Samadhi – poem by Paramahansa Yogananda

In the famous book “Autobiography of a yogi – An experience in cosmic consciousness“, in chapter 14, Paramahasa Yogananda describes the extraordinary experience given by her Guru, Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri. It was as a result of this experience that Yogananda composed the poem Samadhi, which was first published in the volume “Whispers from Eternity” (Whispers from Eternity) from the 1929 edition.

He often urged his disciples to read and memorize the poem he wrote because it was loaded with the Divine Magnetism he had when he composed it. In India the words of a Guru Village (Guru who knows God directly) and especially of an Avatar are considered to be sacred. They have the power to alchemize the mind and consciousness of the one who reads, memorizes and especially internalizes them.


by Paramahansa Yogananda

Scattered are the veils of light and shadow,

Shattered is every steam of suffering.

Disappeared in the distance are all the sunrises of ephemeral joys,

Melted is the obscure mirage of the senses.

Love, hatred, health, illness, life and death,

Gone are these false shadows on the duality screen.

Waves of laughter, hideous heads of sarcasm, whirlwinds of melancholy,

Melted are in the vast sea of Beatitude.

Maya’s storm calmed down

Thanks to the magic wand of deep intuition.

The universe, a forgotten dream, lurks from the subconscious,

Ready to invade my newly awakened divine memory.

I live without the Cosmic Shadow,


it could not exist in my absence;

Just as the sea can exist without waves,


they can’t breathe without the sea.

Dreams, wakefulness, deep states of Turiya, sleep (deep without dreams-n.t),

Present, past, future – no longer exists for me,

But only I, the eternally present Self, eternally flowing, everywhere.

Planets, stars, stellar dust, earth,

Volcanic outbursts of apocalyptic cataclysms,

The formative furnace of Creation,

Silent X-ray glaciers, spools of electrons burning,

The thoughts of all people, from the past, from the present, from the future,

Every blade of grass, myself, mankind,

Each dust particle of creation,

Anger, greed, good, evil, deliverance, lusts,

I swallowed them, I transmuted them all


a vast ocean of blood of my own unique Being!

Muffled joy, often heightened by continuous meditation,

Blinding my tearful eyes,

Explodes into the immortal flames of Beatitude,

It consumed my tears, my structure, everything.

You are I, I am You,

Knowledge, The Knower, the Known – One I am!

Unbroken, serene, eternal ecstasy, eternal peace!

The bliss of Samadhi, ecstatic beyond any imagination and expectation!

Not an unconscious state,

No mental chloroform without returning to the will,

Samadhi is merely expanding the realm of my consciousness,

Beyond the limits of the mortal body,

To the farthest frontier of Eternity –

Where I, the Cosmic Sea,

I watch the little ego float in Me.

Every sparrow, every grain of sand, does not fall without me seeing them.


whole space floats like an iceberg inside my great mind.

I am the Giant Recipent of all things that exist!

Through meditation more and more deeper, longer, continuous, thirsty, given by the guru,

This celestial Samadhi is acquired.

Moving rustles of atoms are heard;


behold! the dark earth, the mountains and the seas are molten liquid!

Flowing seas turn into nebula vapors!

AUM blows on the vapors, miraculously removing their veils,

Revealing a sea of bright electrons,

Until, to the last sound of the Cosmic Drum,

Dense light disappears into the Eternal Rays

Of the Omnipresent Beatitude.

Luckily I came, thankfully I live, fortunately I melt.

I, the ocean of the mind, drink all the waves of Creation.

The four veils: solid, liquid, vapor, light,

It evaporates along the way.

My self, in full, enters the Great Self.

Gone forever are the trembling, restless shadows of mortal memory.

Immaculate is the sky of my mind, below, forward and far above.

Eternity and I, one united ray.

A tiny bubble of joy, I

We have become the Sea of Joy Itself.


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