Petitions against the Codex Alimentarius

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Petitions against the Codex Alimentarius

The name ‘Codex Alimentarius’ comes from the Latin language and translates to ‘Food Law’ or ‘Food Code’.
The Codex Alimentarius intends to outlaw any alternative method in the field of health, such as natural therapies, the use of dietary supplements and vitamins;
Basically, to remove everything that could more or less constitute a potential competitor to the pharmaceutical chemistry industry.
Basically, humanity will have a pharmaceutical food.

438 million petitions to the European Parliament

On March 13, 2002, MEPs adopted laws in favour of the pharmaceutical industry, fixed by provisions of the Codex Alimentarius.
They aimed to develop binding regulation for all natural therapies and dietary supplements – a more indirect way of disbanding competitors who could occupy a particular place on the market.
Because health is sold and bought.

A wave of petitions from the population has flooded the messaging of MEPs, to such an extent that internal communications have been blocked.
Despite half a billion petitions, the Directives of the Food Codex have been adopted.
This vote was a veritable denigration of democracy, foretelling other future difficulties in respecting it.

As of December 31, 2009,

The Romanian Government has begun, together with other 165 signatory states (representing almost 85% of the planet’s population), the implementation of the dreaded Codex Alimentarius.
Since July 2010, after the meeting in Rome, the implementation of the project in our country has begun. A compendium of food laws, which starts from the fact that the world’s population is far too numerous for the Earth to be able to sustain a natural diet.
Thus, the products are genetically modified, built in the laboratory, additive and irradiated, according to this codex.

The first stage took into account the genetically modified plants and the norms of the food additives.
As far as additives are concerned, the world’s major pharmaceutical concerns were involved, the same ones that were involved in the manufacture of flu vaccines, such as the one against the AH1N1 virus.
Two different ideologies

Applications of the Codex Alimentarius Directives

Since July 2005, the Codex Alimentarius directives set out by the European Directive as regards food supplements must be applied under the threat of financial penalties. Here’s what they consist of:
1) It’s all about eliminating any natural dietary supplement. All these supplements will be replaced by 28 pharmaceutical synthesis products (i.e. toxic), which will be dosed and will be available only in pharmacies, on prescription. Classified as toxins, vitamins, minerals and herbs will only be on the market in doses that do NOT impact anyone. Our stores of natural products and dietary supplements will remain on the shelf with only 18 products, as many as are on the Codex list. Everything that is NOT on the list, for example coenzyme Q10, glucosamines, etc., will be illegal and that does not mean that they will only be with prescription, but will be ILLEGAL i.e. “use them and go to jail”.

2) Natural medicine such as acupuncture, energy medicine, Ayurvedic, Tibetan, etc., will be progressively forbidden.

3) Agriculture and animal nutrition will be regulated according to the rules set by the pharmaceutical chemistry trusts, prohibiting the so-called organic agriculture as a matter of principle. This implies, for example, that every dairy cow on the planet is treated with monsanto’s genetically recombinant bovine growth hormone. Moreover, according to the Codex, any animal on the planet used for food purposes MUST be treated with antibiotics and growth hormones. The codex rules allow products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to no longer be properly labelled. Moreover, in 2001, 12 chemicals known to be causing cancer were unanimously banned by 176 countries, including the US. Well, the Codex Alimentarius brings back 7 of these banned substances, such as hexachlorobenzene, dieldrin, aldrin, etc., that will be able to be used freely again.
4) Legally certified human food will have to be irradiated with Cobalt. Under the rules of the Codex, almost all food must be irradiated. And radiation levels will be much higher than previously allowed.
Codex Alimentarius will control access to essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The extension of the controls will act progressively eliminating any ancestral alternative natural medicine.

It is time for solidarity

The massive NO to the European Constitution also means a NO to the Codex Alimentarius, the propaganda organ of the pharmaceutical chemistry industry, which aims to achieve a worldwide monopoly of a despotism never seen before.
To disregard the opinion of hundreds of millions of citizens is a serious lack of respect on the part of politicians.
Hundreds of millions of citizens around the world do not want to allow millennial natural medicine to be banned in order for the pseudoscience of pharmaceutical chemistry to retain and strengthen its position in the market.

Dangers of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Every year, 800,000 people die in North America as a result of allopathic medical prescriptions.
Pharmaceutical chemistry kills more than it cures. A UN report states that only 26 of the industry’s 205,000 medicines are indispensable. Of the 26, only nine should enjoy absolute priority.
But if Chinese, Persian or Indian medicine is resorted to, those nine chemical components have almost no use! In other words, without pharmaceutical chemistry the world would be healthier.

International resistance to the Codex Alimentarius

– South Africa has said that it will not comply with the Directives of the Codex Alimentarius. Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang said his country disagreed with this dichotomy between natural medicine and allopathic medicine.
According to his conclusions, these provisions are only aimed at obtaining money from patented remedies and are therefore intended to discredit the use of herbal products.
– India will not comply with the Directives of the Codex Alimentarius because this Codex has promoted formulas containing chemical ingredients that cause extremely destructive inflammation in children’s brains.
The Indian delegate in charge of advocating against the Codex was ignored, and when he insisted on a debate, he was but out of the room.
– The Association of American Doctors and Surgeons has expressed its opposition to the Codex Alimentarius, in order to continue to use the herbal remedies, along with the medicinal ones.
– In Britain, practitioners of natural medicine, supported by members of the House of Lords, were strongly opposed to Tony Blair’s pro-codex policy.
The latter has been charged for hypocrisy as he has publicly stated that his family uses herbal remedies, dietary supplements and homeopathic products.

We are dealing with a struggle between two antagonistic conceptions.

On the one hand Rockefeller’s Freemason ideology, in which the sole objective is to sell unscrupulously, to establish hegemony and a single world power.
To restore everything into synthetic molecules, to deny any other medicine different from the allopathic one, is the idea of progress supported by all pharmaceutical trusts.
This policy has nothing democratic and aims to shape the masses according to its will and according to its own needs (foundations, education, false scientific norms, propaganda, the abolition of various forms of ancestral natural medicine).
The Freemasonic elite thinks it can deny the opinion of the population because it believes it can shape the masses according to its will.
In 1962, freemasons stated that: “He who controls food, controls the world.
We will lay the foundations for a project to implement, at a global level, a Food Codex by December 31, 2009
They were kind of guidelines. The Codex Alimentarius Commission is administered by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Organisation for Agriculture and Food (FAO).

These two organizations fund the Codex and implement it at the request of the United Nations. In 1994, the Codex declared nutrients to be toxins.
Unbelievable that’s right but perfectly true. They are poisons. So far has gone the alienation of those who promote these aberrant measures.

On the other hand, there are the real biologists.

genuine doctors, real therapists or researchers, often violent by the arrogance of the pharmaceutical chemistry cartel. They established the concept of bio-individuality based on the patient’s freedom to choose his own therapy.
This concept awakens in the patient the spirit of research, offers him alternatives in the manner of healing.
This approach adapts to the specific individuality of each patient, rather than imposing an unindividualized mass therapeutic protocol. The disease has a specific connotation in the life of each individual; without taking into account this, the human being is brought to the rank of a physico-chemical machine.
Or the human being is much more than that…

Beyond all these considerations, we are faced with two human conceptions.

on the one hand of the robot-human, an integral part of a system, and on the other hand of the holistic being, the microcosmic reflection of the entire universe.
Gandhi said of westerners: “the white man (a Westerner) does not live, but works.”

By practicing Abheda Yoga, we are given the chance to live instead of functioning…

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