Love has no limits, no shame, …

We have NO reason not to love… because we don’t have time for that… we have time (times… it’s worth having time) JUST FOR LOVE.

Time will pass by us… anyhow. If we choose what to love and what not to love, we are wrong. Because love is a great opportunity that is offered to us, not a severe calculation burdened by dogmas and prejudices.

It is not the others from whom we come, somehow, our prejudices that are to blame for our unloving, but we ourselves are the ones who lose the chance of love, when we ignore the pure color of love that rests on our face.

We would expect that at least the aspiration to God would be placed above Love.
But no… It turns out that we can’t even aspire to God without Love.

It seems that the aspiration to Him is Love itself.
Without it, the aspiration can not be complete either, or it can no longer be called aspiration.

Certainly, love has no limits, no shame, no dogmas or fanaticisms….

Love “delineates”…

Leo Radutz

“Love and do what you want” (St. Augustine)
Marcel Iureș – Love Corinthians

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