A fundamental and seemingly miraculous discovery in genetics

There are two ways to live your life; one is as if nothing is miraculous, the other is as if everything is a miracle.


Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf show that DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed through words and certain frequencies.

These discoveries pave the way for a new type of medicine in which DNA can be reprogrammed using words and certain frequencies, so without cutting it and replacing certain genes.

Genetic surgery has a formidable competitor!

Only 10% of human DNA is used to make proteins. Only this small part is the subject of western research already known and popularized. The remaining 90% is considered ‘ballast’, i.e. of no importance. However, Russian researchers, convinced that nature is not at all wasteful, have joined some linguists and geneticists determined to discover the true role of most of the human adenoma. The results and conclusions of this research are revolutionary!

Words that heal

According to them, human DNA is not only responsible for building our body, but also serves as a repository of information and a way of communication. That’s a kind of Internet. Russian linguists have found that the entire genetic code, especially the 90% part declared useless by Westerners, follows the same rules used in all human languages. Thus, they compared the syntactic rules (the way in which words form phrases and sentences), semantic (the study of meanings in a certain language) and the basic grammatical rules. Thus, they found that alkaline molecules in DNA follow the usual grammatical rules used in all human languages. In other words, human languages did not appear “at random”, but are the result of DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and biologist Pyotr Gariaev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of DNA, that is, the effect of certain frequencies on it. The conclusion is stupefying: living chromosomes function exactly like holographic/solitonic computers using endogenously generated laser radiation right inside the DNA! In other words, they were able to modulate certain vibratory patterns on a laser beam with which they influenced DNA and genetic information. And since the structure of DNA is the same as that of human language, words and sentences can be used directly to influence DNA, without the need for any decoding. This has been experimentally proven!

Living DNA (from tissues, not “in vitro”) reacts promptly to laser beams modulated by words and sentences, but even to radio waves, if the appropriate frequencies are used. In this way it is scientifically explained why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and positive thinking can have such powerful effects on humans. It is therefore normal and natural for DNA to react to language. While Western researchers “surgically” extract certain genes from the DNA chain and introduce them elsewhere to do experimentation, the Russians have worked enthusiastically on devices that allow them to influence cellular metabolism through appropriate radio frequencies and light frequencies and thus repair certain genetic defects.
Gariaev’s group of researchers was able to demonstrate that, using this method, chromosomes affected by X-rays can be repaired. Moreover, they “captured” informational models from one DNA and transmitted them to another, thus reprogramming cells for another genome. Thus, they transformed frog embryos into salamander embryos, only by transmitting the corresponding information model! In this way, all information was transmitted without any side effects of the kind encountered in Western practices. This represents one of the greatest revolutions in medical science, which will surely lead to astounding transformations! The spectacular results were obtained only by using vibrations and language instead of the somewhat “barbaric” techniques of molecular surgery. These experiments show the huge potential of vibrational genetics, which obviously has a greater influence in the formation of organisms than in the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences in DNA (the part of only 10% of the total).

Spiritual and esoteric teachers have known for thousands of years that this human body is programmable by language, words, and thought. Now this has been scientifically demonstrated and explained. Of course, the frequency used must be the appropriate one. And that’s why not everyone is always successful or doesn’t get results of the same magnitude. Man must “work” on the inner processes and obtain a certain spiritual maturity in order to establish a direct and conscious communication with the DNA. Russian researchers are working on a device that will ensure success provided that the correct frequency is used.

Each makes its own inner revolution.

But a man with a high spiritual consciousness does not need any kind of device! He doesn’t depend on any device to reprogram his DNA. Each of us can achieve this, and science confirms! Russian researchers have found that human DNA creates morphological patterns in a vacuum, and produces so-called magnetic “wormholes.” These are the microscopic equivalents of the famous Einstein-Rosen “bridges” that are found near cosmic black holes and that connect two very distant pucks, a kind of shortcut. These are like tunnels with heads in various areas of the cosmos through which information can be transmitted outside the laws of space and time.
DNA draws such information from the macrocosm and transmits it to our consciousness. It is like a multiple resonator, like a radio capable of receiving several different stations, depending on the frequency that they emit. This process of hypercommunication is extremely effective in a state of deep relaxation. Stress, worries or an overactive mind obstruct this process And the information received is distorted and useless.

Nature has been using this kind of hypercommunication for millions of years. Modern man knows only a small part by the name of intuition. An example from nature: within an anthill, if the queen is spatially separated from the colony, the ants continue to build the nest according to the original plan. But if the queen is killed, all the activity in the colony stops. No ant knows what to do anymore. It seems that the queen tells the ants what and how to do, through group consciousness, and the ants listen to her blindly, as if they do not have a conscience of their own. Man experiences this kind of hypercommunication when he has an intuition or inspiration. For several decades of months, a 42-year-old man dreamed at night that he was connected to a CD-ROM information system. In this way, verifiable knowledge, from very diverse fields, was transmitted to him, and he was checking them in the morning. A real cascade of information – like an encyclopedia! The vast majority of them were outside his personal sphere of knowledge and touched on technical details of which he knew nothing.

The Effect of Phantom DNA

This kind of hypercommunication generates spectacular effects, both in DNA and in the human being. Russian researchers irradiated a dna sample with laser light, and on the device’s screen appeared the wave pattern that was expected. When they removed the DNA sample, the waveform did not disappear, but continued to exist! Several experiments of this kind have shown that the waveform is, however, generated by the distant sample, whose energy field remains. This effect has been called the “phantom DNA” effect.

Microscopic “wormholes”

It is stated that energy outside of ordinary space and time continues to “flow” through activated “wormholes”, even after DNA is removed from the experiment. The observed side effect is that even around human beings capable of hypercommunication, such unexplained electromagnetic fields have been detected. Electronic devices like CD players or the like may stop working for several hours. As the electromagnetic field begins to disappear, these devices return to normal operation. Many healers and therapists have known these effects for a long time. The more charged the atmosphere and the higher the energy, the greater the chances of the recording device turning off. And the buttoning of the device will not put it back into operation until after a few hours, during which time the energy has disappeared.
In their book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Connected Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these phenomena very clearly and precisely. They cite sources that state that in the past, humanity was very closely connected, like other forms of life, to group consciousness and acted as a group. But in order to experience the individual way of consciousness, people had to forget about hypercommunication, almost entirely.

Higher group consciousness

At this point, at the level of humanity, the individual consciousness is relatively stable, and a new, truly superior form of group consciousness can be created, in which we can have access to all the information through the biological resonator present in every cell in our body — dna — without being forced or manipulated from a distance in terms of the information itself.

As in the Internet, our DNA can transmit its own information in this vast network that is LIFE, it can receive information from this network and it can even establish direct contacts with other participants in the network. Miraculous healings from a distance, telepathy, clairvoyance, can thus be explained easily and naturally. For example, some pets know in advance when their masters will return home.
This can be interpreted through the prism of hypercommunication and group consciousness. Any collective consciousness cannot be used indefinitely without an individual consciousness. Otherwise, we would return to a primitive state in which the herd instinct could be extremely easily manipulated. Hypercommunication at the moment means something entirely different: researchers say that if people (who have an individual consciousness) will regain access to group consciousness, they will then have superhuman powers of creation with which they will be able to shape all life on the planet.

The fact is that humanity is obviously moving towards such a higher group consciousness. It is estimated that 50% of the children who are born now will have great problems at school. They are known as “indigo children” because of their aura of this color, which indicates a high consciousness and exemplary purity. At the same time, more and more children with powers of clairvoyance are being born (according to the book “The Indigo Children of China” by Paul Dong). These children teach us, as adults, what higher group consciousness means by personal example.

For example, the climate cannot be influenced by one man, as a rule. But it can be influenced by a group consciousness —nothing new to some tribes bringing rain through their dances. The weather is strongly influenced by the Earth’s own resonant frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. But these are exactly the same frequencies that are produced in our brains, and when several people act in synchronicity, in unison, an effect similar to laser light is formed – that of manifestation “in the same phase”. This explains in scientific terms how to influence the weather!

The researchers of group consciousness have formulated the theory of “Type I Civilization”. A humanity that has passed to the stage of higher group consciousness would have neither environmental problems nor lack of energy, because it would have a natural and natural control over all energies and processes throughout the planet. This also includes a check on possible catastrophes! And a “Type II Civilization” could have control over the energies of its entire galaxy.

Higher group consciousness creates order

And now, a real “bomb”: when a very large number of people focus on the same goal (e.g. a football match, Christmas holiday or other similar events in scale), it has been experimentally demonstrated that random number generators begin to offer orderly numbers instead of random numbers. In other words, a higher (orderly) group consciousness creates order throughout the environment! Experiments from the university environment have shown that the physical world and the mental world are connected and interdependent!

For more details on the project results, visit:

DNA is now also viewed as an organic superconductor that operates at normal body temperature, unlike artificial superconductors that require very low temperatures, between -200 and -400 degrees Celsius. All superconductors are capable of storing light, and therefore, information. And in this way one can explain how DNA can store and transmit information so well. As for the so-called “wormholes” (wormhole), they are normally very unstable and disappear in only a fraction of a second. Under certain conditions, such “wormholes” can organise themselves by forming areas of vacuum where, for example, gravity can turn into electricity. Such vacuum zones are like radiant balls of ionized gas that have immense energy.

The Power of Consciousness
There are certain areas of Russia where such radiant balls appear very often. The Russians began massive research programs that led to some astonishing conclusions. A lot of people know these vacuum zones in the form of brilliant balls appearing in the sky. They look closely at them and wonder what it could be. I once thought ” Hello! If you’re UFOs, fly into the triangle.” And all of a sudden, the spheres formed a triangle. On another occasion, I told them to accelerate from zero to infinite speed, and so they did. Obviously, I thought they were friendly UFOs, since they did what I asked them to do to please me.

Now, the Russians have found in those areas where the luminous spheres appear, that these balls can be guided by thought, because very low frequencies have been detected around these spheres, frequencies similar to those produced by our brains. Because of this similarity, the spheres react to our thoughts!

I have to warn you that it’s not a very good idea to jump on one of these balls that is sitting on the ground, because the energy it holds is so high that it could cause us genetic mutations. Or they might not, because, for example, it is known that many spiritual teachers produce such visible spheres of energy when they are in deep states of meditation, thus triggering pleasant and uplifting states. It is already famous for the case of a spiritual teacher who was meditating in his chair, and when someone wanted to photograph him, only a bright white cloud could be seen in the picture, like a fog. Quite simply, these kinds of phenomena must be in connection with gravity and anti-gravity, with those “wormholes” that are stabilized by thought, and with hypercommunication, that is, a connection with energies outside our usual space-time structure. Previous generations, who had such experiences of contact through hypercommunication and luminous spheres, called them experiences with angels.

Although many of these interactions are believed to have been merely transfers of spiritual energy from those spheres to man, that does not mean that there are no angels! Official science already knows areas of this planet with gravitational anomaly (which contributes to the formation of such luminous spheres of vacuum). Until now, the gravitational deviation was less than 1% of the total value of the field. Recently, other areas have been discovered that have a gravitational anomaly of 3 to 4%. One of these places is Rocca di Papa, south of Rome (for exact location, see the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz”).
There, various objects of various shapes, from spheres to buses (yes, it’s not typographical mistake), ascend to the sky.
Reference: “Vernetzte Intelligenz” by Grazyna Fosar Si Franz Bludorf, ISBN 3930243237, http://www.fosar-bludorf.com/index.htm
Source: Active Information Media – Daniela Dumitriu

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