The Spiritual Purpose and the Voice of the Heart – (The Alchemist – excerpt about “Personal Legend”)

Every man has a spiritual purpose, which has an inner and an outer component.
The inner spiritual purpose is the realization of the ultimate goal of any being: the creature to know the Creator. These desideratum is known to people in different forms: supreme nodual happiness, liberation, enlightenment, the state of the highest samadhi, nirvana, moksha, salvation.

The outer one is the help that we offer to other beings, consciously or unconsciously, in the multiple existences, so that they too can fulfill their spiritual purpose. The two are related, because we can help others only according to our own inner realization.

Abheda Yoga is an extremely high and, at the same time, very direct and concrete method of fulfilling our Spiritual Purpose, which is, in fact, the stated purpose in this form of fundamental yoga.
Leo Radutz

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires for you to realize your dream,” said the Alchemist, repeating the words of the old king.

The lad understood. Someone else had appeared on his way to lead him to his Personal Legend.

― Then are you going to teach me?

Nope. You know everything you need. I’ll just help you find your way to the treasure.

There’s war between clans, repeats the lad.

– I know the desert.

I have already found my treasure. I have a camel, money from the crystal shop and fifty gold coins. I can be a rich man at my house.

“But none of these things are close to the Pyramids,” said the Alchemist.

I have Fatima. It’s a treasure greater than anything I’ve been able to collect.

She is not close to the Pyramids either. […]

The lad didn’t want to hear about the Pyramids. His soul was heavy with sadness from the previous night. If he continued his quest for treasure, it meant leaving Fatima.

“I will guide you through the desert,” said the Alchemist.

“I want to stay in the oasis,” replied the lad. I met Fatima. And she, to me, means more than treasure.

“Fatima is a woman of the desert,” said the Alchemist. He knows that men have to leave to be able to return. She found her treasure: you. Now wait for you to find what you are looking for.

– And if I decide to stay?

You will be the counselor of Oasis.
You have enough gold to buy a lot of sheep and a lot of camels.
You will marry Fatima and live happily ever after in your first year.
You will learn to love the desert, and you will know each of the fifty thousand persimmons.
You will notice how they grow, revealing a world that is always changing.
And you will understand more and more the signs, because the desert is a better master than all of them.
In the second year, you will remember that there is a treasure.
The signs will start to talk insistently about it, and you will try to overlook them. You will use your knowledge only for the good of the oasis and its inhabitants. Tribal chiefs will thank you for that.
Camels will bring you wealth and strength.
In the third year the signs will continue to tell you about the treasure and the Personal Legend.
You will spend nights wandering through the oasis, and Fatima will become a sad woman because she caused your path to be interrupted.
But you will give her love and she will respond to you with love. You will remember that she never asked you to stay, because a woman of the desert knows how to wait for her man.
That’s why you’re not going to find any fault. But you will walk many nights through the sand of the desert and among the persimmons thinking that maybe you could have followed your path, to trust more in your love for Fatima.

Because what keeps you in the oasis is your own fear of never coming back. And in that moment, the signs will show you that your treasure is buried forever. In the fourth year the signs will leave you because you didn’t want to listen to them. The tribal chiefs will understand this and you will be deposed from the Council. At that time you will have become a wealthy merchant with many camels and many commodities.

But you will spend the rest of your days wandering among the persimmons and the desert, knowing that you have not fulfilled your Personal Legend and that at that moment it will be too late for that. And you will not understand that Love never prevents a man from following his Personal Legend. And when that happens, it’s because it wasn’t True Love, the one that speaks the Language of the World.

The alchemist wiped the circle off the sand, and the serpent ran away and disappeared among the stones. The lad remembered the Crystal Merchant who always wanted to go to Mecca, and the Englishman who was looking for an Alchemist. The lad also remembered a woman who trusted the desert and the desert one day brought the man he wanted as a lover.

They straddled, and this time the boy was following the Alchemist. The wind brought the noises of the oasis, and he tried to guess Fame’s voice. That day he hadn’t been to the well because of the fight.

But tonight, when they were looking at a serpent enclosed in a circle, the strange rider with the hawk on his shoulder had spoken to him of love and treasures, of the women of the desert, and of his Personal Legend.

“I’m going with you,” said the lad. And suddenly he felt his heart at peace.

We leave tomorrow at dawn, before sunrise, was the only answer of the Alchemist.”


Excerpt from the novel “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho

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