Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – documentary film (2012)

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We invite you to watch the documentary film “Inner Worlds, Outer Worldsor translated as “Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds”, an exceptional film released in 2012. The film was made by Canadian-born yoga and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt.

Daniel Schmidt and his wife Eva Dametto run
the Breathe True Yoga Center
in Ontario, Canada. Prior to the making of this film, Schmidt studied several forms of meditation that he introduced in this documentary. References are made in the film to Buddhist, Tibetan, Taoist and yoga traditions.

In early February 2013, immediately after its release, the film was nominated to receive the Excellence Award at the Canada International Film Festival. The film has also won numerous international awards such as: the award Peace Award of Excellence at International Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality in Indonesia, the prize Merit Award of Awareness at Awareness Festival of California, the Award of Excellence award at the International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Vision in Indonesia, and received the award for best documentary at the DIY Film Festival, California. At the Moving Images Film Festival in Toronto won the Future World showcase award.

“Inner Worlds Outer Worlds
was also nominated for the Cosmic Angel Award at the Cosmic Cine Film Festival 2014 in Germany. The documentary was the winner of the Eternal Flame Award Surge Film Festival, Texas.
Inner Worlds
has also been selected in 19 film festivals around the world.

With such an impressive track record as a business card, the film is self-recommended.

The film can be watched on the site, in 4 parts, having the subtitle in Romanian 9but it must be set from settingsel yputube..

It has several parts running one after the other.

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