The photon belt – esoteric considerations or: “God does not play dice!” Nothing—absolutely nothing is accidental.

In recent years, there have been more and more articles and publications referring, tangentially or in extenso, to the much-disputed photon belt, about which we also wrote a recent article on the website of the AdAnima Academic Society.

This topic deserves special attention, however, given its esoteric significance, with much deeper (even dramatic!) implications for all humanity.

From a strictly scientific perspective, it is worth highlighting certain aspects:
First of all, despite its name, the photon belt is NOT simply a stream of photons!

In reality, it is an extremely intense energy current, with high density and frequencies significantly higher than those of radiation to which our solar system is now exposed. This intense flow of energy is fed by the structure of the area of the universe around the Pleiades system. Until 1962, when astronauts first effectively detected the photon belt, physicists believed that photons consisted of particles generated instantaneously in annihilation reactions between an elementary particle and its antiparticle. When they meet, they annihilate each other, giving rise to a photon. In fact, this is the physical expression of the universal law of energy: when a negative charge arises, it attracts its opposite, the equal and opposite positive charge, and when these two merge, an intense and pure energy field is created, devoid of any polarity. The duality of contrary principles is thus resolved in the generation of a third unifying principle, which includes both, being qualitatively different from each, and devoid of polarity!

It seems that our solar system has gone from a fission stage, when energy was eminently produced by reactions in which heavy particles split to generate lighter particles accompanied by a certain amount of energy, to an age of fusion, moving from duality to non-duality! And since human beings are directly influenced by astrophysical phenomena and energies in our solar system, it seems that this is also the future direction of our evolution: developing capacities to integrate our dimension of androgynous being, or, as the alchemists said, realizing hieros gamos in the very intimacy of our being! But the period of transformation requires first of all going through a period of purification of human beings…

The concept of the photon belt was extensively developed in 1977 by Samael Aun Weor in his public works entitled The Rings of Alcyone. Here he quotes Hesse, who predicted that if the Earth first entered the photon belt, numerous luminous manifestations would occur, particularly intense and spectacular in appearance, in the Earth’s atmosphere. But if the Sun enters first, the radiation of the belt will interfere with the solar radiation compensating each other, so that darkness will reign on Earth for 110 hours, after which everything will apparently return to normal. Weor refers to the photon belt as the Alcyone Rings – which is the main Sun within the seven stars of the Pleiades. Weor also claims that our Sun is the seventh star to describe a revolution around Alcyone.

Alcyone holds rings of radiation produced by specific movements and reactions of elementary particles in the system, constituting an unknown type of energy. It is worth noting that in 1974, three American astronauts in circumterrestrial orbit reported the existence of a type of radiation of unknown bill…
Alcyone is the central star in the Pleiades System, while our Sun is the outermost star in the 7-star system.

The Mayan calendar contains details of the orbit described by our Sun in its revolution, which lasts about 26,000 years. During the longer period that our solar system is outside the photon belt, life on Earth flows within certain temporal parameters and, especially, in the illusion of materiality. But with the entry of the Solar System into the photon belt, time takes on a new dimension on Earth. The sensitively increased frequencies of radiation reaching our planet also cause mutations at the cellular level, going as far as changing the structure of the DNA of living beings. Thus, our own vibration of our being becomes higher, and the necessity of attuning ourselves to the elevated frequencies of the universe becomes a mandatory requirement for survival on Earth!

This intense, high-vibrational source is accessible to us through emotional states; We are currently going through a period of purges of negative emotions, of inner clarifications. If humans are not able to remove their emotional blockages, closed and outdated mental and emotional patterns deeply and quickly enough, it is quite possible that they will no longer be able to sustain the high vibration of the new environment that planet Earth is traversing. Such human beings risk feeling weaker and weaker, they can become ill with certain serious systemic diseases, eventually leaving this world through so-called death. On the contrary, Those who elevate their own mental and emotional frequency, who cultivate purity, harmony, goodness and virtues of the soul, will become able to perceive the connection with the new world into which the planet is passing. These elevated, beneficial feelings and feelings will be the basis of the next stage of evolution of the human being.

From another perspective, modern astrophysics conceives that there are multidimensional universes (with more than three dimensions), and that most heavy celestial bodies, including stars, possess in their neighboring areas certain portals or wormholes through which one can pass from one universe to another, or establish communication between them. For example, our Sun is, in terms of stellar age, somewhere in the second half of its middle age. It is a mature star, so the interdimensional energy portals in the solar ambience have had time to structure. At some level, the planets and stars around which they revolve can be considered to constitute a sui generis life form, which is able to communicate with other life forms of the same type through specific communication portals.

Ultimately, the fractal structure of the universe is also reflected in the fact that, if there are rudimentary life forms, at the level of bacteria, which are nevertheless endowed with the ability to communicate and influence each other (to learn), these aspects are found on the scale of human life, and then even on a larger level, on a universal scale. The planets in a solar system, together with the Sun (single, double star or a center of attraction with a more complex structure) constitute a group of entities endowed with life of their own, even with a special form of consciousness of their own, and which communicate with other similar life forms through certain energy portals. When these portals become particularly active, or when the cosmic environment changes fundamentally (for example, our solar system enters the photon belt), the entire environment of the planets, along with all living things on them, undergo radical transformations, to which they adapt or perish. It is a phenomenon similar to that in which a human being decides to undergo an extensive purification process, which consists of: strict diets, movement, spiritual practices, etc. It is then that all the cells of his organism undergo transformations, adapting to new living conditions.

Today, astrophysicists observe certain changes in the solar magnetosphere, as well as intensification of the solar wind, etc. These phenomena are physical manifestations of interference with certain energies of the photon belt, which are already strongly felt through the portals existing in the Pleiades system, of which our Sun is a part. As a result of the change in the immediate cosmic environment, all sorts of phenomena are recorded on Earth that people, in their ignorance, attribute to other causes: the number of people who suddenly discover that they suffer from serious diseases increases; relations between people are becoming increasingly strained, including at the level of states of the world; the struggle for power intensifies, as an outward expression of internal struggles between the negative and positive aspects in people; There is an unprecedented increase in the number of human beings with deep concerns about esotericism, energy healing, saving the planet, etc.

Keeping ourselves in the field of scientific analogies, let’s observe what happens to an electron in a certain orbit, or more precisely in a certain quantum state, in its motion around the atomic nucleus: whether this electron will receive from somewhere a certain amount of energy, insufficient to perform a leap or a phase transition (jump to another energy level), He will first go into a so-called excited state. Its vibration changes, and although it maintains its apparent trajectory and position in orbit, its dynamics can change at any time. This is what happens when a small energy pulse is sent to it, which can cause this electron to switch to a higher energy level, characterized by a faster vibration.

At the planetary and galactic levels, the phenomena proceed analogously: our Sun is now receiving a certain amount – surplus energy, which keeps it in an excited state for now; The solar system has apparently not changed anything, but any small energy boost can cause radical transformations. On Earth, things are the same: the agitation of human beings, the precipitation of events, the acceleration of the passage of time, etc., are the expression of the energetically excited state.

We are waiting for a new energetic influx that will propel us to a higher vibrational level, with all the adaptive processes that this entails. For the planet, this new level can translate into a new relief configuration, new parameters of spatial evolution – and adaptation to new conditions can be done through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, intense tides and huge waves, etc. For human beings it can be a leap in consciousness, and the adaptation to the new, higher vibration of consciousness will be done exactly through what we are experiencing now: the exacerbation of diseases, the emergence of new scourges, the agitation of people, the increase of aggression, social and political transformations, etc.

On December 22, 2012, physicists calculated that time as we now evaluate it on the planet would become null.

In other words, due to a phenomenon of shrinkage of durations, the equivalent of 24 hours will be zero! We will live in an eternal present… This does not mean that time disappears somewhere, into nothingness, but that we will make a phase leap, at the planetary level, in which the notion of time as we know it today cancels out, passes into something else! Time is a subjective perception of the sequence of events. We will perceive the world differently, and we will have a simultaneous perception, perhaps, of all events! It’s hard to imagine, even for science fiction writers, this mutation in consciousness…

One thing is certain: the only side of the human being that is not influenced by the passage of time is the soul. Adaptation to the contraction of temporal durations can therefore be best done by focusing our attention on the level of the soul, of our deep feelings. Here we rediscover the exhortations of all sacred texts, which firmly suggest that salvation and liberation of the human being from the chains of illusion occurs through living at the level of the Heart. Here, we can easily move to any level of vibration we want, no matter how elevated it may be. An awakened soul possesses the ability to tune into a vibrational level no matter how high (remember that Jesus’ disciples were fishermen, tax collectors, simple people who did not understand their Master with their mind, but with their Heart).

Paraphrasing Andre Malraux, who said: The twenty-first century will be a religious century, or it will not be at all, we could say: The twenty-first century will be a century of living in the Heart, or it will not be at all!

This is also the key to successfully passing tests to adapt to new conditions on Earth, with the complete passage of our solar system into the photon belt. Purity, gentleness, kindness, wisdom of the Heart, humility, selflessness and all the virtues of the soul are the attributes that characterize the human beings who will populate the New Earth. We are therefore all engaged in a race against time, aiming to integrate our own emotional and mental shadows, and urgently alchemy them into their beneficial counterpart. With the healing of the soul will occur, in each of us, the healing of the body and all other levels. Then we will be able to step serenely into the Light, into a new world of peace and spirituality, to find outwardly the Paradise once lost…

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