Love – the first divine law

Speaking of “divine law” and God’s will may be a great act of courage for some. And, why not, we must admit that it is. And yet, life often describes directly to us for a clear mind and a pure heart the coherence of universalized divine laws. We will aim in this section to make a bold approach in discovering the profound mystery of some divine laws whose understanding could make an ordinary man subject to the whims of destiny, a superman.

The unwritten laws of the universe come from nowhere outside of us, although we could easily believe so. They come from the truth that we are all EQUAL IN POTENTIAL, WE ALL HAVE THE SAME INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. We are free and can do whatever we want, as long as we tune into the divine will.

These divine laws act whether we agree with them or not, whether we are aware of them or not, whether we use words to discuss them, or whether or not we intuitively perceive their reality.

Love – the first divine law

All the great sages agreed that love is the first divine law that man must obey in order to be in harmony with himself, with others, and with the entire universe. So it is important to remember that LOVE is always the first divine law.

LOVE, as the sages understand it, is the ACTION of being a hotbed of happiness and sublime fulfillment, in the same space as other beings, which means that love is real, as real as ourselves. Love, then, is no longer an abstract idea or a sterile intellectual concept, but is experienced as something divine, ineffable, which we ultimately manifest with our entire being dilated into infinity.

All over the universe there is consciousness and beings capable of consciously making their own decisions. Universal cosmic love never loses control: its laws are as logical, exact, and implacable as the laws of physics. It is a great mystery and that is why we cannot say, at this point in our evolution, that we have total knowledge of these laws. And yet, at some level of spiritual evolution, everyone comes to know that in any situation, we all have exactly what we deserve. Therefore, the more love we give, the more love we will receive, and often the generosity of the Divine causes us to receive thousands of times more than we give.
This is the law, as Jesus said: “Love much and much you will be loved.”

It’s all up to you

The most direct perception of reality comes through love

Accept yourself as you are


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