On this earth we are just travelers – guests in a short visit!

,,Those who are immersed in the consciousness of the body are like strangers in an unknown country. The country where we were born is Ubiquitous, on this earth we are just travelers – guests on a short visit.

Unfortunately, many people become unwanted guests for others. They insist on monopolizing small portions of this earth, as if they belonged to them forever. Their constant thoughts are ” my house, my wife, my husband, my children”. The attachment to material things, seemingly pleasant and mysterious, keeps them trapped in the dream of Illusescu. They forget who and what they really are. ”

,, Wake up, before the dream of life evaporates into infinity! When this body disappears into death, where will your family, your home, your money be? You’re not this body! The body is just a “plate” that has been offered to you so that you can eat from it at the feast of the Spirit.

,, Why don’t we learn this lesson before we die? Why wait? Do not bind yourself to the limitations of the human consciousness, just remember the inner vastness of the Spirit…”

“The purpose of life is to know God. Worldly temptations have been given to you to help you develop your power of discernment. Will you prefer the pleasures of the senses or will you choose God? Pleasures seem attractive at first, if you choose them, but sooner or later you will find yourself caught up in endless problems and difficulties.

The loss of health, peace of heart, and happiness are the price paid by those who succumb to the temptation of sensual pleasures. Infinite joy, on the other hand, will be yours, once you have known God.

Every human being will eventually learn this great lesson of life.”

“Think for a moment about what Jesus meant by “Let the dead bury their dead” (Matthew 8:22) What He meant is that many people are already dead but do not know it! They have no ambitions, they have no initiative, they have no spiritual enthusiasm, and no joy in their lives.”

,, What is the purpose of such a life? Life should be an ongoing inspiration. To live mechanically means to be dead inside, even if your body breathes!

The reason why people’s lives are so boring and uninteresting is that they depend on their deceitful senses to find happiness, instead of going straight to the unlimited source that is found inside them. ”

“The few years spent on this earth, represent only a few seconds compared to the aeons that have elapsed before you were born, and endless periods of time will still come after you leave this world. Why identify with this brief earthly interlude? They are not your body, your family, your country. You’re just a visitor here. Your homeland is the Infinite, and your true life span is Eternity. ”

Extrese from the book ,, The Essence of Self-Realization” by Paramhansa Yogananda

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