2012: The Great Transition – A New Beginning (documentary)

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the great transitionOn November 15, 2012, this film was released on the internet in Australia., 2012: Crossing Over – A New Beginning, of a young debutant, the Bosnian-born emigrant, Amel Tresnjic, who proves the same genius as his predecessors Scott Noble and B.A. Brooks, making an extraordinary documentary using, according to his own, a “huge” film crew consisting of himself, as a producer, screenwriter, director and film editor.

Unlike the apocalyptic scenarios portrayed in the cinematic “great creations” and in the mass media, this film explores, honestly, spiritual points of view regarding the significance of December 21, 2012 and, implicitly, of the period that will follow, incisively dissecting the “state of the world” in which we live and providing a message, at least optimistically, regarding the possibilities of each individual to resynchronize with Creation, bringing its individual contribution, not insignificant, to the transformation of the world into a better place.
Without having any external source of funding or support from any film studio, the young director released his film freely, on Youtube, in the hope that his positive message would reach as many people as possible and even arrived, because he exceeded 500,000 views, in the first three weeks of viewing.
The great cinematic jackals immediately smelled a source of profit and, why not, the possibility of “cosmetizing” it – read “censorship” – Hollywood offered Amel Tresnjic, from the first week of its launch, a firm broadcast contract, which he refused, respectfully, because of the first contractual condition: to be removed from the Internet.

The powerful positive message of the film soon created a lot of fans around the world, being organized viewings in many countries and on hundreds of internet channels, being translated by enthusiasts in over 16 different languages.

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