men will share their divine inheritance, which is the kingdom of God. For the Sons of Men to come to live in the divine Heavenly Father and in the divine Mother Nature, and for the divine Heavenly Father and the divine Mother Nature to come to live in them. And with God’s kingdom will come the end times, because the endless love of the divine Heavenly Father gives everyone eternal life in God’s kingdom, because His love is eternal. Love is stronger than death.

Even if I knew the languages of men and angels, if I did not have love, My voice would sound like an empty brass tingling. Even if I said what was to come and knew all the secrets and all the wisdom, and even if I had strong faith like the storm that lifts mountains out of their place, but I had no love, I would be nothing. And even if I gave all My possessions to feed the poor and gave all the fire I received from My Father, but had no love, I would be of no use in any way. Love is patient. Love is not envious, does not work badly, knows no pride, is not harsh or selfish; is slow to anger and concocts no malice; She does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices in justice. Love defends everything, love believes everything, love hopes everything, dear host endures everything and never runs out; Only languages will cease and knowledge will disappear. Because we have truth in part and we are right in part and wrong in part. But when the fullness of perfection comes, all that is partial will become Everything. When man was a child, he spoke like a child, understood like a child, thought like a child; But when he became a man, he put aside all childish things. Now we see through fog and dark affirmations. Now we know partially, but when we have come before God we will no longer know in part, but exactly as we were taught by Him. And now, these three remain: faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love.

Now I speak to you in the living language of the living God, through the holy spirit of our divine Heavenly Father. There is still not one among you who can fully understand everything I am saying. He who presents the scriptures to you speaks to you in the dead tongue of dead people, through his body subject to sickness and death. This is why it can be understood by all people, because all people are subject to disease and all are dead. No one sees the eternal light of life. The blind man leads the blind down the dark path of sin, disease, and suffering, and eventually all fall into the terrible abyss of death.

I am sent to you by the divine Father, that I may make the light of life shine before you. Light knows itself and knows darkness, but darkness knows only itself and never knows light. I still have many things to tell you, but you cannot wear them yet, for your eyes are more accustomed to darkness, and the full light of the divine Heavenly Father would blind you. Therefore, you cannot yet understand what I am telling you about the divine Heavenly Father, who sent Me to you. First, understand and obey only the laws of the divine Mother of Nature of which I have spoken to you, and when Her angels have thoroughly cleansed and renewed your bodies by strengthening your eyes, you will truly be able to endure Heavenly Father’s light, which is a thousand times brighter than the brightness of a thousand suns. For how do you think you could behold the blinding light of the divine Heavenly Father when you cannot bear even the brightness of the scorching sun? Believe Me, the sun is just like the flame of a poor candle beside the sun of truth of the divine Heavenly Father. So always have trust, hope and love.

True, truly, I tell you, do not expect reward. If you believe in My words, you actually believe in Him who sent Me, for this is the Lord of all, through whom all things become possible. For everything that is impossible to man, all this is easily possible to God. If you believe in the angels of the divine Mother of Nature and obey Her laws, your faith will strengthen you and you will never see sickness again. Have faith also in the endless love of the divine Heavenly Father, for he who ceaselessly trusts in Him will never be deceived, nor will he ever see death.

Love one another continually, for God is endless love, and by acting in this way, His angels will know that you are walking in His paths. And then all the angels will come before you and serve you. And Satan, with all sins, sicknesses and impurity, will leave your body forever. Go now and beware of sinning any more; repent of your sins; Be baptized, that you may be born again and thus sin no more.”

Then Jesus stood up, but everyone else remained seated, because everyone felt the overwhelming power of His words. And then the full moon appeared between the breaking clouds and enveloped Jesus in its radiance. Sparks gushed from His hair, and He stood between them in the moonlight, as if floating in the air. No one moved then, no voice was heard, and no one knew how much time had passed, because time seemed to have stopped.

Then Jesus stretched out His hands to them and said, “May the peace of God be with you!” And He departed as the breath of the wind swings the leaves of the trees.

For a long time, those around them remained motionless and then woke up in silence, one after the other, as if after a long dream. But no one would have left, as if the words of the One who had forsaken them continued to ring in their ears. And they were ecstatic, listening to wonderful heavenly music.

At one point, finally, one of them, as if a little frightened, said, “How good it is that we are here”; and another said, “If only this wonderful night had lasted forever”; and others added, “If only He had always been with us. He is truly God’s messenger, because behold, he alone planted hope in our hearts.” And none of them wanted to go home and they said, “I don’t want to go home, where everything is dark and joyless. Why go home now, where no one loves us?”

They spoke this way because they were all poor, lame, blind, crippled, beggars, vagabonds, despised in their wretchedness, kept only by pity in homes where they sometimes found refuge only for a few days. Even some who had both a home and family said, “We will stay with you now.” For every man felt that the words of the divine One, who had departed, had bound the small assembly with thousands of invisible threads. They all felt now that they were born again. They now continued to see before them a bright moon, even when the moon had hidden itself in the clouds, and then flowers of wondrous beauty blossomed in the hearts of all, which were the flowers of divine joy.

And when the bright rays of the sun appeared over the edge of the earth, everyone felt that it was the sun of God’s kingdom that was coming. With joyful encouragement, they went out to meet God’s angels.

And many sick and unclean people followed Jesus’ words and searched the banks of the streams with murmurs.

They took off their garments and fasted, abandoned their bodies to the angels of air, water, and sunlight, and the angels of the divine Mother of Nature embraced them, taking possession of their bodies inside and out, and they all saw all evils, sins, and impurity hastily depart from them.

And they realized then that the breath of some had become as bad smelling as that which came out of the bowels, and some had saliva come out of their mouths, and a foul and malodorous vomit came out of their inner parts. All this impurity flowed through their mouths, some through their noses, some through their eyes and ears, and a fetid and dreadful breath came out of many of their whole bodies, through all their skin. Through many limbs came out large hot sores, through which came out the foul-smelling impurities, and urine flowed abundantly from their bodies; and in many the urine had become as thick as honey; The urine of others was almost red or black and almost as hard as river sand. And many breathed stench from their intestines, similar to the breath of devils. And the bad smell became so heavy that no one could stand it anymore.

And when they were baptized, the angel of water entered into their bodies, and out of them flowed all the abominations and uncleanness of their past sins, and like a mountain torrent, a multitude of strong and soft abominations rushed out of their bodies. And the ground where the liquid leaked out of them was defiled, and the smell became so strong that no one could stay there. And the devils left their entrails in the form of a great multitude of worms writhing in the mire of their inner impurity. They writhed in helpless fury after the angel of water cast them out of the bowels of the Sons of Men. And then the power of the angel of sunlight descended upon them, and they perished there, in their desperate struggles, trampled under foot by the angels of sunlight. And they all trembled in terror when they saw these terrible things of Satan, from which the angels had saved them. And they humbly thanked God who had sent His angels for their salvation.

There were some tormented by great pain, who would not depart from them; and, not knowing what to do, they resolved to send one of them to Jesus, because they longed for Him to be with them. When two of them went looking for him, they saw Jesus himself approaching the river bank. And their hearts were filled with hope and joy when they heard His greeting: “May the peace of God be with you!” Many were the questions they wanted to ask Him, but they were amazed to see that they could not begin, because nothing came to their minds.

Then Jesus told them, “I came because I felt you needed me.” And they said, “Master, we really need it. Come and deliver us from our pains!”

And Jesus spoke to them in parables: “You are like the prodigal son who, for many years, ate, drank, and spent his days in debauchery with his friends. And every week, unbeknownst to his father, he would get into more and more debt and then waste it all in a few days. The moneylenders always lent him, because his father had great riches and always patiently paid his son’s debts. And in vain did the father try with gentle words to rebuke his son. In vain she earnestly begged him to cease endless debauchery and go to the fields to supervise the work of his servants, for he never listened to his rebukes. And the son always promised him anything, if he would pay her old debts again, but the next day, as a matter of fact, he would start again. And for seven years the son continued his dissolute life. But eventually the father lost patience and stopped paying his son’s debts to the moneylenders. “If I keep paying always,” he said, “there will be no end to my son’s sins.” Then the moneylenders who had been deceived took the son into slavery, that he might by his daily toil pay them back the money he had borrowed. That’s when eating, drinking, and daily debauchery ceased. Now, from morning till night, with the sweat of his brow, he watered the plains, and all his limbs ached in this strenuous work, to which he was not accustomed. She lived on dry bread and had nothing but her tears to wet it with. Within three days he had suffered so much from heat and fatigue that he told his master, “I can no longer work, for almost everything hurts. How much longer do you want to torment me?” “After, by the work of your hands, you pay all my debts, and seven years have passed, you will be free again.” And the son, desperate, answered crying: “But I cannot bear even seven days, have mercy on me, because all my limbs burn and hurt me.” The usurer, full of malice, cried out: “Now you will work earnestly, for remember how you could have spent your days and nights for seven years in debauchery, now you must work for those seven years. Know that I will not forgive you until you pay all your debts, to the last drachma.” And the son, his limbs tortured by pain, returned desperately to the fields to continue his work. He could no longer stand on his feet because of fatigue and pain, when the seventh day came, the Sabbath day, when no one worked the fields. Then the son gathered the rest of his strength and walked, staggering to his father’s house, threw himself at his father’s feet, and said, “Father, forgive me for all my past, forgive me all the sorrows I have brought you. I swear to you that I will never again lead a dissolute life and that I will be your good and obedient son in all things. Free me, I beg you, from the hands of my oppressors. Father, please take care of me and my sick members, and do not harden your heart towards me!”

Then tears appeared in his father’s eyes. He took his son in his arms and said: “Let us rejoice together, for today great joy has been given to me: behold, I have found my beloved son, who had been lost.” He then clothed him with the choicest clothes, and all day they rejoiced, and the next morning he gave his son a sack of silver with which to pay all the moneylenders to whom he was indebted, and when his son returned, he said to him: “My son, you see well that it is easy that, leading a dissolute life, going into debt for seven years, but paying them off is very hard by hard work for seven years.”

“Dad, I know now that it’s really hard to pay them for seven days too.” And his father rebuked him, saying, “Only this time you were allowed to pay your debts in seven days instead of seven years, the rest being forgiven, but be careful that in the future you do not make any debts, because I tell you with truth that no one but your father forgives your debts. For this is only because you are His son. For everyone else, you would have had to work hard for seven years, as written in our laws.”

“Father, from now on I promise you that I will be your loving and obedient son and will not make any more debts, because I know that their payment is very heavy.”

And he went to his father’s field, and every day he nursed the work of his father’s servants. And he never put his servants to work hard, because he remembered his own hard work. And the years passed, and his father’s fortune grew more and more under his care, because his work had his father’s blessing. Little by little, he began to give back to his father ten times more than he had wasted in seven years. And when the father saw that his son was making good use of his servants and all his wealth, he said to him: “My son, I see that now my possessions are in good hands. I will leave you all my flocks, my house, my lands and treasures. May all this be your legacy and continue to increase it, so that I may find my joy in you.” When the son received the inheritance from his father, he forgave all debts of all his debtors who could not pay him, because he did not forget that his debts had also been forgiven. And God blessed him with long and happy life, with many children and with many riches, because he was kind and loving to all his servants and to all his flocks.”

Then Jesus turned to the sick and said, “I speak to you in parables so that you may better understand God’s word. The seven years of food, drink, and lustful living are sins of the past. The evil usurer is Satan. Debts are diseases. Hard work is pain. The prodigal son is yourself. Paying off debts is casting out devils and diseases and healing your body. The sack of silver received from the father is the divine liberating power of the angels. The Father is God. The father’s fortunes are earth and heaven. The father’s servants are angels. The Father’s field is the world that transforms into the divine Kingdom of Heaven, if the Sons of Man work it together with the angels of the divine Heavenly Father. For I tell you, it is better for a son to obey his father, and to watch over his father’s servants in the field, than to become indebted to the wicked usurer, and to toil and succumb to slavery, in order to pay all his debts. Thus, it is better for the Sons of Man to obey the laws of their divine Heavenly Father and work together with His angels in His kingdom, than to become debtors of Satan, the king of death, of all sins and all diseases, so that they may suffer much pain and suffer hard until they pay all their sins. I tell you truly, great and many are your sins, for many years you have submitted to Satan’s charms, you have been greedy, drunkards and lustful, and that is why your past debts have multiplied. And now you have to pay them and the payment is very hard. Therefore, do not already be impatient, after the third day, like the prodigal son, but wait patiently and humbly for the seventh day, which is sanctified by God, and then go with humble and obedient heart before the divine Heavenly Father, so that He, in His immense compassion, will forgive you all your sins and all past debts. Heavenly Father loves you endlessly, because behold, He now allows you to pay off seven years’ debts in just seven days. To those who owe the sins and sicknesses of seven years, but pay honestly and persist until the seventh day, our divine Heavenly Father will forgive all debts of all seven years.”

“But what if we sin seven times seven years?” – asked a sick man, who suffered terribly.

“Even in this case, Heavenly Father forgives all your debts in seven times seven days.”

“Blessed are those who persist to the end, for Satan’s devils write all your evil deeds in a book, in the book of your body and soul. I tell you truly, that there is no sinful deed that is not written from the very beginning of the world in the book before the divine Heavenly Father. If by cunning you can escape the laws made by kings, by God’s laws none of the Sons of Man can ever escape. And when you come before God, Satan’s devils will bear witness against you with your evil deeds, and God will then see all your sins in the book of your body, soul, and mind, and it will be sad in His heart, but if, before, you repent of your sins, and through fasting, aspiration, and prayer you always seek God’s angels, then, with each day that you continue to fast and pray, God’s angels erase one by one of your evil debts from the book of your body, soul, and mind. And when, finally, the last page is also blotted out and cleansed of all your sins, then you can stand happily before God and God rejoices in his heart and forgives all your sins. He then delivers you from Satan’s clutches and all suffering; He takes you into His house and commands that all in His elders serve and strengthen you. Long and happy life He gives you and after that you will never see the disease again. And if, from that moment on, instead of sinning, you spend all your days doing good works, then God’s angels will write all your good deeds in the book of your body, soul, and mind. Truly, I say to you, no good deed remains unwritten in the Book that stands before God, even from the beginning of the world. From your kings and governors you can often expect reward in vain, but all your good deeds will always receive their reward proportionately from God, especially when you are in great need.

And when you come before God, His angels will bear witness of all your good works. And then God sees your good deeds written in your bodies, souls and minds, and rejoices greatly in His heart. He blesses your body, soul, mind and all your deeds and gives you His earthly and heavenly kingdom as an inheritance, so that you may have eternal life and everlasting happiness. Blessed is he who can enter the Kingdom of God, for he will never see death again.”

A great silence fell after His words. Those who were discouraged drew new strength from His words and continued to fast and pray. And he who spoke first said, “I will persist now until the seventh day.” And the second also said, “And I will also insist on fasting seven times seven days.”

Jesus answered them, “Blessed are those who persist to the end, for they will be saved.”

Among them were many sick, tormented by great pain, and who barely crawled at Jesus’ feet, because they could no longer walk on their feet. They said: “Master, we are tormented by pain: tell us what to do.” And they showed Jesus the feet where the bones were twisted and knotted, and said, “Neither the angel of air, nor the angel of water, nor the angel of sunlight cast out our sorrows, even though we were baptized and fasted and prayed, and followed Your words completely.”

“Truth I tell you, your bones will be healed. Do not be discouraged, but seek to heal the healer of bones, the angel of the earth, for from there your bones were taken and in the end there they will return.”

And He showed the place with clay soil at the edge of the river that the flow of water and the warmth of the sun had softened.

“Immerse your feet in mud, that the embrace of the angel of earth may cast out of your bones all impurity and all sickness. And you will see Satan and all your pains flying through the embrace of the angel of earth. And the knots of your bones will disappear, and they will strengthen, and then all your pains will disappear.”

The sick followed his words, because they knew and firmly believed that they would be healed.

And there were sick people who suffered greatly from pain, and yet they continued to fast, and their inner strength was wasted and a great heat tormented them. And when they got up from their beds to go to Jesus, their heads began to turn as if they felt a gust of wind, and every time they tried to keep on their feet, they fell back to the ground.

Then Jesus came to them and said, “You suffer because Satan and his diseases torment your bodies, but do not be afraid, for their power over you will soon cease. Because Satan is like an angry neighbor who entered his neighbor’s house while he was away, wanting to take his things out of the house. But someone told him that his enemy was ravaging his house, and then he rushed home. And when the wicked neighbor, gathering up the things that tempted him, saw from afar the master of the house returning in haste, he was very angry that he could not steal all those things, and set about breaking and spoiling everything that was there, seeking to destroy everything. He maliciously reckoned that if those things could not be his, then neither should the other, who was the master, have any more part. But immediately the master of the house entered, and before the evil neighbor fulfilled his destructive purpose, he took him and threw him out of the house. Truly I tell you, this is how Satan entered your bodies, which are God’s dwelling place, and took into his power everything he wanted to steal: your breath, your blood, your bones, your flesh, your entrails, your eyes, and your ears. But through fasting, aspiration, and prayer, you called back the master of your body and his angels. Now Satan sees that the true master of the flesh is returning, and that this is the end of his power. Therefore, in his rage, he gathers his last strength once more, so that he can destroy your bodies before the master comes. This is why Satan is tormenting you now, finally, so terribly, because he already feels that his end has come. Therefore, it is good not to let your hearts tremble, for soon God’s angels will appear to occupy their dwellings again and sanctify them with their power again as temples of God. And then they will seize Satan and cast him out of your bodies, with all his sicknesses and all his uncleanness. And then you will be happy, because you will receive the reward of your steadfastness and hope, and you will never see the disease again.” There was one among the sick who was more tormented by Satan than all the others, and his body was almost like a skeleton, and his skin was yellow like a fallen leaf in autumn. He was already so weak that he could not even crawl in his hands to Jesus, and he only cried out to him from afar: “Master, have mercy on me, for no man has suffered since the beginning of the world as I suffer now. I know that you are truly God’s messenger, and I also know that if you want, you can cast Satan out of my body in an instant. Don’t God’s angels obey God’s messenger? Come, Master, and cast Satan out of my body now, for I feel him howling with fury within me, and terrible is my torment, which seems to have no end!”

And Jesus replied, “Satan torments you so much because you have fasted for many days, and he is very angry that you are already not paying his tribute; You no longer feed him with all the abominations with which you have hitherto defiled the temple of your soul. You torment Satan who is in you with hunger, and so he, in his anger, torments you in turn. Do not be afraid, for I tell you, Satan will eventually be destroyed before your body is destroyed; for while you fast and pray, God’s angels are now defending your body, so that Satan’s power cannot destroy you. And Satan’s spirits are powerless before God’s angels.”

Then they all came to Jesus and begged Him, saying, “Master, have mercy on him, for he suffers more than all of us, and if you do not cast Satan out of him as quickly as possible, we are afraid that he will not live until tomorrow.”

And Jesus answered them, “Great is your faith. Let everything be done according to your faith, and you will soon see, face to face, the fearful face of Satan cast out by the power of the divine Son of Man. Because I will cast out of him the mighty Satan by the endless power of God. Because the holy and almighty Spirit of God makes even the weakest – very strong. Satan will forgive nothing, and behold, in the case of sins, you must pay him everything: eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, life for life, death for death. Because sooner or later, the wages of sin is suffering and death. That is why I say to you: never kill or eat the flesh of innocent game, lest you become slaves to Satan. Because this is the path of suffering and disease that leads to death. Always do God’s will, so that his angels may always serve and strengthen you on the path of life. Hearken, therefore, to God’s words: “Behold, I have given you to feed on every grass that bears seed and is on the face of the earth, and every tree in which is the seed-giving fruit; May this always be the flesh for you. And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to all who crawl on the earth, wherever the breath of life is, I give every blade of green grass for food, and to you I give you their milk. But the flesh and blood that gives him life, do not eat them. For surely I will always ask them back from the power of your blood; I will demand back all the animals killed and the souls of all the people killed. For I, the Lord God, am the one God, almighty and just, who punishes the iniquities of those who hate Me, and I have mercy on those who love Me and keep My commandments.”

The first and most important commandment is, “Love the Lord God with all your heart and soul, with all your strength.” The second is this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Know that there is no greater commandment than these.”

After these words all remained silent except one, who said, “What shall I do, Master, if I see a wild beast killing my brother in the forest? Shall I let my brother perish or kill the beast? Am I not breaking the law in this way?”

And Jesus answered, “It has been said from ancient times, ‘All the beasts that move on the earth, all the fish in the sea, and all the birds of the air are given in your power.’ I am telling you truly, out of all beings living on earth, God created only man in His image and likeness. Therefore, animals are for man and not man for animals. Therefore, it is good to know that you are not breaking the law if you kill the wild beast to save your brother’s life. Because man means more than the animal. But he who kills an animal for no reason, without the animal attacking it, thus acting only for the pleasure of killing it, or for its flesh, for its skin or for its fangs, does an evil deed, and he himself then turns into a wild beast. Therefore, the end of the beasts of the beasts through him also means his end as a man” (animalization, brutalization).?

Then another said, “Moses, the elder of Israel, allowed our ancestors to eat the flesh of clean animals and forbade men the flesh of unclean animals. Then why did You ban the meat of all animals? Which law really comes from God: Moses’ or Your law?”

Then Jesus answered, “God gave through Moses ten commandments to your ancestors. These commandments are hard, your ancestors said, and they could not obey them. When Moses saw this, he took pity on his people and did not want them to perish. And he then gave them ten times ten less difficult commandments, that they might follow them. I am truly telling you that if your ancestors had the power to follow God’s ten commandments, Moses would not have needed those ten times ten commandments. For he whose feet are as strong as Mount Zion needs no crutches; But he whose legs tremble, advances first with crutches, and only afterwards without them. And Moses said to God, “My heart is full of sorrow, because my people will be lost. Because they are without knowledge and cannot understand Your pores. They are like little children who cannot understand their father’s words. Allow me, Lord, to give them other laws, so that they do not perish. If they cannot be with You, Lord, let them not be against You, that they may live, and when the time comes and they are ripe for Your laws, reveal Your laws to them.” Therefore, Moses broke the two tables of stone on which the Ten Commandments were written and gave them ten times ten in their place. And of these ten times ten, the scribes and Pharisees made ten commandments a hundred times. And they have placed unbearable burdens on your shoulders that they themselves do not carry. For the nearer the commandments are to God, the less we need; and the farther they are from God, the more commandments we need. Therefore, the laws of the Pharisees and scribes are innumerable; the laws of the Son of Man are seven; of angels are three and of God one.

I will therefore teach you only those laws that you can understand, that you may become men and follow the seven laws of the Son of Man. Then the angels will also reveal their laws to you, so that God’s Holy Spirit may descend upon you and lead you to His law.”

They were all amazed at His wisdom and asked Him, “Go ahead, Master, and teach us all the laws we can receive.”

Jesus followed, “God commanded your ancestors, ‘Thou shalt not kill!’ But their hearts were hardened, and they killed. Then Moses wanted to at least not kill people and allowed them to kill animals. And then the hearts of your ancestors hardened even more, and they killed people and animals alike. But I tell you not to kill people, animals, or even food that gets into your mouth. If you eat live food, that will animate you, but if you kill food, then dead food will kill you too. Because life comes only from life, and from death comes only death. Everything that kills your food, kills your bodies. And whatever kills your bodies, kills your souls too. And your bodies become what your food is, just as your souls become what your thoughts are. Therefore, it is very good not to eat any food that fire, cold or water have destroyed. Because burned, frozen, or rotted food will always burn, freeze, and rot your bodies in a similar way. Don’t be like the stupid farmer who sowed ripe, frozen, and rotten seeds in his field. And when autumn came, his field alone bore no fruit at all. And great was his suffering. But be like the farmer who sowed living seed in his field, and whose field yielded living ears of wheat, turning it a hundred times more than the seeds he had sown. Because I tell you truly, for you must live only by the fire of life, and not prepare your food by means of the fire of death, which completely kills your food, your bodies, and also their souls and your minds.”

“Teacher, where is the fire of life?” – asked some of them.

“In you, in your blood, and in your bodies.”

“And the fire of death?” – asked others.

“It is the fire that burns outside your body, that is hotter than your blood. With this fire of death, all of you cook your food in your homes and fields. Truly, I say to you, this is always the fire that destroys your food and your bodies, just as the fire of wickedness and perversity defiles your thoughts and hardens your souls. Because your body is exactly what you eat, and your soul becomes, in the end, exactly what you think. Therefore, it is good not to eat anything that a fire greater than the fire of life has destroyed that food. Therefore, get used to and eat all the good fruits of the trees, and all the nutritious herbs of the field, and all the milk of animals that is good to eat. For all this is nourished and baked only by the fire of life, and all is the gift of the angels of our divine Mother Nature. Do not eat anything that the fire of death gives taste to food, for that is Satan’s thing.”

“How can we bake our daily bread without fire, Master?” – asked some in one voice, with great astonishment.

“Let God’s angels help you prepare your bread. Moisten your wheat so that the angel of water can enter it. Then place it in the air so that the angel of air can also embrace it. And leave it from morning till night in the sun, that the angel of sunlight may descend upon it. And the blessings of the three angels will soon cause the hidden seed of life to sprout in your wheat. Then crush your grain and make a thin dough, as your ancestors did when they left Egypt, the land of slavery. Then place them in the sunlight from sunrise, and when the sun is at noon, turn them on the other side, so that there too they may be embraced by the angel of sunlight, and leave them so until sunset, for as the angels of water, air, and sunlight nourish and ripen wheat in the field, so they must prepare your bread for you. And the same sun that, with the fire of life, made the wheat grow and ripen, must now bake your bread with the same fire. Because only the fire of the sun gives life to wheat, bread and even the body. And the living angels of the living God serve only living people. Because God is the God of all that lives and never the God of that which is dead.

So always eat from God’s table: the good fruits of trees, the edible grains and wonderful herbs of the field, the milk of animals and the honey of bees. Everything besides these comes from Satan and leads you very quickly down the path of sin, disease, and premature death. Only the food you eat from God’s abundant table gives strength, health, and youth to your body and soul, and if you follow these counsels, you will never see sickness again. Only God’s table fed Methuselah of old, and if you all live as he did, know that just like him, you will end up. For the God of the living is infinitely richer than all the riches of the earth, and His abundant table is richer than the richest banquet table of any rich man on earth. Therefore, eat all your life at the table of the divine Mother of Nature and you will never have evil desires. And when you eat at Her table, you eat all things exactly as they were found on the table of the divine Mother of Nature. Do not cook or mix all things with each other, lest your innards become like steaming mud. Because, truly, I say to you, this is an abomination in the sight of the Lord.

Do not be like the greedy servant who, always at his master’s table, ate even the portions of others, and who devoured everything himself, and mixed them all together in his greed. And seeing this, his master became angry with him and drove him away from the table. And when they had all finished their meal, he mixed up all that was left on the table and called to the greedy servant, saying, “Take and eat all this with the pigs, for your place is with them and not at my table.”

Take heed and do not defile with all kinds of abominations the temple of your bodies. Be content with two or three dishes, which you will always find on the table of the divine Mother Nature. And you don’t want to devour all the food you see around you. If you mix all kinds of food too much in your body, then the peace of your body will cease and endless war will break out within you, and soon enough your body will be wiped off the face of the earth, just as divided families and kingdoms work to destroy them. Your God is the God of love and peace, and He never helps division. Therefore, never raise God’s wrath against you, lest He drive you away from His table and force you to go to Satan’s table, where the fire of sin and death will destroy your body, soul and mind.

And when you eat, always be careful never to eat until you are fully full. Run away from Satan’s temptations and listen to the voice of God’s angels. Because Satan and his power tempt you to eat often, more and more. Seek to live by the energies of the spirit and firmly resist the evil desires of the body. Your fasting with water alone is always pleasing in the eyes of God’s angels. Take note of how much you’ve eaten when you’re full, and aim to always eat a third less.

Make the weight of your daily food when you are not weak not less than one handful [old measure of weight = 700g], but be careful that it is no more than two hands. Then God’s angels will always serve you, and you will never fall into slavery to Satan and his diseases, which sometimes make you fat. Do not disturb the work of angels in your body by eating often. For verily I say unto you, he who eats more than twice a day is doing Satan’s work in him. God’s angels also leave his body, and soon Satan will take possession of it. Eat only when the sun comes out at noon and a second time, again, when the sun is at sunset. By observing this exhortation you will never see sickness, for this is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. And if you want God’s angels to rejoice in your body and Satan to bypass you, then sit down only once a day at God’s table. And then your days will be long and happy on this earth. Always eat when God’s table is served before you, and always eat of what is on God’s table. Because God knows well what your body needs and when it needs it most.

From the beginning of Jiar eat barley; from the month of Sivan eat wheat, the most perfect of all seed-bearing grasses. And let your daily bread be made of wheat, that the Lord may take care of your bodies. Beginning in the month of Tammuz, eat grapes so that your body can lose weight if it is too fat, and also so that Satan can leave it. In the month of Elul, gather the grapes so that their juice can serve you as a drink. In the month of Marchesvan, gather sweet grapes, sweetened and dried by the angel of sunlight, so that your bodies may grow, so that the angels of the Lord may dwell in them. Eat figs full of juice during the months of Ab and Shebat and what remains, let the angel of sunlight keep them to you. Eat them with almond flesh during all the months when the trees have no fruit. And eat the wonderful (edible) herbs that come after the rain in the month of Thebet, so that your blood may be cleansed of all your sins. And in the same month begin to drink also the milk of your animals, for this reason the Lord has given the herbs of the field to all animals that give milk, so that they may feed man with their milk. Blessed are those who eat only at God’s table and avoid all Satan’s abominations. Do not eat unclean food brought from distant lands, but always eat what grows and has ripened in your trees. Because God knows well what is necessary for you to eat and where and when to do it. And he gives food to all the peoples of all kingdoms, which is best for everyone.

Do not eat as pagans eat who hurriedly gorge themselves, defiling their bodies with all kinds of abominations. Let the power of God’s angels enter you with the living food that the Lord gives you from His royal table. When you eat, you have the angel of air above you and below you the angel of water. Breathe deeply and slowly at all your meals so that the angel of air can bless your meals. Chew food thoroughly with your teeth so that it becomes water and that the angel of water turns it into blood in your body. And eat slowly, as if it were a prayer you make to the Lord. God’s power enters you if you eat this way at the table. But Satan turns into a steaming mud the body of one upon whom the angels of air and water do not descend during the meal. And the Lord no longer allows him at His table. Because the table of the Lord is an altar and he who eats at the table of the Lord is in a temple. Verily I say unto you, the body of the divine Sons of Man is transformed into a temple, and their entrails into an altar, if they obey the commandments of God. Therefore, do not sit at the altar of the Lord when your mind is troubled, and do not think of anyone with anger when you are in God’s temple. And enter the sanctuary of the Lord only when you feel within you the call of His angels, because everything you eat in sorrow or anger or without desire becomes poison in your body. Because Satan’s breath defiles all these foods. Put your sacrifices joyfully on the altar of your body and let all evil thoughts go from you when you receive God’s power from His table into your body. And never sit down at God’s table until He calls you powerfully through the angel of appetite.

Rejoice, therefore, always with the angels of God at their royal table, for this is pleasing to the heart of the Lord. And your life will be long and happy then on this earth, and the most precious servant of the Lord will serve you all your days: the angel of joy and gladness.

Do not forget that every seventh day is holy and dedicated to God. For six days nourish your body with the gifts of Nature, but on the seventh day sanctify your body to your divine Heavenly Father. And on the seventh day you do not eat earthly food, but live only by God’s words and thoughts. And be with the angels of the Lord all day long in Heavenly Father’s kingdom. On this seventh day, let God’s angels build the divine Kingdom of Heaven in your body, just as you labor six days in the Kingdom of the divine Mother of Nature. During the seventh day, do not let it disturb the work of angels in your body, but drink only pure water, and God will give you long and happy life on earth and you will end up with long life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Because I tell you truly, if you no longer have any sickness on earth, you will live eternally and *very happily in the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you will be good, God will send you every morning the angel of the sun to wake you from sleep. Therefore, listen to the calls of your divine Heavenly Father and do not fall sleepy and lazy in your beds, for the angels of air and water are already waiting for you outside. Work all day with the angels of the divine Mother of Nature so that you may come to know them and their labors more and better. When the sun has set and your Heavenly Father sends you His most precious angel, sleep, then rest and be with the angel of sleep all night. And then your divine Heavenly Father will send you His unknown angels, that they may secretly instruct you and be with you all night. And the unknown angels of your divine Heavenly Father will teach you many things by following you into the hidden worlds and instructing you about the Kingdom of God, just as the angels of the divine Mother of Nature that you know teach you about the things of Her Kingdom. Truly, I say to you, by living like this, you will be guests of the Kingdom of God every night. And when you wake up the next morning, you will feel within you the great and good power of unknown angels. Your divine Heavenly Father will send them to you every night so they can build up your spirit, just as the divine Mother of Nature sends you Her angels so they can build, strengthen, and regenerate your body. If during the day the divine Mother of Nature embraces you in Her arms, and at night your divine Heavenly Father sends His kiss upon you, then the Sons of Men will become the Sons of God.”

Then Jesus milked the udder of the sheep grazing grass. And he put the milk in the sand heated by the sun, saying, “Behold, the power of the angel of water has entered into this milk, and now the power of the angel of sunlight will also enter into it.”

Then the milk became hot by the power of the sun’s rays.

“And now in this milk the angels of water and sunlight shall be twinned with the angel of air.”

And the steam of the hot milk began to slowly rise into the air.

“Come and breathe in the power of the angel of water, sunlight, and air, that they may enter into your body and cast Satan out of you.”

And the sick man whom Satan tormented terribly took a deep breath of white steam.

“In an instant, Satan will leave your body, because he has been hungry for three days, because he finds no food in you. He will now come out of you to quench his hunger through hot, steaming milk, because this is his favorite food. He will now smell the smell and will no longer be able to resist hunger, which has been tormenting him for three days. But the divine Son of Man will destroy his body, that he may henceforth torment no one.”

Then the sick body was as if seized by malaria and began to force itself, as if he wanted to vomit and could not, and began to breathe pantingly, as if his breath was lost. And she fainted on Jesus’ lap.

“Now Satan is leaving his flesh. Look at him!” And Jesus pointed to the sick man’s open mouth.

And they all watched with amazement and horror as Satan emerged from his mouth in the form of a long, terrifying worm heading straight for the steaming milk. Then Jesus took two sharp stones and crushed Satan’s head and brought out of the sick the whole body of the monster, which was almost as long as man. When the terrible worm came out of the sick man’s throat, he suddenly regained his breath and then all pain ceased. The others looked at Satan’s terrified body in horror.

“Do you see what awful creature you have carried and nourished in your body for so many years? I pulled him out of you and killed him so he would never torment you again. Thank God that His angels have delivered you and seek to sin no more, lest Satan return to you again. Make your body, henceforth, a temple given to your God.”

And they were all amazed at His words and His power. And they said, “Master, You are truly God’s messenger and know all mysteries.”

“And you,” Jesus answered, “must be the true Sons of God, that you too may partake of His power and knowledge of all mysteries. Because divine wisdom and power can only come from the love of God. Love, therefore, the divine Heavenly Father and the divine Mother of Nature with all your heart and strength. Serve them selflessly, so that Their angels will always serve you. Give all your deeds to God and never feed Satan through your evil deeds, for the wages of sin is sickness and premature death. In God lies the reward of goodness, His happiness, His love, which in fact is the full knowledge and power of eternal life.”

And they all knelt down to give thanks to God for His love.

And Jesus left saying, “I will return to all those who persist in prayer and fasting until the seventh day. May God’s peace be with you!”

And the sick man from whom Jesus had cast Satan arose up, because now the power of life had returned to him. He took a deep breath and his eyes became clear, for all pain had perished. And she threw herself on the ground where Jesus had stood, kissed the footprint of His feet, and wept. […]

And in the meadow of a river, many sick people fasted and prayed to the angels of God for seven days and seven nights, and great was their reward, because they followed the words of Jesus completely. And at the end of the seventh day, for many, all their pains left them. And when the sun rose over the edge of the earth, they saw Jesus coming to them from the mountain, with the brightness of the sun rising above His head.

“May God’s peace be with you!”

And some of those who were present did not say a word, but only threw themselves in front of Him and touched, in awe, the seam of His garments, as a sign of respect and gratitude for their healing.

“Do not give thanks to me, but to your divine Mother, who sent you His healing angels. Go now and sin no more, so that you may never see the disease again. And henceforth let the healing angels become your guardians.”

They asked Him, “Where shall we go, Master, for with You are the words of eternal life? Tell us, what sins must we avoid, so that we may never see the disease again?”

Jesus answered, “All things be done according to your faith!” And He sat down between them, saying, “It has been said from ancient times, ‘Honor your divine Heavenly Father and divine Mother of Nature, and keep Their commandments, that your days may be many and happy on this earth.’ And immediately after this, the commandment was given: “Thou shalt not kill,” because life is given to everyone by God, and what God has given, man must not take. Because I tell you truly, from one divine Mother comes everything that lives on earth. Therefore, he who kills, kills his brother. And from him, the divine Mother of Nature turns her face and will tear from him His life-giving breasts. And then he will be bypassed by His angels and only Satan will dwell in his body. And the flesh of the slain nimals with which he will feed and reach his body will eventually become his own grave, because he who kills ultimately kills himself, and he who eats the flesh of killed animals actually eats from the body of death. In his blood, every drop of their blood turns into poison; in his breath their breath turns to sweat; in his flesh their flesh turns into boils; in his bones, their bones turn to stone; in its entrails their innards turn into weakness; In his eyes, their eyes turn into scales, in his ears, their ears turn into wax leaks. And their death will eventually become his illness, suffering, and death. At the disposal of your divine Heavenly Father are your sins accumulated during those seven years, which can be forgiven in seven days of fasting.

Resist, especially through good works and thoughts, day and night, Satan’s temptations. Do not stay awake at night, nor sleep during the day, lest the angels of God depart from you.

And take no pleasure, either in drink (alcohol) or in any smoke of Satan (tobacco), for all Satan’s drinks and smokes are great abominations in the eyes of your God.

Do not be harlot either night or day. The harlot is just like a tree whose sap emerges prematurely and hastily from its trunk. And because of wilting, this tree will be withered before its time, nor will it ever bear fruit. Therefore, never be harlots, lest Satan wither your flesh because of depletion, and that the Lord may not make your seed barren by diminishment.

Avoid everything that is too hot or too cold, for it is the will of your divine Mother of Nature that neither heat nor cold harm your body. And don’t let your bodies become hotter or colder than as God’s angels warm or cool them. And if you obey the commandments of the divine Mother, then whenever your body becomes too hot, She will send the angel of the frig to you, and whenever your body becomes too cold, She will send the angel of warmth to warm you again.

Follow the example of all the angels of the Father and Mother, who work day and night, without ceasing, in the mysterious Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth. You will thus receive within yourselves the most powerful angels of God, the angels of beneficent action, and together with them you will all work in the Kingdom of God. Follow the parables of the flowing water, the wind that blows, the rising and setting of the sun, the plants and trees that grow, the animals that run and frolic, watch the waning and rising of the moon, the stars that periodically leave and return again; Notice how all this moves and does its work. Because everything that has life, moves, and only that which is dead, is motionless. God is the God of the living, and Satan is the lord of the dead. Serve and glorify the living God, that the eternal and beneficent movement of life may regenerate and sustain you, and that you may thus escape the awful stillness of death. Work, therefore, ceaselessly to build and sustain the kingdom of God, lest you be cast into Satan’s kingdom by your laziness or stagnation. Eternal joy and eternal life are found only in God’s living kingdom, and still, dark suffering exists only in Satan’s kingdom of death. Therefore be true Sons of the divine Mother and of the divine Father, never to fall into slavery to Satan. Always filled with kindness, the divine Mother of Nature and the divine Heavenly Father will often send Their angels to teach and serve you. Then Their angels will write God’s commandments in your head, in your heart, and in your hands, so that you may know, feel, and fulfill the Lord’s commandments.

Pray every day, especially to the divine Heavenly Father and the divine Mother of Nature, that your soul may become perfect, just as the holy soul of Heavenly Father is perfect, and that your body may become perfect, just as the divine body of Nature is perfect. For if you understand, feel, and fulfill divine commandments, then all that you pray to the divine Heavenly Father and the divine Mother of Nature will be given to you. Because God’s wisdom, love, and power are above all else.

Therefore, pray to the divine Heavenly Father in this way: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth. Give us this day our daily bread. And He forgives us our trespasses, as we forgive our debtors. And He does not lead us into temptation, but delivers us from the wicked and cunning. For thine is the kingdom, power and glory, now and forever and ever. Amen.”

And pray to Mother Nature in this way: “Our divine Mother, who art everywhere, hallowed be Your name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in us, as it is done in thee. And every day, send us Your angels to help us, as You send them into You. And forgive us our sins, just as we obey Your laws. And He does not lead us to sickness, but delivers us from all evil, because Yours is earth, body, and health. Amen.”

And they all then prayed with Jesus to the divine Heavenly Father and the divine Mother of Nature.

Jesus then spoke to them thus: “Just as your bodies have been reborn through the angels of the divine Mother of Nature, may your souls be reborn alike through the angels of the Heavenly Father. Thus, you will all become true Sons of the divine Father and Mother and true Brothers of the Sons of Men. Until now you have been at war with your divine Father, Mother and Brethren and have served Satan. As you stand, live in complete peace with the divine Heavenly Father, the divine Mother of Nature and your divine Brethren, the Sons of Men. Fight ceaselessly only against Satan, lest he rob you of your peace. In this way you will be given the peace of the divine Mother of Nature – your body and the peace of your divine Heavenly Father – your soul. May peace of both reign among the Sons of Men.

Come to God, all of you who are tired of life and who suffer in division and torment, for God’s peace will strengthen and comfort you! Because God’s peace is always overwhelmingly full of happiness. Therefore, I always greet you in this way: “May the peace of God be with you!”, and you may always greet each other in the same way, so that upon your body may descend the peace of the divine Mother of Nature and upon your soul may descend the peace of the divine Heavenly Father. Then you will also find divine peace among you, because the Kingdom of God is also in you. Now, return to your Brethren with whom you have hitherto been in contention and offer them your peace. Blessed are those who strive for peace, because they will find God’s peace the fastest. Go and sin no more. Give each of you your peace, just as I have now given you My peace. My peace is God’s. May God’s peace be with you!”

And after speaking these words, He leaves them.

Then His peace descended upon them, and with the angel of love in their hearts, with the wisdom of the law in their heads and the power to be reborn in their hands, they went, filled with great happiness, among the Sons of Men, to bring the light of divine peace to those who struggled with evil and suffering in darkness.

And they were now parting, lovingly saying to each other:


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