Little Soul and Forgiveness – Miracle in the Middle of Life

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Life as a spiritual path, as a plane from another plane, in a world full of Beings who are the same being.

forgive me

The one who is satisfied with the struggle of opposites, with the continuous turmoil of plus and minus (surely being, here, only change). He believes that to be happy you have to be stronger and stronger, not noticing that no matter how strong you are, you eventually encounter a contrary power greater than yours. Little soul and forgiveness will help us find out how we can be happy, and without turmoil.


But in the “eye of the hurricane”, which is, in fact, our divine Heart, our ultimate Essence, opposites have no power, and we can truly understand Life as a manifestation of Him, both in Plus and in Minus being the same being, and from the eyes of anyone looking at us himself, shabby and loving, following our way to the treasure within us, which is all He.

Every being we perceive is, in fact, a Supreme Self disguised with some mask.
That is why being evil, violent, or untrue toward anyone is a great mistake, for whoever is the Self, the Supreme Being, who is, in fact, also our real, permanent, but sometimes occult nature.


Parable about the Miracle in the middle of life

“You can choose to be any part of God you want,” I said to the Little Soul.

– You are the Absolute Divinity who lives herself as experience. What Aspect of Divinity do you want to live now as the experience of being You?

“- Do you mean I have a choice?” asked the Little Soul.

And I answered:

“- Yes. You can choose to live as an experience in yourself, as you and through yourself, any Aspect of divinity.”

“- Okay,” said the Little Soul, “Then I choose Forgiveness. I want to experience my Self as that Aspect of God called Total Forgiveness.”

Well, as you can imagine, this created a special situation.

There was no one to forgive. All that I have created is Perfection and Love.

“- No one to forgive?” asked the Little Soul, as if not believing.

“- No one,” I repeated.

“- Look around you. Do you see any soul that is less perfect, less wonderful than you?”

the little soul

At these words, the Little Soul looked around him and was surprised to find that he was surrounded by all the souls in heaven. They had come from afar, from all over the Kingdom, because they had heard that the Little Soul was having an extraordinary conversation with God.

“- I don’t see anyone who is less perfect than me!” exclaimed the Little Soul.

“- Then whom shall I forgive?”

At that moment, another soul came out of the crowd.

Divine Play

“- You can forgive me,” said The Friendly Soul.

“- For what?” asked the Little Soul.

“- I will come into your future physical life and do something for which you will have to forgive me,” replied The Friendly Soul.

the little soul
the little soul

“- What could you do, a being of Light so Perfect that you would cause me to want to forgive you?” the Little Soul wanted to know.

“- O,” smiled the Friendly Soul, “I’m sure we’re going to invent something ourselves.”

“- But why would you want to do this?”. The Little Soul could not realize why a being of such perfection would want to slow down his vibrations so much as to really do something “bad”.

“- Simple,” explained the Friendly Soul, “I would do it because I love you. You want to experience your Self as a Forgiving Self, don’t you? Moreover, you did the same for me.”

“- Is that what I did?” asked the Little Soul.

“- Of course. Don’t you remember? Both of you and I were All That Is. We were up and down, and left and right. We were Here and There, Now and Then. We were Great and Small, Male and Female, Good and Evil. We were all All That Is.

And we have done all this to them through understanding, so that each of us can experience ourselves as the Most Grandiose Part of God. Because we understood that …

Typically, in the absence of what We are Not, what We Are, what We Are, is NOT.

In the absence of “cold”, we cannot be “warm”. In the absence of “sad”, we cannot be “glad”; without what is called “bad”, the experience of what we call “good”, usually, cannot exist.

For many beings, if we choose to be a thing, something or someone opposite it must appear somewhere in the universe to make it possible.”

To be, however, in the midst of opposites, in the Divine Heart, keeps us from playing their game, which have change as a permanent law.

To be “in the world but not of the world” gives us His eternal, immutable happiness, which is not subject to becoming, and which is the only everlasting treasure.

And this is the Way to be Ourselves, natural, natural, authentic, not delivering anything other than the Truth within Us, present in anyone and anytime, as a foundation of Creation.
the little soul
the little soul

The Friendly Soul then explained that those people are Special Angels of God and that these conditions are the Gifts of God.

“- I’m only asking you for one thing in return,” said the Friendly Soul.

“- Any! Anything,” shouted the Little Soul. He was impressed to learn that he could experience every Divine Aspect of God. Now he understood the Plan.

“- The moment they give into you, when they hit you,” said the Friendly Soul, “the moment they do your best to be worse – at that very moment … remember who I really am.”

“Oh, I’ll never forget!” promised the Little Soul.

“- I will see in you the perfection that envelops you now and I will always remember who You are.

after “Conversations with God”, by Neale Donald Walsch
the final drafting of this text was made by Professor Leonard Rădutz.

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