Evidence of the existence of God (or the Infinite within us)

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1. The manifestation of a power or ability by the simple call

An example is that we can wake up in the morning, without a clock, using the power of consciousness (different from the power of neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, which is achieved through repetition).
It is enough to say to ourselves in the evening "My dear conscience, please, help me to wake up tomorrow at 7 o'clock", without necessarily repeating.
We will find with astonishment, in most cases, that we will wake up spontaneously at 7 o'clock, or even at 7 without a few minutes.

Favorable conditions: not to be very tired, to have a humble and internalized attitude when we mentally say what we propose.

2. The existence of beauty in living nature

This proves that the living could NOT appear through the "evolution of species" suggested by Darwin, because specimens with an effective and not beautiful utilitarian structure would have always appeared.
Most life forms exhibit obvious beauty , and this would not have been possible if the law was of "the strong who defeats the weak."

If the living universe had arisen through evolution based on the "right of force" then we would have found in nature many groups with individuals having intermediate characteristics between the two extreme points of evolution of the species or species.

We would have found, for example, Neanderthal people or other types of partially developed people living in various places on the planet... but that doesn't exist.

3. The existence of revealed processes of kinesiology,

when a beneficial action attracts energies from us that cannot be attracted in the case of an action of bad significance.

4. The universe is, from a certain perspective, antientropic

The principles of thermodynamics postulate the idea that the universe tends towards increasing disorganization and that it is constantly cooling down.

Both the living and the seemingly non-living universe tend towards an increasingly complex organization (hydrogen stars become helium stars and after several transphomores, iron stars - in alchemy the ordinary metals transform, over time, into gold).
The living tends even to a higher temperature, regardless of the kind of manifestation of the exerior universe.

5. The usual unverification of probability theory shows that a consciousness intervenes in the seemingly mechanical sequence of events

In the processes around us we notice that astounding concities appear, which contradict the theory of probabilities, thus revealing the intervention of a cosmic consciousness.

6. The fact that when we change something inside (for example, through tapas), certain aspects will obviously change on our outside

While, if we change something externally, in most cases there will be no change in our inner life and ambience, seemingly without reason.

8. All the authentic ways in yoga that help us achieve the transition from the finite to the infinite

and the manifestation of paranormal powers that seem to defy the structure of the universe, as it is stated by scholars.

8. Recovery from clinical death

Quite often manifested event in hospitals - proves that the seat of consciousness is not in the brain.
During the clinical death the person was able to understand, memorize and sometimes even "see" events without showing brain activity. .

9. The discovery of the outer universe entirely within us

and us in every object in the universe, through deep meditation.

Of course, to verify this, we must learn to meditate and also do so very well. 🙂

Leo Radutz

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