Midnight Sermon

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Midnight Sermon

There is an exceptional writing that is quasi-familiar (for now) - "The Great Gospel of John" (non-canonical).
This is, in fact, an inspired writing or a text written under
divine dictate by Jacob Lorber in the 19th century.
This gospel comprises an impressive number of volumes and a series of exceptional information.

What givesan indication ofauthenticity to the reader is that Lorber's writings contain in a coherent, rigorous and full of wisdom form.
I information whichhe had no way of knowing in his day, and it was investigated andknown many yearslater. This fact makes it obvious to us that his writingscan contain aseries of authentic elements, or, even, the whole writing is authentic (as, moreover, many people with a special spiritual training have said that it is).

Also, for those who still have a certain reservation about this gospel, we suggest that they study it and appreciate the fact that it was impossible to invent such a quantityof information.
The "great gospel of John" is, indeed, great - it has about 10 volumes with many pages, part of which is currently verifiable, but it was not verifiable when it was written.
In fact,everyone's good spiritual feelingwill react positively, feeling that whattheyfind here is true and as a form in whichtheinformation is said is appropriate and worth reading.
Whatever the origin of this text, its reading is truly instructive...

We leave totheinspiration of the true spiritual seeker what he will believe about this spiritual gold mine and we present now only a very interesting fragment that bears the name " The Midnight Sermon ":

About rest, sleep, inertia, laziness


Jesus: [


  • Life means action (activity) and not stagnation. It must be maintained by the continuous manifestation of the forces from which it is made.
    Rest does not preserve life


  • This kind of good that rest gives you is but a kind of death of the forces that drive towards life.
    Who moves forward from
    Cis more and more in the idle calm, he finds here a certain state of well-being, but thus allows himself to slide slowly into the arms of death, from which God will not easily deliver him.
  • Of course, there is also a true, lively calm, but it lies in God. In man, it manifests itself as an inexpressible heavenly feeling of overwhelming gratitude to God and as a beatific joy to do His holy will.
This bliss and this very clear knowledge of having done God's will are the true conscious peace in God, full of life — because it is full of the forces of action (manifestation)

Every other form of calm is a stop to the forces of life, a real death; and inasmuch as they are not reactivated, these life forces withdraw! Understand?

  • Judas Iscariot said: Lord, if so, does it mean that man should banish sleep as a plague, sleep being as a rest of certain vital forces that are only the most external!?
  • I said, "Of course, but it is known that those who sleep a lot do not live long!
    He who sleeps five hours in his youth and six hours in old age, even when he reaches an advanced age, will have a youthful air;
    One who sleeps a lot, gets older faster, his face wrinkles, his hair whitens, and long before time, he will be nothing but a shadow!
  • Just as the body that sleeps a lot dies little by little, the soul dies in turn when it no longer cares about my Word and my Will!
When laziness begins to nestle in a soul, then vice also appears very quickly, for laziness is nothing but selfish selfish self-love.

Laziness banishes every opportunity to do something for others; it is basically nothing more than the will that causes men to work (only) to satisfy their own selfish desires and needs.

  • Beware, therefore, especially from laziness, it is the germ for many evils.
  • Take wild animals as an example; they do not start hunting unless they are pushed by a devouring hunger.
    Once nabbed prey and hunger quenched, they return to their den, where they then sleep for days, especially snakes!
  • Look at the thieves, the assassins, these people who loathe work because they have a demon hidden under their skin: they veg all day in their hiding places.
    When their henchmen signal to them the passage of a caravan, they quickly wake up, and together with their accomplices, they rush over the caravan, murdering everyone so as not to be betrayed. Here's the fruit of laziness!
  • I say to you once again: beware of idleness. It is the road and the open gate to a lot of unimaginable vices.
  • But after the man has finished what he had to work to do, a rest with measure is welcome for his body.
    But too much sleep is worse even than total lack of sleep!
Curse on carelessness and laziness. The blessing of activity. About the powerful sovereigns and the weak sovereigns. Nighttime sermon on activity.

⇒ the Lord said:


Who has made the long hike on foot and finally reaches an inn, does not have to immediately go to rest.
It is much better to do some small activities, and the next morning, at dawn, he has to wake up and start again on the road and then, all day, he will not feel any fatigue. In this way, the longer he prolongs his journey, the less he will feel fatigue!

⇒ But if, barely arriving at the inn, tired after a day of walking, he throws himself on a bed and does not wake up until the next day at noon, he will then hit the road with his legs stiffened and his head will hurt.
You will have to abandon the journey, tired and eager to rest; it may even be that, seeing desperately that no one is helping him, he lies down on the side of the road!

⇒ But whose mistake is it? Of his excessive desire to rest and of the foolish idea that rest fortifies man.

⇒ He who seeks to reach a high level of agility of the hands or fingers in order to attain mastery in a certain art, will fail to do so if,
under the pretext that he wants to achieve perfection, instead of practicing incessantly, he puts his hands in his pockets, walks all day, so as not to tire his hands and fingers, being afraid of hurting them;
his hands will thus become totally unfit for the art to which he aspires!

⇒ Indeed, with all My unlimited Wisdom, I could not predict the moment when such an artist could become a virtuoso! For this, my dear friends and brothers, I repeat to you:

⇒ There are only the fruits of tireless activity in God (that is, in the direction of good n.n.) .

Life can only be preserved by activity, and so it can last forever, while inactivity creates and can only create death.

⇒ Put your hands on your chest and you will see how your heart beats incessantly, day and night!
The life of the body depends on its activity, and if the heart stops, it has ended with the life of the physical body!

⇒ If the stopping of the physical heart is definitely the sign of the death of the physical body, the stopping of the heart of the soul is the death of the soul.

⇒ The heart of the soul is called love and its pulsations are expressed through the intense and true manifestation of love.


⇒ And, you see, it all comes from a continuous activity, never from a state of laziness.

⇒ Cast out rest and inertia, seek to be always active and full of initiative, and your reward will be eternal life.

⇒ Do not believe that I have come to this earth to bring peace and rest to man. Oh no! I have come to bring the sword and the war!

⇒ For men must be stimulated by terrible sufferings and troubles of all kinds, otherwise they become like fatty oxen, which bend down, waiting for eternal death.

⇒ Troubles and suffering act in man just like fermentation and eventually give rise to spiritual awakening.

⇒ It can be said, of course, that needs and troubles can generate anger, vengeance, assassination, jealousy, hardness of heart, and persecution.
It is true, but though all this is evil, they are nevertheless preferable to rest, inertia and laziness, which do neither good nor evil, and which are a state of death.


⇒ Therefore, a lukewarm sovereign signifies the loss of his people, for he slays the spirit of his people, who turn into a flock of hungry oxen and cattle of burden.

While a powerful sovereign, even if he is tyrannical, incites his people to be active and full of life, in order to avoid the tyrant's punishments and suffering.
And if the tyrant exaggerates, eventually the people will remove him, in order to free themselves from such pains and sufferings. (...)

⇒ There was then silence, and no one uttered a word, for all were meditating, finding more and more luminous the truth of those who had been told.

⇒ Finally, Matthew ended up saying out loud:

"Tomorrow, at dawn, this teaching about activity and rest will be written on a separate plate
Under no circumstances should the world lose such an important teaching." And when the day came to pass, Matthew kept his promise. This teaching has thus long been preserved and transmitted in Samaria by Jonael and Jairuth.
But with time, it was deformed, little by little and eventually disappeared completely.
For as long as it was known to the people, it was called the "Nighttime Sermon."

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