7 Reasons to Practice Abheda Yoga – The Way of the Heart

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1. It is a nondualist method

that is, it connects us in the most direct way – through ourselves – with the human skills that we want developed.

It gives us freedom, wisdom and joy to live in the middle of life

Nondualist forms of yoga are considered the most advanced.

2. It is a traditional spiritual path

adapted to modern man, that is, it is “true” yoga, not just a gymnastics inspired by yoga

3. It effectively helps us to have with a healthier body, a focused and inspired mind with an open soul

4. Calmness, inner relaxation and control of emotions and thoughts is much better.

5. It gives us the opportunity to be strong and wise in the midst of life

not just in retreat. Thus we can become adapted winners of the times in which we live, not withdrawn misunderstood, as happens with many other forms of yoga.

6. Increases the ability to relate

to control the sexual impulse and to live the authentic love.

7. It makes us strong through detachment

and it gives us valid options – it is said – even after death.


Leo Radutz

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