President Barak Obama has exhaled his interest in yoga!

Impressed by the energy and vigor that the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has shown, during his recent visit to the United States, despite the fact that he is in office, President Barak Obama has expired his interest in yoga (Narendra Modi being an excellent yogi).

While the First Lady of the United States played an essential role in the introduction of yoga inside the White House, President Obama was particularly impressed by the energy and vigor demonstrated by the Indian Prime Minister when he was invited to a private working dinner, which was held in the Blue Room in the White House.

“They joked about the fact that the others were eating, and Prime Minister Modi was in the post. The president expressed his admiration for the energy and strength with which the prime minister was able to maintain this rigorous program based solely on a hot water diet.”, deputy secretary of state for South Europe and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal told the media.

“The president has also expressed interest in having a deeper conversation about yoga with the prime minister. This was one of the few moments of personal and human interaction., Biswal further said in response to a question.

Narendra Modi, 64, is a longtime yoga practitioner, and in her speech to the UN General Assembly this year, she requested the declaration of an International Yoga Day, a request that has gained support from several countries. Congressman Tulsi Gabbard said he would help the United States Congress pass a resolution to that effect.

Since 2009, yoga has been part of the annual show “Easter Egg Roll” organized by the White House on the occasion of Pate Holidays. The “Easter Egg Roll” is the largest public event, held by the White House in the last 135 years. Following this show, an unprecedented number of almost 30,000 families have been introduced to the yoga experience every year since 2009.

The Obama family gave the traditional event a new meaning, turning the “Easter Egg Roll” into a day oriented towards family activity, but which also includes yoga as part of its celebration.



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