108 reasons to start practicing Abheda nondualist meditations right now!

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Lately there is more and more talk about meditation and its positive effects on those who practice it.
The latest research indicates that those who begin to practice meditation improve their health and life as a whole.

There are many ways to meditate, but Abheda Meditations are fundamental and underlie other types of meditation.

If we haven't meditated yet and we're not convinced it's worth it, here are no less than

108 reasons that can spur us to start a daily meditative practice

1. Helps us control our minds and we discover a natural mental peace, increasingly easy to access, regardless of the acidity and agitation of the environment.

2. Helps us control our emotions.

3. Amplifies wisdom and good breeding.

4. It takes the mind into the heart. It gives us the opportunity to use the mind as an instrument of the soul or the essential Self. We get rid of any determinism that arises from the mechanics of mind while using, at the most, the power that this genuine computer which is our mind provides us with.

5. Provides high concentration power.

6. Provides creativity, inspiration and intuition.

7. Memory becomes exceptional and selective.

8. Can induce, through consistent training the state of genius.

9. Helps us to have the greatest potential possible at this time.

10. Produces and expands high states of consciousness.

11. Connects us with our ultimate essence, soul or even with the immortal essential Self.

12. Although we use some of the time to meditate, we find, paradoxically, that we have more time for the other activities or that we are doing more than before.

13. Allows us not to be slaves to mental compulsions, mental habits and suggestions. It helps us to reach a state where we can not be manipulated or hypnotized if we do not wish.

14. Allows us to overcome shyness and gives us the opportunity to speak with inspiration in front of an audience, no matter how large.

15. A state of natural and spontaneous humility occurs.

16. We feel the sacred and we have a natural and very direct relationship to God, if we wish.

17. We make wise decisions.

18. We lead our lives with mastery.

19. Amplifies the power to be good leaders and lead a successful group, organization or company.

20. We get to live our lives, not let the life ”live us”.

21. We live life intensely, feeling the joy of living at levels unimaginable until then, as a result of meditation.

22. We have a different perspective on time, which has several facets:
- first the focus on the present moment,
- then, the state of presence,
- then the state of presence whether we are with the mind in the present, in the past or the future.

23. Makes us more playful in any situation, understanding more and more that life is a refined divine game.

24. We have a different perspective on performance, pressure and stress.

25. We feel perfect detachment state even when we perform and even when we don't perform.

26. We connect to the infinite potential of our consciousness.

27. We firmly manifest spiritual virtues.

28. We feel art and refinement of any kind.

29. Spontaneous good breeding.

30. We have a gigantic courage no matter how surprising or intense the test we are experiencing are.

31. We feel true inner freedom, no matter what problems we face.

32. We have access to many details of our existence and the world in which we live, connecting us to a surprising and breathtaking spontaneous knowledge.

33. We are ourselves allways.

34. We manage to keep our mind ”young” and to know evolution instead of involution in this regard.

35. Improves sex life.

36. It has been shown to improve native genetic structure.

37. Eliminates the emotional causes of diseases.

38. We become more attractive and more and more a gift for all beings, especially for beings of the opposite sex.

39. Our relationships tend to be stable, loving and authentic.

40. We have special inner strength.

41. We have the real power to carry out any project.

42. We get a spontaneous and genuine assessment at work.

43. We manage to know and do good.

44. Lets us be truly happy, no matter what life contains.

45. We can give up any worldly aspect or support with our own power what is necessary.

46. Intense and appropriate compassion in a manner that is wise to every situation.

47. Elevates the being.

48. It reveals to us the profound meaning of existence.

49. Decreases cases where people who report with enmity or aversion to us and appears a spontaneous attitude of trust, lack of aversion or fear towards us.

50. Amplifies personal charm.

51. We transcend traumas of any kind and especially emotional ones.

52. We don't need a psychologist.

53. Amplifies self-knowledge, understanding our qualities and flaws, amplifying the former and displacing the others.

54. We are becoming more and more a successful person in any field we are interested in.

55. Amplifies patience.

56. It gives us the power to give and receive love.

57. Empathic and even telepathic connection with humans and even animals.

58. Produces a connection between our bodies so that the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit is all "aligned" with the Self and one another.

59. Physical and mental health is rapidly improving.

60. It amplifies  the possibility of living and manifesting empathy and telepathy at will.

61. Connects us easily with others and the possibility to work as a team.

62. Increases the power to react constructively.

63. Reduces and eliminates destructive emotions.

64. Improves performance in any sports branch.

65. Ease of conflict resolution arises.

66. The ease of making perseverant and determined efforts for a particular purpose desired by us arises.

67. Harmonises the functioning of the heart and breathing.

68. Provides connection with nature.

69. Indirectly attracts the awakening and rise of Kundalini, the free energy in our body

70. We obtain the state of consciousness during dreams and, in adittion, we can remember them.

71. After death we will be able to manifest ourselves consciously and make our own choices, finding that death is illusory and that the spirit, driven by meditation, still exists consciously and lucidly.

72. We acquire the power to control our inner tensions and nervousness and their disappearance, so that we no longer need to control them because they no longer exist.

73. Spontaneous self-confidence arises, for which we must do nothing, whether we are successful or unsuccessful in our actions.

74. Loneliness becomes a chance, not a problem.

75. It relaxes the whole body.

76. Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings peace, tranquility relaxation, depth, authenticity.

77. Helps in supporting and eliminating any shortcomings due to the fact that, in some cases, we may not have received a good education, have not cultivated our intellect, have not read books and so on. This is achieved only by acquiring, a trace of a fundamental Abheda meditations, obtaining a genuine wisdom.

78. Helps, in the case of pregnant women, to achieve a natural and undying birth, without terrible screations for the child and with a natural state of stenic state.

79. Helps people with incurable diseases to have a dignified, meaningful life and to bear their situation so that they are a support for their loved ones and not the other way around.

80. Helps to endure very intense pain, sometimes as if they did not exist.

81. Develops will at a gigantic level.

82. It helps us to notice fine shades and connections that we would not otherwise have noticed.

83. It disappears the concern for our own image in the eyes of others, the tendency towards boastfulness.

84. We manage to control vices and dependencies which otherwise have a destructive effect on us and others.

85. We manage to be free from the vogue and dominant trends in the community, which we will choose only if we consider them appropriate.

86. Increases the level of wise tolerance, decreases the tending to criticism and when it does, is wiser and constructive.

87. Makes us more capable of progress in any art that requires regular practice.

88. Amplifies the coefficient of intelligence and emotional intelligence.

89. It helps us use intelligence as an instrument of the soul and not as an objective.

90. Sleep becomes more restful and helps eliminate insomnia.

91. Eliminates depression and anxiety or will end up not affecting us. Often a feeling of spontaneous and natural fulfillment of life arises.

92. Helps us get rid of the possible victim mentality.

93. Reduces impulsive behavior.

94. Unusual or even paranormal perceptions appear.

95. Adaptability increases greatly.

96. Amplifies the inner power to learn - anything, anytime, at any age and in any situation.

97. We have more energy.

98. We have more power to control the inner energy.

99. Increases availability and ability to manifest the state of gratitude.

100. It helps us understand that doing good is a privilege and helps us to strive to cultivate good on the planet.

101. We have a much wiser, nonviolent and inspired attitude when driving.

102. We do not need special flexibility of the body and we can also practice it in spiritual retreat, if we have some physical handicaps or however materially poor we are.

103. We will find that the universe is conscious and that if we change something on the outside, the inside does not really follow the change. But if we change something on the inside, through meditation, the outside will change.

104. When we turn outwards, we fall asleep, when we turn inward, we wake up.

105. The more we turn outwards, the more catalysers we need for the same level of satisfaction (the law of the "addict") while the more we move inward through meditation, the less or less external catalysers of fulfillment need.

106. We can see perfection or God on the outside but it is necessary to feel it first in us through meditation.

107. Finally, we find through meditation that perfection is within us, without the need for us to create it, it only has to be discovered through meditation.

108. It's a personal practice of ours, we can practice it anytime, we don't depend on anyone or anything for it.



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