Lucid Dreaming

If it has ever happened to you to have a dream where you were aware that you were dreaming, it can be said that you had the experience of a lucid dreaming. When this happens to us for the first time, it can be a shocking experience, and usually the dreamer wakes up quickly, because he does not feel comfortable with this experience. It can be very strange for the first time, to become aware that you are in a dream because the state in which we dream, is perceived at that moment as reality.

Lucid dreaming is also known as astral projection, and represents the mental practice of being perfectly “awake” during a dream. Those who practice this through Meditation or YogaVis (Yoga Niddra) are able to become more and more aware during sleep. In Tibetan Buddhism it is believed that the effort made during a dream helps you gain skills that are necessary when the soul is preparing for the final journey, therefore lucid dreaming is of major importance in practice and spiritual evolution.

There are several methods that, by using them, you can amplify your likelihood of having a lucid dream. By practicing and developing this skill, you can use the hours in which your body rests to your advantage, exploring the wonderful astral universe.

In order to obtain this state of awake consciousness during the lucid dream, it is necessary to develop a discipline to train the mind and body. The basic technique in accessing this state is to see everything that happens throughout the day, when we are in a waking state, as if it were happening in a dream. This helps the brain learn to recognize the state of being aware instead of automatically assuming it. Being aware of this state, it will be much easier to be simulated during the lucid dream.

Another much more specific technique is to remind us of our dreams. It is assumed that during the dream, the self travels to places where it has been before and repeats past experiences.

It is known that it is very difficult to remember our dreams, if we have already woken up. Even after just 5 minutes we have trouble remembering what we dreamed of. To increase our ability to remember dreams it is recommended to create a diary of dreams, an agenda that we will keep close to bed, so that the moment we woke up, we quickly write down the content of the dream, before permanently losing any significant detail. After we remember a dream it is much easier to recall in memory its details and observe different patterns or themes that appear in our dreams.

Another important practice is to meditate on recent experiences and dreams; during all this time, the body must remain perfectly motionless, because any movement will affect the astral body, and will cause memory loss of what we dreamed of. When we train our mind and body to remind ourselves of lucid dreams, it is important not to get discouraged, or to lose patience in our desire to achieve immediate results. The key is a sustained and constant practice, the mind must be free from any disturbing thoughts and be able to free itself from negativity.

The moment we have amplified our ability to dream lucidly, we will aspire to practice it as a Sadhana obtaining various powers and intuitions, visiting numerous places in the astral plane, communicating with spirits of light, or looking for other inhabitants of the astral planes, being able to fly or change our shape, at will.

It is believed that by mastering this way of dreaming, we expand our state of consciousness, the body is freed from physical stimuli and the mind from the conceptual stimuli that it accesses during the dream, so in this way we can reach states as pure and elevated as possible by consciousness.



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