Mircea Eliade – brilliant

I know there is only one Soul, spoiled in thousands of fleeting attitudes.”

Eliade brought yoga to the west.
It is not our opinion but that of many foreigners in the field who still today relish the esoteric knowledge in the pages of Eliade.
Although we live in an age when spiritual teaching has come to sell itself as a commodity, in which vulgarity, stupidity and bad intention distort the millenary truth of yogic methods, although there are now tens of thousands of books on yoga and exceptional translations, Eliade’s books are still the reference and guide.

We suggest: read Eliade, because it’s worth it!


Mircea Eliade, the Romanian who told the Westerners about spirituality

“A fascinating man, precisely because, along with a virile and elastic body, he had an extraordinary suppleness in gestures and looks, a femininity that does not embarrass you, an extraordinary warmth and communicativeness.” Maitreyi


“In twelve years, I have lived from the memory of a few hours. If I gathered all the hours and minutes you gave me, maybe it would be a day and a night. I lived from them, as the shadows live from the memory of a whole and full life…”


In order not to be alone we want the world to be honest with us. Only sincerity gives us this certainty that we are surrounded by friends, by people who love us, that we are not alone. That is why, in the hours of great loneliness, most confessions are made, souls are opened, people are looking for each other: precisely to cancel that feeling of definitive isolation.


“It would be frightening to think that out of all this Cosmos so harmonious, perfect and equal to itself, only man’s life happens at random, only his destiny has no meaning … I wonder if the day I started to love something did not happen next to me, something that I did not understand, and by ignoring which I abandoned myself, without lucidity, totally irresponsible, to the happenings…”


“Some say that on this night, exactly at midnight, the heavens open. I don’t really understand how it could open, but that’s how it says: that on the night of the Sanziene the heavens are opened. They probably open only to those who know how to look at them…”

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