Is the Revolution of the Good Man a solution for global warming?


Global warming is the cause of many changes in our society.
Environmental protection, population reduction measures, union commands under a single, globalist and other authority aim (at least apparently) to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse effects.
In general, the main problem of the great global dilemma is the level of carbon emissions.
It is (only theoretically and statistically) simply proportional to the number of people on the planet.

However, because statistics are often the “art of lying with numbers,” in reality carbon emissions are depending on the type of consumption of goods and services,- the level of recycling- the birth rate, which must be as low as possible.


Good man, revolutionary, because he understands life in a different way from other people:

♥ eat pure (or increasingly pure) food;

This supports permaculture, agriculture with natural solutions, supports organic products and any form of food as natural as possible without toxic food additives.
The chemical industry no longer pollutes so much because it no longer produces the substances necessary for agriculture and, above all, they are no longer spread in the environment, poisoning it;

♥ do not eat meat

This protects it from many serious diseases (including cancer) and greatly reduces carbon emissions;
This is due to the fact that animal husbandry even greatly increases carbon emissions and makes food for humans less and more expensive.
In addition, it does not show violence and cruelty to animals, and through vegetarian food the climate of naturalness and compassion on the planet is sustained;

The Good Man has access to much better health than average due to his nutrition and wise and fulfilling lifestyle.

It consumes far fewer health services, the related consumables and the necessary social effort.
Because of this it is more active time to make society and the planet better;

may have consumer needs but much wiser and limited

It does not accumulate pointless objects, it buys and uses what is really necessary and its material needs are increasingly simple but also more refined.

he reads more, he understands more, and this simple thing changes his behavior, including consumer behavior towards wisdom and moderation.

In reality, the Good Man does not refuse anything but manifests detachment in desires and seeks fulfillment in Himself (not in external objects).
This makes the consumption of objects and services much lower, limited by a natural wisdom;

if he marries and has children, he does so much more consciously and responsibly.

Because of this, the number of unwise marriages and unwanted children is much lower, and the investiture of a mother or father is honored at a high level;

the intelligence quotient increases in the Good Man.

All decisions and actions are made with more respect, compassion and even love for all beings.
These decisions are transformative in the sense of good over the environment and quality of life.

he has a civic attitude and because of this he seeks to make life better in society, for himself and others.

It develops human virtues, including spiritual virtues , and that is why it tends to take the level of consciousness higher and higher.
The Good Man very actively contributes to the creation of a better and more harmonious life.
It tends to fight corruption, the exolotion of forests and the savage consumption of the planet’s resources;

Finally, we must admit that
“mansanctifies the place and the place does not sanctify man.”

So, the essential is the level of consciousness.
Because after that the combined efforts of those who want the good yield significant results, thanks to the syntony of the efforts towards the good achieved together.

The planet becomes more harmonious and the level of consciousness of the inhabitants can even make the Sahara a paradise.

Leo Radutz

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