Meditation relay – a solution for the Great Translation?

We present here a part of the questions that were asked and the answers offered.

Is there a special reason why you recalled us to meditation (click here for details)?

Yes. In order to be able to ascend spiritually, even if you are integrated into many activities, master meditation is a great chance, which allows a group of people to use their united force and evolve spiritually in a night – perhaps – as in 50 years as usual.
Of course, this is a general assessment, because, otherwise, each case is individual and… you know how they say ” Do not bring the year that brings the hour”.
That is, someone could succeed and achieve the ultimate realization of a human life after the first 5 minutes of meditation.
Someone else, unhappy with how much yoga he has been able to practice in the past month, can return to the master’s meditation with the aspiration to complete his sadhana and make a significant leap through an intense effort made on the weekend. And it can succeed, even, with a certain ease (compared to the enormous spiritual merit gained).

Do these meditations relate to the events of late 2012?
Definitely YES. This kind of meditation is an excellent tool, I would say-brilliant and comes as an exceptional relief and a spiritual light in the dark. Through master meditation, as it is practiced and sustained at Abheda Yoga – The Way of the Heart, the strength of the group is united and can work miracles – and it even does.

During this period, the spiritual efficiency of any spiritual effort is very high (of course, provided that it is practiced). Master meditation is an excellent means of spiritual evolution and preparation for the transformations that follow and that are already taking place.

However, I don’t think I can do meditation for so long. I know it is not mandatory to meditate the whole 12-hour period, but even a few hours it seems like a lot to me. I know that I can’t stay long without getting asleep or feeling the meditation posture as not too easy. Why do you say I could even…?

Here is a misunderstanding about how such a spiritual effort is made.
There is no question that, usually, you will all be able to meditate clearly and perfectly for 12 hours. No question. Master meditation is a very good tool especially for those who fail to meditate for a long time.
This is because, apart from supporting the group, progress is possible by acting in a way and face with all the tools that your yoga instruction offers you.

You can start with natural meditation or the Knowledge of the Spiritual Heart and you can continue with other ways by resorting, especially, to the meditative procedures specific to the Path of Grace, which here are fundamental.

You can alternate meditation postures using both yoga postures and posture on the chair.

I’m sure I’ll be asleep. How could I meditate like this?
You can use, then, especially the meditative procedures of the Way of Grace, because there the efficiency does not appear because of your ability, but because of the “gift” or divine Grace. Anyway you will receive indications at the beginning (and chair and initiations, if applicable).
It is very possible that you will be asleep, but if in this situation you continue with meditation (in any position, no matter how simplistic you practice) the efficiency is very high.

You can’t know what it’s like until you participate and seek to practice even all the time. Efficiency exists, provided that, however, we do not fall asleep or stop.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN MASTER MEDITATION: DO NOT STOP AT ANY TIME. CONTINUE, CONTINUE, CONTINUE… whatever it is and no matter how weak meditation may occur to you. Because she just seems weak. And that will be seen at the end and during the next week (at least).
You can also make asanas, provided that during the asana you focus on the meditative process and not on the way of concentration corresponding to the execution of the asana.

A good rule of thumb is NOT to lie on the ground or in the armchair, sofa or bed.

If I do meditation, might I have a euphoric or ecstatic state during it or at the end?
Some people or sometimes.
But not necessarily. Either way, that’s not the point. What is gained is not always so palpable, so obvious. Spiritual merit and the great approach to spiritual realization do not necessarily translate into ecstasy. The mystical ecstasy of yogis is a form of spiritual realization, but not the only one.

The effects of meditation will reverberate in our lives for at least a week or more, depending on our spiritual level.

Leo Radutz

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