Tesla’s generator inexhaustible energy source!

Nicholas Tesla said that the sun is a huge ball of electricity, positively charged with a potential of over 200 billion volts. The Earth is negatively charged, and between the two celestial bodies a cosmic energy is created, variable from day to night, from season to season, but which is always present and can be used for free.

Tesla was thinking in global terms, he wanted to capture for the benefit of mankind the huge amount of energy between the ionosphere – where the positive particles are located – and the negatively charged earth, a potential of 360,000 volts.

According to his sketch, you can build electrical systems from a few volts, for charging mobile phones or more powerful, to make light bulbs, refrigerators, even plasma TVs work, no matter what altitude you are, in areas where no electricity is drawn. Or a generator to power the whole house!

“Electrical power is everywhere in unlimited quantities. I could put into operation the whole machine of the world with this energy, without the need for coal, oil, gas or other fuel
Tesla said.

Tesla also invented the electric car in 1931, but without batteries. It works with an antenna that captures electricity from the ether! J.P. Morgan, J.D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford  they were downright terrified!

It is precisely for this reason that the multi-billion dollar companies obtained precisely from the exploitation of the harmful fuels put by Tesla on the dead line have withdrawn the support they initially gave it. J.P. Morgan, for example, had invested $150,000 in a global broadcasting system that Tesla promised to build. But when he began building the Wardenclyfe Tower as part of the wireless electricity transmission project, Morgan did his best to prevent it. What’s worse, the banking elite has also labeled him a “crazy scientist.”

On January 7, 1943, Tesla died broke down at the age of 86 in a room of the New Yorker Hotel. The first to scrape his room were the FBI agents, who stole, with power of attorney from the Foreign Property Bureau (although Tesla was an American citizen), all the projects he was working on, including the “black agenda” in which he was in and the sketch of the electricity generator captured from the ether.

All the inventions he was working on ended up in the War Department, which passed them to the “top secret”. Many of Tesla’s “extinct secrets” have found their applicability in the U.S. military.

 As shown in a BBC documentary, “Masters of the Ionosphere”, Nicholas Tesla was the first to use the ionosphere for scientific purposes. He owes humanity the first wireless communication system, the first robots, the first remote control, vertical take-off aircraft and much more.

At least now, through wikileaks disclosures, to owe humanity and exemption from paying electricity. There were found a few entrepreneurs who experimented, starting from Tesla’s sketch, generating high power, how to feed a house with all the electrical equipment and now they sell the “secret” for 100 dollars.  And the components of a generator to power an entire house for free also cost 100 dollars.

Important tips on building a Tesla generator can be found at

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Source: enational.ro

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