Is it possible for someone to take your soul? The hoax with the divided and lost soul

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Life story

“It is said that in a village in the East lived a boy whom nature had endowed with more power than the other boys of his age. He was both kind-hearted and jumpy to help, but a little naïve in his kindness.
Some robbers from a nearby forest attacked the villagers on their roads and took them protection charges.
In order to rid the village of this nuisance, our sturdy and kind-hearted boy took his snowdrop made of rare and hard wood and set off for the forest to confront the robbers. And because he was right, his soul was alive and his power great, his snowdrop did miracles and the robbers, though there were many, were defeated.
They devised a plan and sent a craftsman in the art of wood carving who praised our sturdy man and proposed to sculpt his proud snowdrops scenes of legendary bravery because a sturdy like him would deserve to have such an instrument. The boy accepted and the craftsman carved his snowdrop in a very beautiful way but this way the wood thinned and the snowdrop became lighter.
In the next confrontation with the robbers his snowdrop broke and the naïve boy was defeated.
Thus the naïve and perhaps hubris boy now,

gave up his simple but effective tool in favor of another,

his new snowdrop that was beautiful, he had stories of bravery carved on it,

he seemed valuable but only in his imagination

for he did not allow him to live his own real bravery himself.

So, and… What is the use of this simple story?

The power and instrument of an authentic yogi who knows and applies the advanced system of nondualist perspective and

which you must not give up every time,is the following:

  • everything comes from us and if it disappears, it disappears because we no longer connect with ourselves, according to the principle stated even by Jesus Christ – “the kingdom of God is in you”
  • no matter how hard life may be, even if we live in an inferno, our Soul or Self is an immutable, perfect and immortal support and is the only real and permanently accessible solution to connect with our infinite potential and transcend our condition.

The soul or the Self, the divine spark in man…

it is indivisible, unitary and… complete. It does not need anything from the outside and has no way to reduce itself, to move, to be stolen or reduced to us. These are precisely because the Self is the Source of everything, the real and perfect refuge from any fleeting aspects, the chance to know the perfect and immutable joy of existing, the freedom from any conditioning, the knowledge and the nondual happiness.

But there are people who propagate a form of false knowledge.

which omits the existence of the nondual aspect and which fools people that their soul can be lost, stolen or “divided into pieces” throughout life or stored in the reservoirs of demons.

And of course, I can also say that you need them to gather your soul and be whole again.

They thus pass under silence or do not even know that
no matter how difficult it is to exist,
relating to this eternal, indivisible support
and which has a nature of sovereign consciousness in manifestation
it can be done at any time.

It’s something that can’t be stolen or shrunk.
and this supreme inner support stands out even if only by the fact that we live
(it is the one who lives or the one who observes, on an essential level).

It is as if someone were telling a lion that he is a sheep or a prince that he is not a prince but a beggar.

My dear ones, do not “serve the hoax”,

do not give up the simple, only and true power that is “hidden” in the light of day, in our very Self, the living Soul, indivisible, unlimited and immortal!

But yes, can someone “take your soul away” just because it fascinates you to aspire to something dual.
it gives you the wrong principles, in which you begin to believe,
values that by their falsehood depart from the solution or we can move away from our soul
through our choices, through the unfairness of decisions, through unseriousness and unconsciousness.

And although the soul is still within us, we can move away from it out of ignorance or stupidity because we do not seek to be ourselves at the essential level, supporting us from the true power of mind.

Only that can mean losing your soul, “being poor with the gold in you.”

But even then – the soul or the Self will still be there, in us, expecting us no matter how much, even dozens of lives to pay attention to it.



Leo Radutz

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