ZAZEN and meditation in the middle of the action – HAKUIN EKAKU

by Leo Radutz , AdAnima Academic Society

The Way of the Heart is a quick and effective solution to living spirituality in the middle of life.
Mere introspection is rarely enough, as there are specific fields that compel the seeker to feel that they are still limited. These must be “pierced” or overcome, but this can be achieved through individual effort or divine grace. Or by both (this being, of course, the preferable option).
When applying the methods of the Heart Way, the effectiveness of the spiritual endeavor increases for many reasons, but it is essential that

these limitations or kanchuka’s are MUCH easier to “pierce” when we perform ADHI MUDRA in the middle of the action.
Beyond a certain level of inner achievement, all masters speak alike.
It is natural, because everyone comes to know the same Ultimate Reality, the same Divine Truth.
This is, moreover, also an indication of attainment, because as long as a practitioner still retains within him the illusion of the existence of an ultimate reality specific only to his path of inner transformation, then it follows that he has not achieved a sufficiently high degree of attainment.

There are an infinite number of spiritual paths, but only one divine reality.
Zazen methods are very similar, on an essential level, to those of the Heart Path – Abheda Tantra, and their effectiveness is also very high.
hakuin-selfportraitMaster Hakuin Ekaku lived in a situation of semi-reclusion during the last three years of his life.
In the winter of 1768 he was examined by a physician, who, taking his pulse, remarked:
” — It would seem that everything is fine.”
Hakuin muttered in response:
“– What a doctor! Doesn’t he see that in three days I won’t be anymore?!”
At dawn on December 11, Hakuin awoke from his peaceful slumber, uttered a loud cry, turned to his right side, and left his physical body for good.
It is said that after cremation, Hakuin’s ashes had the glossy color of coral and were as fragrant as spices.
Hakuin’s last calligraphic work was the statement of his life:
a gigantic character “in the middle” with the inscription

Meditation in the MIDDLE of action is a billion times superior to meditation in silence.”

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