Vitamin B17 – a revolutionary discovery, hidden from pharmaceutical companies!

VitaminsIn his volume “World Without Cancer”, the American author Edward Griffin describes the truth about an older discovery, carefully hidden from the general public, namely the healing properties of vitamin B17, also called laetril or tonsillitis, according to EsoReiter.

It is a proven fact that this substance quickly destroys cancer cells. The author provides more information about the cure of cancer patients thanks to B17, as well as the scientific explanations of his actions, and raises the question ‘Why does conventional medicine not resort to it on a large scale against the deceptive disease?’

Griffin argues that vitamin B17 is not used in conventional medicine not for scientific reasons, but because of the world’s elite’s policy in the field of oncology. Billions of dollars are spent annually on research and cancer treatments, another billion are spent on army production of chemicals designed to fight the disease. Thus, hiding vitamin B17 is economic for a dominant pharmaceutical industry in our world.

Vitamin B17, which kills cancer, is especially contained in apricot kernels. They have been officially declared medicine against all types of cancer as yet 35 toNi. After the Second World War, Dr. Max Gerson successfully treated his patients with this remedy and included it in his method of combating cancer.

Amygdalin is found in apricot kernels, almonds, sour cherries, peaches, plums and apples, as well as in the seeds of apples, sorghum, millet, flaxseed, lentils, some varieties of beans and grapes. Also in some plants and many other products that modern man does not currently use in food.

news-apricotsThe current way of life makes us consume products from refined flour, a lot of sugar, cooking oil and other industrial and processed products, while natural organic foods have long been absent from our menu. Our grandparents ate unrefined natural foods, and cancer in their day was a rare occurrence. They ate dried fruits, bread from raw flour and even millet bread. Thus, they had access, unknowingly, to the vitamins necessary for a healthy life, free from diseases, including tonsil (B17).

Vitamin B17 was banned for the treatment of cancer 35 years ago, even though many scientists claimed that if a person consumed this vitamin daily, he would not develop cancer, the author of the said volume claims. According to him, the pharmaceutical giants, as well as the US Ministry of Health, have exerted huge pressure on the Food and Drug Quality Control Directorate, which has declared the marketing of vitamin B17 illegal, along with the attached information about its therapeutic effects against cancer, as well as the sale of categories of fresh fruit and apricot kernels.

The tactic also included spreading rumors that apricot and almond kernels contained cyanide and that it could poison those who eat them. But the truth is that no one has poisoned themselves because of this to this day, even if they have consumed in large quantities apricot kernels or almonds, writes Edward Griffin in his volume.

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