What is the purpose of life?

LifeThat is, what is the point of the journey of a being, birth, school, marriage, employment and work, old age and decrepitude… where do they go?

In the vision of the ordinary man, the purpose of life is a prosperous ambience, in which he lacks nothing from a material point of view, with a healthy body, a loving family, with glory and social recognition. Is there something wrong with this ideal?

This ideal is not wrong, it is even justified and desirable, but these values are fleeting and even during life, at any time, they can be altered. But even if this does not happen, with death, which, in fact, is only a passage into another plane, all these aspects disappear, the being taking with it only the Self.

There is a maximum in Kabala:
All that thou hast ever seen—every flower, every bird, and every stone—shall pass away and shall be turned into dust, but the fact that thou hast seen them shall remain.”

In fact, one’s own Self is the only everlasting treasure that every being holds and that sustains it in any situation, even the most disastrous one, and which is, in fact, the spark from God the Father present in us.

The most undesirable part is the fact that, in ordinary people, the realization of these usual desiderata generates the departure from their divine nature, becoming, wicked, selfish, unloving, extortioned, ahtiate after material accumulations and after power and glory, etc.

“And again I say unto you, it is easier for the camel to pass through the ears of the needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matthew, 19-24).

That is, common, gregarious ideals are rarely doomed to succeed in obtaining an authentic happiness. As rare as it is easy as it “passes the camel through the ears of the needle”.”

But, very rarely yet, it is possible.

This negative transformation can be avoided by a conscious man if he follows the principles and practices of an authentic and effective spiritual path.

Then the outer prosperity does not contradict the inner one and it can even be helpful.

But just a help.

Material prosperity cannot be an end goal because it is a fleeting value.

Even for those attached to such values, material prosperity (for which they may have sacrificed health, love or humanity) brings unfulfillment and boredom, because it does not offer a real fulfillment.

It’s something quite common. Let’s think about what’s going on with a hungry man.
He thinks that having enough food and good quality is something very valuable and important.

But after the food has come to be in sufficient quantities and of good quality, the hungry before tries to refine the food, to abuse, but whatever it does, it finds that, nevertheless, to be satiated is only to be satiated and not a special achievement.

In addition, if the human being has at his disposal everything he wants, from a material point of view, if he has all the comforts and all the time in the world at his disposal, there is not an amplification of the state of happiness, but a thinning and an alteration of his power and aspiration.

Material prosperity can be perfectly justified and necessary when we need it in order to fulfill a certain spiritual purpose: the purpose of parenthood, of supporter of the arts, of the sciences, of helping those in need, of creator, inventor and others.

LOVE is a very good goal for life, because it can make anyone “tangent but the infinite”. it is a huge chance and it manifests itself in any area of life. Every part of what we call life turns into light when we love.

From the perspective of nondualistic spiritual paths (which we consider to be the most advanced perspective), the purpose of life is the following:

“Let the creature know the Creator.”

In other words, it is the achievement of the state of perfection, salvation, perfection, communion with God, through the gradual transformation of the qualities of the being or through the sudden, direct relation to the ultimate perfect state… or to the primordial, natural state that exists in every being and in every moment (but usually unconscious).

The being thus becomes one with Him, first through likeness and then identity.

Another form of this precisely stated purpose is

the state of perfect Happiness,

for God is happiness, and every form of pleasure or joy as it is commonly known are but a partial, edulcorated and pale form of supreme happiness which is perfect communion with God.

From this perspective, even the Buddha said that what is absolutely inevitable for the human being is the state of perfect happiness, which it reaches after transmigrating from one incarnation to another, through perfection and permanent becoming, under the impulses of life as an unconscious being or on a spiritual path.

Even the worst of beings will eventually end up being one with the Creator, thus living the state of perfect happiness.
It’s just that he’ll do this later, according to the principle:

“If you can’t, you’ll be helped,
if you do not know you will be taught,
if you don’t want to, you’ll oblige…”

This obligation does not arise by the violation of free will, but by the successive knowledge or receipt of the consequences of the fruits of the actions, which return to us gradually, according to the divine Law of Action and Reaction.
It says:
“If in the Universe you act in a certain way, at the right time and perfectly you will receive back an identical reaction from the Universe.” Or “He that lifteth up the sword, by the sword shall fall”

Exceptions – yes, there may be exceptions – by divine will.

I mean “Ask and you will be given”…
The purpose of existence is equivalent to the Hindu notion of DHARMA and contains two aspects: one inner and the other external.

The inner one is about getting
state of perfection,
of intense and perfect manifestation of the divine archetype masculine or feminine,
of supreme Liberty,
of inner revelation of the Ultimate Truth,
of revealing the supreme individual and universal Self,
of the perfect identification of the individual will, by free will, with the Universal Will, almighty, divine.

The intense and perfect manifestation of the divine archetype masculine or feminine it is followed, then, by the experience of the state of androgyne, that is, the state in which the inner polarity no longer exists, having at hand in our own inner universe everything we can want at the level of polarity, both minus and plus, both yin and yang, etc.

The harmonization, purification and intensification of our resonance at the level of each of the 7 main energy centers, which control the functioning of all the endocrine glands and of our inner powers and tendencies is an important part of obtaining the state of perfection at the energetic level, which occurs perfectly only when the fundamental energy of kundalini shakti is completely awakened and ascended on the column to the top.

Harmonization of the 9 psychic typologies known as the typologies on the eneagram and the experience of the 10th typology, of the perfect, which can manifest, at will, the qualities of any typology of the 9.

The apparent external aspect of the purpose of existence is a fruit that is connected with the relation to what appears to us as external:
supporting, through our very life, conscious or unconscious, the spiritual evolution of the other beings, so that they can understand their spiritual lessons, in order to guide and sustain them in their inner effort.
It always takes place in accordance with our possibilities, which are, in time, more and more elevated and refined, due to our own inner evolution and we will do this

as simple participants in this journey more or less intensely in one of the existing or

as parents, siblings, children, boyfriends or girlfriends, friends, artists, teachers or masters.

Leo Radutz
AdAnima Academic Society
Bucharest, 01.01.2010

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