Dr. Yollok is an American physician, initially specializing in veterinary medicine, then in human medicine. In 1991, Dr. Yollok was nominated for the Nobel Prize. He has had the opportunity to share his medical experience on numerous occasions with many listeners of American radio and TV stations.

Also, his experience has been synthesized in various specialized papers and books published in the United States. Here’s what dr. Yollok, on the need for vitamin and mineral intake in our body, and how they can give us health and substantially prolong our lives.

“I grew up on a farm south of Saint-Louis. In the 50s I started with raising cattle for meat. If you are in the field of cattle breeding and breeding, then you probably know that the only way to earn money in the countryside is to grow food yourself.
We chop corn, grains and flour at the mill and add vitamins and minerals to this content. This is how we prepare cattle food. Already after 6 months these cattle could be exhibited at the market and sold. We make a selection keeping the largest hornets.
And what’s interesting, doing this for cattle, we ourselves, you can imagine, didn’t use any minerals and vitamins, but we were young and wanted to live to the age of 100 without any diseases and shortcomings. This troubled me a lot and I asked my father, “Dad, tell me why don’t you do for us the same thing you do for cattle?”

Then my father made me think straight, saying:

“You’d better shut up; You have to cherish the fact that you eat fresh produce from the farm every day, I hope you understand that?”

Of course, I didn’t ask anything because I didn’t want to miss lunch or dinner. Later I entered the Agricultural School and receiving a scientific level, a diploma, I specialized in animal husbandry, field crops and soil. Later I went to Africa for 2 years. After 2 years I received a telegram and an invitation to work at the Saint-Louis Zoo. The National Institutes of Health offered the zoo $78,000, and they needed a veterinarian to perform autopsies on animals dying natural deaths. I agreed, but of course I had to do autopsies on animals that died not only in this zoo but also in zoos in Brukuds, Chicago, New York, etc. Under my responsibility was not only the autopsy of naturally deceased animals, but also to find and track species (specimens) supersensitive to environmental pollution, because in the early 60s no one knew anything for sure about ecological problems and catastrophes.

Tracing the causes of death of humans and animals, I performed 17,500 autopsies and came to the following conclusion:

“Every naturally deceased human or animal has died from poor food, that is, from nutrient deficiency.”

The results of chemical and biochemical analyses with documentary (informative) accuracy showed that natural death is caused by incorrect nutrition, and this amazed us so much that I returned to the story of cattle.
I had to go back to teaching and become a doctor, and this allowed me to use all the knowledge about nutrition gained from the veterinary sphere as well. And now, no wonder, everything began to work. I spent 15 years in Torekmint, Oregon State and practiced classical medicine.

Today I want to share with you. the knowledge gained, deductions and results we have reached in these 10-12 years and, If you take from this lesson at least 10% of what you read, you will be able to guard yourself from many inconveniences, sufferings, you will save a lot of money and you will extend your life by many years.


At the moment we can list only a few nations whose representatives live to the age of 120-140 years: in the East, especially in Tibet and South China. These people were mentioned as early as 1964 by Djemson Hilton who wrote the book “The Lost Horizon”.

The oldest man, according to the data of that book (although I do not deny the idea of an exaggeration), was Dr. Li from China, born in Tibet. At the age of 150 he received a document from the ruler of China stating that he was that age and that he was born in 1677. When he reached the age of 200, he received his second Certificate. This document testifies to the fact that he died at the age of 256, in 1933, about this being written in the “New-York Times” and “London Times” where everything was very well argued and proved by documents.
In eastern Pakistan lived a group of people who were called Bogazi. These people were famous for the longevity of their lives. They lived 120-140 years.

In 1973, the January issue of “National Geographic” magazine printed a separate article about people who lived over 100 years. These materials were accompanied by extraordinary photographs by the quality of which that age was famous. From that multitude of photos I memorized 3 of them. One of them depicted a 136-year-old woman. She sat in her armchair and smoked a Cuban cigarette, drank vodka and attended a party. She had a great time without being bedridden in one of those nursing homes where you had to pay $2,000 from your bank account. She is enjoying life at 136. Another photo showed two couples celebrating their 100th and 115th wedding years, respectively. The third photo showed a man picking tea in the mountains of Armenia listening to a small radio.

According to his testimony and the birth dates of his children, he was 167 years old – the oldest man on the planet at that time.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Indians are recognized by the longevity of their people, being famous among the people of the Equator who lived in the Andes, southeast of Peru, as well as the territories of Titi-Kaka and Maciu-Piciu. Representatives of the oldest tribe Titi-Kaka live 120 years.

Margaret Pich, an American from Virginia, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest American. She died at the age of 115 due to insufficient nutrition. Specifically, she died as a result of a fall. Which of you will tell me why she could have died? That’s right, because of osteoporosis. The woman died due to calcium deficiency in the body. She was not suffering from cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes. She died 3 weeks after the fall because there was not enough calcium in her body. Her daughter told us a very interesting thing: before she died, M. Pich had an insistent attraction to sweets. This disease is known as Panic.

We will talk about this a little later. But usually if you indulge too much in chocolate or sweets, it means that your body will not be able to indulge. chromium and vanadium are not enough. In one third world country, Nigeria, the leader of the Baule tribe died at the age of 126. At the funeral one of his wives boasted that when her husband died, he had all his teeth in place and they were all his own teeth, none of which had been changed, and this was possible due to the fact that the other organs also performed their functions within normal limits.

A Syrian man died at the age of 133 in July 1993. He was entered in the “Guinness Book of Records” not because of his age, nor because at the age of 80 he married for the fourth time, but because from that age he became a father of 9 children. If you calculate that each child takes 9 months plus a year to breastfeed and another year until the next pregnancy, it will turn out that this man became a father after the age of 100. That was why it was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

In November 1993, in Arizona, a very interesting experiment was conducted. Three couples spent 3 years in isolation where they ate healthy food and food, breathed in fresh air and drank clean water without impurities. When the experiment ended, they were examined by gerontologists from the University of California, Los Angeles. All data of blood tests and other vital functions of the body were entered into the computer of the University of Los Angeles . The computer forecast was as follows: if these people continued to live in this regime, then they could live to the age of 165. And all this proves that living 120-140 years is possible. Today, the average longevity of people is 75.5 years, and the average longevity of a magistrate or doctor is only 58 years. So if you want to earn another 20 years from life (statistically speaking), don’t go to medical school.

There are two essential things to watch out for in order to be part of the longevity. If you really want to reach the age of 100-140 it is very important to:

– First of all, you need to beware of dangers, do not step on “grenades”, that is, beware of dangers for which it is not worth risking. Of course, if you play Russian roulette, smoke, drink, soar to the middle of the highway at high speed during rush hour, then you have little chance of reaching the age of 120. All this sounds funny because you can’t even imagine that thousands of people die from it every year. And I want you to think about this. In other words, if you have the opportunity to prevent the disease, especially the incurable one, you must use it.

– Secondly, you must do only those things that are good for you. Your body They need 90 nutritional supplements: 60 minerals, 15 vitamins, 12 basic amino acids and proteins and 3 fatty acids. A total of 90 supplements in the daily diet. Otherwise, diseases caused by their insufficiency will appear in your body. Today these things are written about in newspapers, they are talked about on TV and radio stations. Doctors constantly talk to us about these things, but not because of their professional obligation as a doctor. Don’t think it’s doctors who ask journals to publish these materials, no. This is because this information contributes to the sale of magazines.

Vitamins are able to stagnate cancer, cardiovascular disease and destructive action – aging. Here’s what I’d like to say about this after performing 17,500 autopsies on 14,500 different animals around the world and on 3,000 people who always wanted to be healthy, personally having children and grandchildren: “If you don’t invest in yourself by providing minerals and vitamins, then you will invest in the well-being of people in the field of medicine.”

Some of you have spoken about this. They’ve heard that stomach ulcers are caused by stress, but 50 years ago we veterinarians knew that stomach ulcers in pigs are caused by bacteria.
We cannot afford an expensive operation on the pig’s stomach, and even if we could afford your chops then. pork would have cost you $275/0.5kg. With the help of Bizmar we were able to prevent and treat gastric ulcers in pigs without any surgical implications.

We did so and the treatment costs us about $ 5 for a pig. It is a treatment with the help of bizmar, other minerals and tetracycline. National institutions have only stated since February 1994 that stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria and not stress and can be treated. But medical researchers used to say, “It shows us a promising result that could be beneficial,” and now national institutes are using the word “treat” without meaning. They say “treated” by the method of combining the mineral Bizmar and tetracycline. For those who do not know what bizmar means, it is enough to enter any grocery store or pharmacy and buy for $ 2 a bottle with a pink content. This product is called Peptobizmar. So, using the mineral named above, you can treat stomach ulcers. And again, you have a choice: treat yourself to $5 or allow them to cut you. The choice will be yours.

In September 1933, a statement about the discovery of the antimycotic diet was submitted to the National Cancer Institute of Boston School of Medicine, following follow-ups of cancer patients. The deductions resulted from research being conducted in CHINA. The Chinese province of Xinai was chosen as the research region because it had the highest level of cancer. For 5 years, 29,000 people were researched. They were given vitamins and minerals in doses twice the norm recommended by Americans, that is, if the recommended daily dose of vitamin C was 60 mg, patients received 120 mg.

Alan Poll – the man who was awarded 2 Nobel prizes, said that if you want to prevent cancer with vitamin C, then you need to use 100 mg daily. And here are the results: The doctors who opposed this idea disagreed with Allan Poll are already in the other world (let it be easy for them!), and Alan Poll lives and parties. He is 96 years old, works 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, lives on a farm in California and teaches at the University of California San Francisco. Your. it will remain to choose: listen to the advice of deceased doctors or take into account the opinion of Dr. Poll. So it’s normal to get vitamin C in double amount, vitamin A in double amount. Nothing bad was happening. It is equally important to receive Zinc, Riboflavin, Molybdenum, Calcium, etc.

But one group of substances is extremely important: Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Selenium. These 3 elements should be received in double dose daily. If you only get 50% benefits, that’s already good. In the group of patients who were given vitamin E, beta-carotene and selenium for 5 years, mortality in all cases decreased by 10%, meaning 10 people out of every 100 patients who were sentenced to death survived, and in the case of cancer patients who were about to die and received these 3 components, 13 out of 100 survived.

In Xinai province, stomach and digestive tract cancers predominated. Of the patients who took part in the experiment, 21 people out of 100 survived.

Since September 1993, the Harvard Institute of Medicine and Boston Hospital have been undergoing chicken protein treatments on patients with swollen joints due to arthritis. Patients were selected whose condition did not improve after drug treatment. These patients were given injections of aspirin, mesotrixide, prednisolone, cortisone, various methods of physiotherapy. The only thing left to do was surgery to replace the joint. Then I said, “Listen to me a little bit, these people have been in pain for so long, and if they agree to suffer for another 90 days, just 3 months, I’ll do a little experiment that might help them.”

These 29 people, for whom all possibilities were exhausted, were subjected to the following treatment: they were given every morning a teaspoon full of chicken cartilage, chopped, mixed with orange juice.

All patients were under the supervision of Harvard School of Medicine. After 10 days all pain and symptoms disappeared; After 30 days they could already afford something, and after 3 months the functions of the joints were fully restored.

If you do not feel like complicating yourself with all this, you can go to the pharmacy and buy the cartilage-based product directly. Women know this product very well. It is used to strengthen nails and hair. The basic component is beef cartilage, which in turn is the substance that considerably improves and strengthens cartilage and bones. The preparation is composed of cartilage and ligaments of the horns and if you. You will use half a teaspoon daily with orange juice in conjunction with colloidal minerals, well know that next time I come here, you will climb the ladder and start kissing me and squeezing me in your arms, if somehow you remember arthritis.

ALZHEIMER’s (senile dementia – with memory loss)
Now we all know about it, but when I was a child, this disease just didn’t exist.
But now it’s one of the common diseases that occurs in 1 in 2 people. The data is frightening enough. How to detect and treat early-stage Alzheimer’s disease in animals?
In July 1992, because the University of San Diego California School of Scientific Research made an announcement in 1992 that vitamin E slows memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease. And in this issue they lagged 50 years behind veterinary medicine.

And now please tell me, who among you? had such an unpleasant problem with KIDNEY STONES ?
Yes, here I see a few hands raised. Well. Tell me what your doctor told you to watch out for in your diet. First of all? Calcium and any kind of dairy products containing calcium, because there is credibility that calcium deposited in the kidneys comes from calcium from “products you use in food”. In fact, calcium in your kidneys arises from your own. bones. When you feel calcium deficiency, that’s when kidney stones form. 100 years ago we already knew that in order to prevent kidney stones in domestic animals it was necessary to give them as much calcium, magnesium and boron as possible. Bulls, rams, dairy cattle have such an anatomy that when they get sick with this disease they die immediately. But in our country, when kidney stones appear, you feel like dying of pain.

Almost 4000 patients were studied, divided into 5 categories. In the group receiving the highest amount of calcium, there were no cases of kidney stones. Remember, I was telling you that doctors live to 58 years, and we ordinary people (patients) to 75.5. So the group of professional people who tell you how to live and claim that you should not use salt, caffeine, not eat butter, but margarine, do not do various stupid things, die at the age of 58, while people aged 120-140 put a piece of salt stone in their cup of tea and drink 4 cups daily. That is, they use 4 pieces of salt / day, prepare food in melted butter instead of olive oil and live up to 120 years. Will you believe those who live to 58? It’s your choice!

This is swelling of the weakened artery due to loss of tissue elasticity. In 1957 we found out that the reason for the aneurysm is insufficient copper in the body.

We were then working on the project where we were tracking 200,000 turkeys. They were given a special ration that included 90 nutrients, and in the first 13 weeks exactly half died. Increasing the dose of Copper in the food ration by 2 times, farmers raised 500 thousand turkeys, and not one died from aneurysm. This experiment was conducted on guinea pigs, cats, dogs, pigs and other animals. We also came to the conclusion that copper deficiency is the reason for the appearance of this disease.

EARLY CHELIA is the first symptom of having COPPER INSUFFICIENCY IN YOUR BODY. The skin becomes more wrinkled because tissue elasticity is disturbed. Dark circles appear on the eyes, lines on the face and you begin to resemble a dried plum. Besides this there is another problem such as VARICOSE DILATION OF VEINS, this fact being due to the disturbance of tissue elasticity, the whole body starting to hang on the hands, chest, belly, cheeks. And you go to the beautician getting plastic surgery. In fact, it would be more practical and safer to receive colloidal minerals.

It can designate a category of conditions arising from selenium deficiency. Some farmers simply come to the feed store and buy injectable selenium or pet pills to prevent this disease.

And you, for sure, have seen more than once, how milk-giving cows intensively lose a large amount of calcium, lick stones, bones, strive to ruminate on foreign things, the roof of stables. A good farmer needs to provide the ration of animals with minerals, otherwise they can eat the entire stable. In humans this phenomenon is common occurring. A little advice: look at your hands. And if you see pink spots on them, it denotes early selenium deficiency. In case of disorder, start receiving COLLOIDAL selenium for 6 months. Everything will disappear. During this 6 months you will permanently get rid of this condition. If the spots disappear from the outside of the skin, it means that they will also disappear from the inner organs, brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

But which of you is lowering your blood sugar levels by about 10%?. You’ve probably had the opportunity to see kids who are crazy about sweets. Deficiency of chromium and vanadium leads to low sugar content in the blood. If we do not pay attention to this, then there will be all the prerequisites for the development of the disease known to all as DIABETES.

Boron deficiency in the body follows. Women need to respect and know Boron. It helps maintain the calcium used in the bones, prevents OSTEOPOROSIS… Boron helps in the secretion of estrogen, and men in the processing of testosterone. If you do not use a sufficient amount of Boron, you ladies will suffer greatly during menopause, bearing all the unpleasant consequences of this period. And men in case of testosterone deficiency, in general, risk facing early IMPOTENCE.

The first symptom of zinc insufficiency in the body is manifested by loss of sense of smell and sense of taste.
In laboratory experiments on animals, it has been proven that about 7 minerals are needed to increase their longevity by 2 times. We need 90 nutrients: 60 minerals, 15 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 fatty acids. We are extraordinarily lucky because plants have the ability to produce the amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids we need. Plants are able to do this. We must use in our food 15-20 components of vegetable origin daily, in balanced, correct proportions, in order to receive these 90 elements.

For prophylaxis of PARADONTOSIS and GUM INFLAMMATION , periodontal dentists advise you to brush your teeth after each meal.
As a veterinarian hundreds of thousands of animals, mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, sheep, pigs, horses, lions, tigers, bears passed through my hands. They do not suffer from gum disease, they do not use toothpaste. They sometimes had an unpleasant smell of breath, but their gums were healthy. The reason why in animal husbandry we do not meet with gum disease is the same: they do not have calcium deficiency.

Next – HYPERTENSION. The first thing that doctors recommend us is to decrease the salt content in our diet. Everybody knows this because we get it into our heads all the time. But let’s remember the cattle. The first thing the farmer does is introduce a piece of salt into the feed. No farmer will be economically insured unless he adds a piece of salt to his pet food. He’s just going to die when he sees the vet accounts, he’s going to go crazy. And we are proposed to believe that the amount of salt we get in wheat bread, in salad, is enough for us. Don’t believe in that either.

I took a control group of 5,000 people with hypertension and doubled their daily calcium use, and after 6 weeks I stopped the experiment because 85% of this group normalized blood pressure only by doubling the calcium.
When these patients who were being treated at the doctor’s point came in for check-ups, the doctor would say, “Oh, to you. Blood pressure is within the normal range. What did you do?” “I participated in an experiment: I received calcium in double doses,” the patient replied.

Next problem: CONVULSIONS, SPASM. You wake up at midnight and can’t move your leg. We’ve all been through this. Usually it is calcium deficiency.

Next comes POSTMENSTRUAL SYNDROME. The San Diego Institute in California proposed to double the daily calcium ration and 85% of emotional and physical symptoms disappeared as if they had never been.

Then – PAIN IN THE LUMBAR REGION – 85% of Americans suffer from pain in the lumbar region, regardless of whether they work in front of the computer, load cars or drive buses. It’s a great American tragedy. In fact, low back pain is osteoporosis of the vertebrae, and it doesn’t matter if it has a problem with the discs of the spine. If the disc has nothing to hold onto, the vertebra shrinks, destroying itself. Especially if you are deficient in calcium and copper.

The last thing I want to talk about is DIABETES.
This problem is known to everyone. It is the third leading cause of elderly mortality in the US. This disease gives serious complications – blindness, dysregulation of kidney activity, cardiovascular diseases of various levels, which in turn is a cause of mortality among Americans. If you suffer from diabetes, the longevity of life on average is lower than in those who do not have diabetes.

In 1957 we learned in the veterinary field that diabetes can be prevented and treated with minerals. These data were published in the official journal of science in national health institutions where it was said: “Diabetes can be prevented and treated with chromium and vanadium.”

Only vanadium, according to data from the University of Vancouver of the British Columbian School of Medicine, is able to replace insulin in older diabetics. Of course, they can’t replace insulin all at once. For many people, the process lasts 4-6 months, i.e. it is a phased process during which an adequate amount of Chromium and Vanadium must be administered. I personally have seen how this process works on hundreds and hundreds of patients.

There are 3 types of minerals you should know:

1.METALLIC MINERALS – are those minerals that are processed from the category of stones. They assimilate only 8-12%, and when you reach the age of 25-40, their assimilation decreases to 3-5%. It is very bad if you get something like lactic calcium in pills, 1000 mg each. Many people using 2 tablets a day come to me and say: “Doctor, I consumed a lot of calcium. I heard on the radio show about arthritis and I consumed 2000 mg calcium daily, but it didn’t help anything, it really complicated the disease” Then I ask him: “Tell me what kind of calcium you received?” He replies: “Calcium gluconolactate or calcium gluconic” This is precisely where the mistake lies, since only 250 mg of this calcium is metallic calcium, and the other 750 mg is lactose and lactic sugar. And if we take into account that your body It assimilates only 10% of this amount, so 10% of 250 mg means 25 mg, and if you ingest 2 tablets you get not 2000 mg but 50 mg. It follows that to receive the necessary amount of calcium you need to consume 90 tablets daily, 30 tablets at each meal. And don’t forget about the other 59 minerals.

2. In the 60s in the households of food producers began to use CHELATED MINERALS. These minerals are metallic minerals chelated by amino acids, proteins or enzymes, which enclose the metal atom. These chelated minerals have a higher absorption power, up to 40%. Now, because of this, food manufacturers have jumped at this idea.

3. The third form of minerals are COLLOIDAL MINERALS. They have the highest assimilation. I think you notice that absorption interests us most. Colloidal minerals are 98% assimilated, which exceeds 2.5 times the assimilation of chelated minerals and 10 times more than metallic minerals. Colloidal minerals are found only in liquid form and in very small particles, 7000 times smaller than red blood cells (erythrocytes). Each mineral particle is negatively charged, and the lining of the walls of the intestine is positively charged, forming an electromagnetic field that concentrates these minerals around the walls of the intestine. All together they give that 98% assimilation.

Plants play a very interesting role in the formation of colloidal minerals. They convert metallic minerals into colloidal minerals in their tissues. Using these plants, we bring these minerals into our bodies and use (assimilate) them. But just as there are no metallic minerals in the soil, our plants, our fruits do not have in their content a sufficient amount of minerals.

All long-lived people who have lived 120-140 years have many things in common with each other. They all live at an altitude of 8,000 to 14,000 founds above water level. They have only two mornings of precipitation annually and practically do not rain, do not snow at all. They are very dry regions. How do they get drinking water for irrigation? From melting snows in the mountains. The water flowing from under these glaciers is not as clean and transparent as artesian water. If we fill a glass and look at it, it has a yellowish-white or bluish-white color. It contains from 60 to 72 minerals.
The Titi-Kaka River is nicknamed “the milk of glaciers”. Residents use this water only as drinking water, receiving 8-12% of the assimilation capacity of minerals. But what is more important is that they irrigate the soil with this water year after year, harvest after harvest, generation after generation and they do not have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, cataracts, glaucoma, newborn children with malformations, they do not have prisons, they do not have drug addicts, they do not have taxes, they do not have doctors and they live 120-140 years without diseases. What do you think about the importance of these minerals?”

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