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Spiritual causes of diseases

We know from Abheda Yoga that man has five coverings:

  • physical body - made "from food"
  • bioenergetic coating
  • the mental shell, which contains thoughts or thought forms
  • the supramental coating, which contains the meaning or relationships and connections between thoughts
  • causative body, which contains meanings, symbols, ideas, emotions

and all of them are inhabited by our immortal soul or self.

The power to change something in these bodies is greater the finer the body and the more difficult the coarser the body.

In addition, the greatest power of control has our soul or self.

Thus - the most dangerous disturbances are those in the causative body, which also contains emotions and

the most effective methods of healing come from the soul or the Self and from the causative body.

So we get sick when any of these bodies are affected, not just the physical body or the causative body.

The human discovery that emotions matter for health should not be reduced as validity with statements that say that only negative emotions can make us sick.

In reality, we can get sick from disturbances in any of the five bodies. And healings are appropriate as effects depending on the body's level of action.

One of the methods is that we simply practice Abheda and the processes of Ayusya - long life methods.

Leo Radutz

Everything has a cause integrated into the Universal Order because the Universe is not mechanical but is alive, conscious and reacts to our actions.

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