The Elegant Universe – documentary film

Universe-elegantOne of the most ambitious and exciting theories ever proposed – which could be the much-sought-after “theory about everything”, which escaped even Einstein – is masterfully explained by physicist Brian Greene, aided by state-of-the-art computer graphics animations. Also known as the theory of superstrings, the basic idea of the documentary proposes as fundamental ingredients of nature some tiny strings (strings) of energy, whose different states of vibration are the basis of everything that happens in the universe.

The theory brilliantly brings together the macro laws – general relativity – and the micro – quantum mechanics laws, solving a logical blockage that has given the fork to the brightest minds for a century. Greene is a professor of physics at Columbia University and is one of the best researchers in the world in the field of string theory. His book, The Elegant Universe became a bestseller immediately after its publication.

The elegant universe is a fascinating journey into a world more strange than science fiction, where you have to play a game in violation of some rules, and in which a new vision of the universe pushes you beyond the limits of your imagination.


Part I – Einstein’s Dream

Part II – The question of strings

Part III – Welcome to the 11th Dimension


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